BH BH7 Suspect Poll 1: Comatose [QuickBanned]

For Comatose Phazing, what would you prefer to do?

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I really feel that ComaPhazing is a cheesy "strategy" that really deserves no place in the current metagame. It requires too much specific counterplay from the opponent and often can carry games far too often. Counterplay does exist somewhat with Magic Bounce (but not for Dragon Tail and Circle Throw), Ingrain Pass, and Suction Cups, but these strategies are too niche to reliably be used as a consistent answer. There is no point in waiting, which is why I am voting to quickban Comatose + Sleep Talk immediately.

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I agree that comaPhazing is pure cheese. The only reliable counters are otherwise unviable and priority answers are easily neutralized with psychic surge/terrain (which is another issue IMO).

I don't want BH to become a pure speed creep game or one where pinmissile scarf phermosa is a necessity. That said, I don't think comatose+sleeptalk should be the ban. I'm normally not against complex bans, but in the case of BH, this would set a precedent to ban any combination of moves/abilities. Just a few examples that may or may not have merit, but are no different in principle:
  • Triage+O wing
  • Atespeed/boombate
  • Water bubble + water shuriken
Really, we should just ban comatose. Its uses outside of phasing are as a poison heal that is one turn faster and doesn't lose to ability swaps. Sleep talk is also under used, but it alone is in no way unhealthy. (Yes, rest talk is very rare) Comatose is the enabler of the problem. Ban it.
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Sorry if this is the wrong place

Hello! While I believe that we should ban Comatose in singles, in BH Doubles it would be better, in my opinion, to restrict it to one user per team. Here's why:

There's a strategy I can see becoming prevalent in Doubles, although it's terrible in Singles: Sleep Talk + Comatose + Trick Room. The thing here is that Trick Room setters need to be wary of broken stuff like Aerilate Rayquaza Boomburst, but with Comatose and Psychic Terrain support, they can get Trick Room off at Priority 0. This is actually huge. The only downside is that you can't run any other moves but you could always run some move on your other mon that hits it (think EQ).

I say one user per team (not two) because otherwise people can run ComaPhaze just like in singles, except there's a 50/50 chance whether Sleep Talk is going to hit the same opponent twice or each opponent once (or whether it hits a more passive mon like Registeel). With one user, running ComaPhaze in Doubles is basically impossible.

Thanks for reading!
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