[BIG] League of Legends Mafia - GG Village Wins


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We don't like encouraging delays, but it IS the world championship of LoL this weekend. We are delaying the deadline for 24 hours.


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if you are looking for information on the black rose, aka, leblanc and/or swain, the night hunter has it.

contact me.

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[15:19] <+i_DLE> ok, we as the noxus village have an important announcement regarding the names of the mafia factions
[15:19] <+i_DLE> we have come to the consensus that the names for said mafia factions should be
[15:19] <+i_DLE> demafia
[15:19] <+i_DLE> ioniass
[15:19] <+i_DLE> and noxuscum
[15:20] <+i_DLE> if there are any questions, you may PM me


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Im visiting my sister this weekend - if you need to contact me pm me on smogon i will reply as soon as this 1X signal loads.

1X lmao so ashamed cant even get 3G
Any demacian villagers should be adviced to know askaninjask/phantasia/manafii/ ? is a mole.

Also anyone who voted Spike last night could be killed tonight. If you are a demacian villager who voted him and do not want to be randomed, please contact me.

I thank the ness targeters for being incompetent.

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