(Big Mafia) Vampire Mafia - Night 4

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Haha you can't be serious

LN just call the game already nobody wants to play it and there are no subs.

The village deserves to lose. Shoutout to the five or so people who cooperated

ps kindly stop PMing me and highlighting me about the game, I don't care if it's not called but I'm not playing it anymore, I have more serious problems than this stupid game


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Okay fuck you here are my problems

I have uncontrolled epilepsy and am having seizures near-daily, I'm on a new anticonvulsant as of two days ago to control it as I can't take my old meds because I ended up in the ER from side effects, it has a side effect of extreme drowsiness so now I'm permanently fucking sleepy

I'm seriously behind on my schoolwork because I irresponsibly put too much time into this game and need to study

My father and mother are severely mentally ill and my father has seasonal affective disorder which, combined with his other mental illnesses, results in him going off the rails during spring (i.e. the season it is now). He irresponsibly spends money we don't have, throws objects at my mother, and they spend all day violently arguing

My mother broke her foot today and now they can't stop arguing

I miss meals all the time because my parents are too incompetent to feed me for half the week and they take all my money and my brother's money. My parents are severely in debt I will never see that money again

My cat nearly escaped this morning

In a month my genetic test comes back and I get confirmation that I have a disease that is probably going to kill me in about fifteen years if I'm unlucky and shorten my lifespan by about ten years if I'm luckier (also I am going to go fully deaf, possibly develop cataracts or optical tumours that might blind me, and if I'm really unlucky I'll end up in a wheelchair before then)

My neurological symptoms from my brain tumour which is in an almost inoperable position in my skull base appear to be worsening

That enough for you? Is that an act? THANKS A LOT. I don't care who knows how fucked up my life is lol anyone who remotely knows me knows I can't cope anymore


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Seriously the internet is supposed to represent an escape from all these things for me but I have to deal with this stupid shit all day instead
jumpluff, I know about your personal life; that isn't what I meant, and apologize for that.

What I had meant is that you have been speaking of having more important things for the last many cycles, and it is starting to wear thin. From anybody BUT you I would have likely said something about it by now, but didn't because you are you. I hope you don't take this the wrong way.


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wtf did you even mean, 'deflect suspicions', have you not realized she outright said "hi I am with the mafia please talk to me village"?????????????? nobody is suspicious of anything but her faction's actual WC, along with the Dracula goons. which another member of her team likely won't provide or couldn't say more convincingly.

I doubt either team is truly honest about their WC/what happens once it's achieved and it seems no matter who we think we can ally with, we'll be harmed - Dracula nullifies virtually all our night roles and VH will be killing half our team unless they hit Dracula sooner or later. It seems ridiculously stupid we're nothing but legless chickens sitting around with no ability to kill or vote, we have almost 0 impact on the two mafias' conflicts as they're presented except we can tell the VH who has been bitten so they can kill them instead of the actual mafia. if that's seriously all this game is that's the absolute most retarded premise ever and neither host should ever be allowed to host again, but I'm going to have some faith and expect there will be the return of the day cycle or some other interesting facet coming up that will give the village a little agency back.

also ginganinja is actually a buffoon and should never be trusted with a sheet again much less control over one villager's night action, regardless of if the VH's WC is in line with ours RIGHT NOW you frkin never hand over the sheet to a mafia. I don't even know what to say... I know the VH are going to qq I'm not cooperating but without full information on what happens if we do cooperate I don't lend full support to either mafia and I don't think I've ever seen such a stupid play as to give the sheet to the mafia. like jesus why not just have kept Crux on it so his team could see too. even if we can fully win with the VH they shouldn't be given our aliases and info in such detail. possibly the worst n0 death that was 'cleaned'.

I know BIGSANDS had some BIGDOWNS but you all can trust my game will not have ANY of the problems this one has - people will be well informed of exactly what's going on and what can go on and will all be involved in the game, idlers can simply be taken over by their team members instead of refusing to claim and causing the village to sit around uselessly. thus you can actually get invested in it and have enough information to know wtf is going on. like seriously even if something really cool is GOING TO happen in this game, once Dracula bites everyone or X event occurs, who is going to care anymore? the village has professional VH slutbunny ginganinja taking dick from the entire VH team all at once, don't even know how he has that many holes/hands but w/e, and a severe lack of information as well as, what currently looks like, a ton of gimped night roles unless the biting goes away once the days return, if they ever do. perhaps our remaining info/inspector roles will be able to get us something we can work with, but honestly like I said, this paranoia and confusion earlygame is gonna wash out much interest in anything big that changes our situation around coming later, and if the village seriously had no way to kill or lynch this might as well have been dak mafia 2.0 except stupid and a huge troll game. again i'm remaining hopeful our standing in the game will go more in our favor and give us something to do but as for now this is just... zzz we HAVE nothing to do except decide which mafia we want to feed information to.

god bless jumpluff u kno u always have ur thugs to talk to, even if our fellow thuglums have bounced on everyone u got me (A) I might have to buy the plane ticket for krepo myself but i'll get things looking up for u in tru thug fashion.
Hi, take all concerns regarding vampire hunters to me.

