OC Big City Mafia 2 - Smogoff/Circus Crossover Mafia Game

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I'm hosting this game on both Smogoff and Circus as a way to get a good mix of players and maybe reinvigorate Circus' interest in OC Mafia games. The game isn't too complex but you will need to read the rules because there are some very non standard rules in this game. I will bold the most important things. I've made a discord server for the game, click https://discord.gg/vSKWDGmRSg to join the server. You do not have to use the discord server but it will be a lot easier to communicate in real time with your fellow players, as well as the host, than simply using the forums.

Welcome citizens of The Big City. I am your new mayor, Paul Carveccio. After the recent conflict won by my party, the Red Rhinos, our city has seen a nice turn for the better. After lots of political reform, we have put The Mob away for good and have kicked many corrupt and unlawful supporters out of our party. Our city is united. Due to the new Three Districts reform, our citizens have learned how to cooperate and work within a political system that has checks and balances. But recently, there have been rumors of some unrest from within the Lavender Lions, who are trying to take back control of the city. But we’ve done a good job at reducing their support to just a small number. Now, we do need to remain lawful even if challenged, so here are the rules.

Game-specific rules:

  1. Three Districts. This is the main rule which will govern how you play the game. This game has three districts, Townburg, Center City, and Village Villa. Every Evening phase, all players will select which district they want to reside in for the next cycle. Players may only communicate with each other if they are in the same district. Additionally, there will be No Public Posting, except for execution votes. An exception to these rules is during the game’s first phase, Evening 0. Lastly, all actions may only target someone in the same district as the user who sends it, unless otherwise stated.
  2. The game will have three phases, Day, Evening, and Night.
  3. During each Day phase, each district will elect a representative. These are private votes, but the winner of each election will be announced publicly. In the event of a tie election vote, the most recent vote sent to me will not count and the votes will be recounted, repeating this process until a winner can be declared. If a district is empty or otherwise nobody gets any votes, there will be no representative from that district. Days will last 48 hours.
  4. During the Evening phase, the three representatives will publicly vote to execute someone. If there are less than three representatives, there will be no execution. There is no hammer, the execution will only be resolved once the deadline is hit. In the event of a tie vote, nobody will be executed. During this phase, the representatives may talk privately amongst each other, as if they were all in the same district. Evenings will last 24 hours, with the exception of Evening 0, which will last 48 hours.
  5. Night phases are when all the actions occur. Same as a typical game. Nights will last 48 hours. No kills can be performed on Night 0.
  6. No screenshotting, or quoting Role PMs or results verbatim. Paraphrase. Follow all forum-wide rules.

Game Information:

  1. The Red Rhinos are the village. The Lavender Lions are the mafia. There may or may not be other factions. Flavor is basically reversed from the previous game, where this time the Red Rhinos are more lawful and the Lavender Lions are more underhanded.
  2. No role names from Big City Mafia 1 are used in this game. However, reading the game thread for Big City Mafia is not necessary to enjoy this game.
  3. There are no recruiting roles, and results will be accurate. However, this game should be fairly chaotic, so be careful.

This game is for 17 players. First come, first serve. Subs will probably be needed. Post in either forum's thread to join.

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