(Big Mafia) Vampire Mafia - Night 4

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[17:25] <Paperblade> LonelyNess confirm
[17:25] <Paperblade> pls
[17:25] <Blue_Tornado> nice one zorbees
[17:25] <&LonelyNess> confirm what, Paperblade
[17:25] <GeneralSpoon> quickly
[17:25] <Paperblade> if there is cardflip
[17:25] <&LonelyNess> cncnd
[17:25] <GeneralSpoon> kill Daenym to turn cardlfip on
[17:25] <zorbees> FUK
[17:25] <Paperblade>
[17:25] <Blue_Tornado> what
[17:25] <Acklow> lol

Well it was fun


i want it...
For future reference I would really appreciate that the gay jokes stopped...

Mitch Hurwitz said:
Dear <snip>,

You are Edward Cullen, from the 2008 film "Twilight".

Born Edward Anthony Masen, Jr., on June 20, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois, you are the telepathic vampire and founding member of the Olympic coven, as well as a protagonist of the Twilight Saga. You don't want to let Bella be turned into a vampire at the hands of Dracula, you always wanted that honor for yourself. So you have decided to aid the Village in order to watch over her from afar.

Being a telepathic, you have a way of getting into people's heads and finding out information they don't want you to know. At night, you may PM Mitch Hurwitz "Night X - Using Telepathy on [ALIAS]". You will enter your target's mind and find out their full role PM.

You are allied with The Village. You win if all enemy factions are eliminated.
I expect claims now please.


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Dude, like, has whoever wrote that PM even read Twilight? The central conflict of the series is that Bella wants to become a vampire at Edward's fangs so that she can live forever with him and so that they can have sex without having to fear Edward's superstrength and the fact that Bella's blood is irresistible for him, as her being a human and his being a vampire make their relationship immensely complicated. However, while Bella wants to become a vampire, Edward is determined to discourage her from giving up her humanity. They spend two books arguing over it before Edward finally strikes a deal with her (marry him, become a vampire) and then another two books still arguing over it! (well I guess technically the central conflict is that Bella is a human and Edward is a vampire, but this is the main manifestation of that drama)


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help how do I dislike pluff's post?
I never said I liked Twilight, I was just criticising the writer of that PM for their poor understanding of the series.

I do own the books irl but only because my mom bought them for me randomly one day...


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I am uncertain I trust Crux's role PM. First of all, there are numerous grammatical errors (a telepathic when it should be a telepath or telepathic), second of all, judging from my own role and the example PM, neither member of the village is a vampire, third of all, his PM claims to be watching Bella 'from afar' when I find that to be very odd considering Bella is supposedly on the same team as him.

his role sounds more like some sort of mafia mole within the Dracula faction and is not the role I would have expected Edward to have. also please remember that in a big mafia, there are likely to be several bodyguard/safeguard/hooker/inspection-info roles, which means crux claiming inspector means very little, as the mafia surely have one, but the village may have other info roles. and he is not the sole inspector by any means.

if you would like to contact Bella Swan the Villager, please speak with me. if you doubt Bella is on the village then you do not have to step up at this point, but I encourage my fellow villagers to be wary of crux as I don't trust his role especially considering mine, but I think when a faction is "Dracula and his Vampires" as opposed to the Villagers, and considering the flavor in the night 0 post implying vampires have shown up and are not part of the village, it looks mighty suspicious.

once again I am Bella, speak with me if you would like to contact someone pretty much confirmed village via rolename/the mafia teams' themes, don't trust Crux until he presents evidence of his role.
My character is a vampire and I am a member of the village, just saying

It wouldn't be much of a vampire mafia if the only vampires were a single mafia faction


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Just saying but if Yeti is Bella odds are she can be recruited by the vampires since that's what actually happened to her

This is especially true if Edward is on a mafia faction, since there is no way that the two would be strictly enemies from what I understand of the twilight series
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