Non-official BH7 Suspect #6: Illusion - Voting

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Starting to see Storm's reasoning, but I still haven't had that much trouble with it, so I will continue to argue that good teambuilding will prevent these problems. That being said, I certainly won't miss Illusion if it does end up getting banned.

I vote NO BAN

E4 Flint

-inactive in BH due corrupt leader-
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The results are out!
Ban: 19
Dnb: 12
Abs/No Vote:  1

Total:    32
Adjusted: 31

Votes Required(60%): 0.60 * 38 = 22.8 = 23
Percentage Achieved: 23 / 38 * 100 = 60.52

Decision: BAN
Illusion is banned from Gen7 BH.. by one vote! One of the closest suspects I've seen in my time.
The winner this time is.... ElMustacho! with the intriguing alt nowillstopplaying.

is it now i will stop playing
is it no will stop playing
is it no wills top playing

who knows? but good name all around.

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