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hosted by vonFiedler, cohosted by LightWolf

Mafia Game Preview

LightWolf: Explanations on changes to general mafia rules and new concepts covered in this episode of the Mafia Game Preview.


I’m LightWolf and here with vonFiedler Mafia Designer. While this video doesn’t cover every single change it will explain the thought process behind some of our decisions.

This game shall change quite a few things that you are used to from other mafia games, what are these changes and why did we include them?

vonFiedler: When we decided to make a League themed game, we didn’t just want to use flavour but transfer some of the mechanics. Gold, items and abilities were the first things we decided on using, having multiple abilities that can be strengthened though items and leveling make this game more fun, and mastering these new mechanics helps to separate the good mafia players from the great players.

LightWolf: We are using an HP system this game, which had a few problems in the past, what are we changing to make it work smoother?

vonFiedler: It was a problem that in older HP games you could play perfectly, but end up losing due to random small amounts of damage over the course of the game. We’ve implemented a full kill system where you and your team mates must orchestrate kills over the course of a cycle by inflicting tons of damage.

LightWolf: One of the biggest changes is in priority, something that has been hidden from players in nearly every game, why are we more open about this and how will it benefit the game?

vonFiedler: Due to the ridiculous amount individual abilities in this game, priority had to be clear, and to incorporate slow and haste effects, they had to effect priority. Because of this it felt unfair to deny this resource to the players, we didn’t want players to be unsure of just how their abilities were working. With this change we expect to see more crazy strategies revolving around priority and much better control over how you damage your opponents.

LightWolf: Being based on League of Legends could possibly prove to be a big disadvantage to those who are not familiar with the game itself. Will this cause certain people to have an advantage?

vonFiedler: This is not the case at all. Due the numerous changes made while incorporating specifics from League, we have made many changes which everyone will be unfamiliar with and we generally explain mechanics in mafia terms unless otherwise stated in the rules. Due to changes made to some items, abilities and in general to stats, those who try to copy their builds from the actual game will put themselves at a disadvantage.

LightWolf:That’s it for this episode of the Mafia Game preview. Please subscribe to the Riot Games youtube channel and leave us your signups just below.

We reserve the right to refuse anyone who says "in as P1/2/3". You can ask for specific champions, but there is no guarantee they are in the game or we are actually giving them to you.

Signup list:

Channel is #xros


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I think it would be better for the game in general if you didn't play RODAN. You know you're not going to give a fuck 10 days in anyway. Not a signup post btw, good luck with this though!
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