(Big Mafia) Vampire Mafia - Night 4

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i want it...
Hi I am leading the village this game please claim to me. My credentials:

I am not Aura Guardian
I am not Mekkah

Good luck
(sorry for double post I know that you can't edit in NOCs so I assume the same in OC?)

I will have fairly limited access to a computer for today only. Just a heads up (I didn't know I was going to my Grandparents until yesterday evening :s)


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All account information is out. Game is (technically) officially started, but maybe wait for Layell to make the Night 0 thread before going to talk crazy.

There are only three factions in this game:

Van Helsing's Vamp Hunters
Dracula and his Vampires
The Village

that should really be all you need to know, the rest is all standard rules.


i want it...
Hi I'm village inspector and I will be leading this village (I'm being serious this time, although I'm still neither AG nor Mekkah). Please claim to me ASAP so we can get this ball rolling. Feel free to either contact me on IRC or contact me via conversation on Smogon.
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