BH BH7 Suspect #4: Primal Groudon - Voting [Banned]

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Ban. This is pointless btw. just do what other tiers/metas do.

E4: we cant have blind threads and i want voting to be bline so ?_?
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Primal Groudon - BAN

welcome the winner of the name competition Capri Malquanda, a simple girl from the wrong side of the tracks who is just looking for a man to cut off his hand, fuck her with the stump, and nail her harder than a kid at an Ariana Grande concert

E4 Flint

-inactive in BH due corrupt leader-
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The results are out!
Ban: 30
Dnb: 12
Abs:  2

Total: 44
Percentage Required: 0.6 * 43 = 26.4 = 27
Percentage Achieved:  29 /44 * 100 = 65.9 = 66

Decision: BAN
There you have it. Primal Groudon has been banned for a second successive BH gen. Let's hope to see it again in Gen 8

Thanks for participating
And now for the real matter; the coveted title for the Best Suspect Alt during this suspect. And the winner is...

ihhca with the alt Capri Malfunction!

besides getting an official shoutout, you also get a special reward from me. Enjoy!
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