[Big] Fire Emblem Mafia II Sign-Ups

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Colonel M

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In it to beat puggy with Hammertime.

I have slowplayed in the valley just to obtain my meaty chip in the mainland. I believe this is sufficient enough for a spot, yes?


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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well its summer for me in 4 days, and that means that I have time for mafia xD xD

i havent played in like a year and im still a useless cohost but i am in.

hopefully i get a broken role but with mekkah as host there is a 0% chance of that so yeah dont worry about me guys im probably harmless xD xD

also someone tell IPL to play I really want to play against him again.

EDIT: oh goody ipl signed up already this should be fantastic hopefully i get in
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