BH BH7 Suspect #3: Trapping - Voting [Banned/Banned]

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Gengarite - Abstain
Magnet Pull - No Ban

After all the games I played afterwards, I do realise that although certain teams don't care about opposing Gengarite other teams do get affected. I personally feel that I have been using the same type of team that pressures Gengarite so that I may not know how Gengarite affects the majority of the meta, thus I will vote for Abstain.
Gengarite - BAN
Magnet Pull - DO NOT BAN


Gengar-Mega is in itself an very difficult Pokemon to counter, but beeing able to fully Trap nearly anyone without counterplay at all, makes him a huge threat.

Magnet Pull on the other Hand only applys to Stell Type Pokemons and while Bh is full of them it is counterable and much less of a problem then Gengarite.

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Don't worry folks, the wait is finally over!
Here are the results:

I have attached the complete voting results as well if anyone is interested.
You all know what this means
Thanks all! See you next time.
(Full Result Breakdown attached)
Tagging The Immortal to implement the double ban and officially close this suspect out after a final verification process.


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