LN told me night 0 that i was a villager. Ginga at least had the sense to see that.

Also hi. I have no interest in killing the bitten people. I only want to know who is bitten so that I know what actions the vampires have available.
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I can confirm that my death is a result of host error, not malicious Vampire Hunters. A series of events followed by slow host response led to a knee-jerk reaction on my part. I have given the Vampire Hunters all my results, and if I had more I would give them to them as well.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Cool. I didn't give any fucks anyways. gg guys, got randed N0 and there wasn't anything I did except sit around and idle. This game was balls.


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(o 10:37:15 pm o) <Yeti> WE ARE GOING TO GODKILL OURSELVES
(o 10:37:23 pm o) <Yeti> MASS SUICIDE ORGANIZATION
(o 10:37:27 pm o) <Yeti> PLS CONTACT FOR DETAILS

in PM

(o 10:34:58 pm o) <LonelyNess> you're a vanillager
(o 10:35:00 pm o) <LonelyNess> vanillagers exist
(o 10:35:04 pm o) <LonelyNess> quit crying about it
(o 10:35:19 pm o) <Yeti> i dont even get a useful role
(o 10:35:21 pm o) <Yeti> i just get
(o 10:35:24 pm o) <Yeti> herpes
(o 10:37:12 pm o) <LonelyNess> you are. a vanillager.
(o 10:37:15 pm o) <LonelyNess> quit. crying.
(o 10:37:43 pm o) <Yeti> i wont be much longer.




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LonelyNess, I appreciate the attempt at experimentation that went into this game, and I think it's a pretty interesting concept, but at some point I'd say you have to stop and realize that what's fun for the hosts might not necessarily be fun for the players - something I've learned the hard way.

Just my two cents.

EDIT: Or rather, what's fun for ALL the players - I'm sure the Vampire Hunters are having a ball.


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I must disagree with LN. You have removed the village's primary, and sometimes sole, method of dictating their own fate: the lynch. We also have 0 vigilantes. We have no ability to kill our 'enemies' or dictate our fate. Even villagers who would otherwise be relegated to just voting in the lynch or sending their action will wind up being unable to do either since Dracula's faction takes our actions.

The numbers-majority faction has ZERO agency over their own win - we can feed one team or the other info and then use our roles to help the VH until Dracula takes them. It's only very early on where we have a notable impact since we could get the cure or try and inspect Dracula/important roles, but of course the mafia will likely not want to come forward or be trusted at that point in time. The VH are at the mercy of the village for what results they can provide, however between host error, paranoia and general disinterest they've struggled to get accurate results since most of the villagers quickly realized there was no point in this game except seeing which mafia could do things faster.

If 'Smogon-style mafia' is the problem then you shouldn't host a game with this format on Smogon, where we expect a certain thing. Even though village idlers are a problem in every game the only thing this game did was increase their reasons to idle tenfold. Did you have a role originally? Sooner or later, it'll be taken from you, and you'll turn into a vanilla. Can you vote in a lynch to dictate your fate? Nope, you can just funnel info to a 'village leader' who will funnel it to the mafia of their choice.

Just look at my role: it has the 'opposite' effect of the rest of the village - once bitten it gains its role instead of losing it. But the role is just what Dracula does, only a limited # of times, AND I have no control over it still. There is literally 0 difference between me being removed from the game now and if I was removed on N0 - my alias would have done absolutely NOTHING except eventually be bitten or shuffled into a VH win. I still tried to organize the village and negotiate with the mafia but my role and alias have been nothing but a ghost town. If my role began the game as a NPC and I had been given an actual role then Bella's impact would've been the exact same. You gave me something to look forward to if I could get bitten but that exclusively helps one mafia and I still can't target anyone myself. Why bother having ANY real villagers instead of NPC if we will all just get our roles taken eventually unless cured?

Sorry but this format is just not conducive to the village having any fun - as you saw everyone was massively paranoid since there was so little information and while the game was advertised as 1 village vs 2 mafia it should not be categorized as such - it's 2 factions with a pawn team they need to toy with to win. Nobody wants to give their role/alias to a mole or someone who will be converted and nobody wants to believe their only purpose in the game is to tell the Vampire Hunters who's been bitten or to wait to be bitten by Dracula so their role can be taken. Toss in hosting errors and lazy updates/late results and you have a game that will disenchant everyone.

Getting upset I suggested the bitten villagers all godkill ourselves to help the mafia of our choice is just ridiculous. It would be the only thing we could do with any degree of agency in the game and it's better than sitting around waiting for one mafia to complete their WC, and it's a pretty inventive method of taking action in the game as villagers, when we have NOTHING else to do. At least we could expedite the end and feel like we had an impact by helping one mafia win since we can do absolutely nothing to control our own win. It's not even like we can balance keeping ourselves alive between VH killing because we have NO ROLES once Dracula takes them all. If Dracula only got the first 5 roles he bit that would be something since he'd be rewarded for moling more and finding good aliases fast but he just gets everything regardless?? There's no real skill there.
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