BH BH8 Suspect #1 - Shedinja - Voter ID and Information

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Banned deucer.
Just adapt/ Go out of your smogon bubble and capatalize on the over useage
just because you use your ZU mons and hate things actually viable, doesn't mean you need to force it on us too, plus I'm willing to bet 100% of your "teams" lose against shedinja. but actually we have tried to adapt to the metagame, but we realized its too strong, so we are doing something about it
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i didnt really run into a lot of trouble with Shedinja on the ladder, but it was because i was prepared.
I feel that if my team hadn't been running Moongeist Beam, Sunsteel Strike, or Ice Moves for Dynamaxing then I would've just lost.

At the end of the day, it takes away from the fun of the metagame in my opinion. Mons like Melmetal, Snorlax, and Type: Null are annoying as well, but they don't necessarily force you to run specific moves to counter them.

So... BAN Shedinja!



This suspect was so horrible, make 82 GxE to 78...
Ban Shed.

Shed makes the teambuild too restrictive, you must run Sunsteel/Photon/Moongeist Beam on all your offensive pokemon, hoping to maybe kill Shed if he switch it and running Wow or Toxic on all your defensive set to not get walled by it. Insensible to hazards with Boots, it is a great improof on all your offensive wallbreaker like Darm-Z/Zekrom... Not forget the Pads Shed with Endeavor and ES who can 2HKO a lot of thing, with few viable ghost to wall it and Rocky Helmet doesn't kill Shed (With Pain Split or Pads). To kill it, you always must do a 50/50 with offensive sets, make a move to destroy one of the wall or predict the Shed switch...

So, i didn't like a lot gen8BH, Darm-Z / Zacian are so fast and hit so hard... Intrepid Sword is a dumb ability, and V-Create / Bolt Beak / Fishious Rend are so powerfull and with some coverage, you can't check wallbreaker easily...

Will be voting Ban for this suspect test. I clearly see Shedinja as an unhealthy presence and my sentiment is shared by many. It's incredibly difficult to wall due to the lack of good bulky Ghost-types, and people constantly adapt Shedinja so that it's more effective and harder to knock out, like no contact moves such as Pain Split. It's been buffed due to the inclusion of Heavy Duty Boots while it's checks have largely diminished.
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