(Big Mafia) Vampire Mafia - Night 4

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guys just be careful here, I don't recommend talking to dead people unless its me, since I strongly suspect that there actually are roles that don't show up on death. OBV yea, that makes me more suspicious at at this point im just trying to keep this village together so we can eliminate more vampires.

I can also confirm that the village takes credit for eliminating the vampire inspector. We staked him and flavor should be up shortly. (Why the fuck wasn't it in the update)


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ginga is fucking retarded, if anything i am more clean than him because i'm not being a fucking retard, trusting the wrong people, and holding info to myself. if there is any role that has a fake pm on death, it is probably the one that died on night 0 lol. remember that i was fucking cleaned by an inspector before i died, so for me to not be trustworthy i'd have to be able to have a mole role that has a fake pm on death, which is a bit ridiculous imo.

I want everyone to claim to me, because ginga is apparently not giving me his info.


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Hey everyone! So I get you all think this game is really super boring and stuff because nothing appears to be happening. I'm posting to tell you that something exciting IS gonna happen tonight, if all goes well~ Crux was right about one thing; I am actually a Vampire Hunter. We have decided to be public about our intentions as we have nothing to hide from the Village and there is no longer anything to gain through attempting to mislead the Vampires. Tonight there will be another kill. If you can't tell from our name we are looking exclusively to kill vampires, we have nothing against the village and do not need to kill you to win. Therefore our win conditions are not mutually exclusive and we are basically villagers. So you can think of us like an addon part of the village (think Pokémon Mafia 2, with Birds + Foursome, except village, or more analogously the Masons in LN's last mafia) that is powered up and dedicated to killing vampires. Vampires should begin falling now and bringing us closer to a mutual win, please lend us your cooperation so that we can narrow down the remaining vampires and deploy our combined powers against them. If you want to hear that my story is plausible from a dead (cleaned) villager, you can ask ginganinja for confirmation as we have already discussed at length the position of the Vampire Hunters in this game.

Please note that this game has no lynches (meaning it would be impossible for the village to reliably get rid of us if we were actually pitted against each other, they do not have a regular-cycle kill) and no Vampire Hunters have yet died (meaning the Vampires aren't supposed to kill us either, e.g. this game is not about killing each other). This suggests that the game is NOT a traditional 2 mafia 1 village game, and that the Vampires' win condition does not involve killing all their enemies but instead something weaker that is nonetheless harmful to the village (as those of you have been touched by this role will already be aware). Our kills are given to us so that we can slay vampires allied with Dracula and impede any progress Dracula may be making, allowing us to eliminate our common threats. You should think about it as a race to solve mysteries and accomplish our win conditions that your roles are actually very important to (if not visible in the effects of kills). As such, time is of the essence; we lack a day cycle for planning, so as soon as you get your results, PLEASE PM them to ginganinja and me! Chasing people up is very time-consuming.

If my story is confusing to you, please ponder how this game could possibly be balanced if there were two evil factions, one of whom had kills and one of whom had disables, and a village which can't actually kill them off, although it can certainly find them and harm them. My story should actually fill in all the gaps for you.

So that you may know I am legit, if the kill succeeds, the flavour will involve either an axe or being cleaved/decapitated/whatever would be appropriate for someone chopped at with an axe. From here on in vampire kills are responsibility of the Vampire Hunters, so don't worry about getting rid of them!

Finally, if you have any leads on the existence of Vampires, make sure to pass them onto us, as you can be assured we will systematically destroy them. If you are infected please tell us immediately, we can fix it and get your role back.
So, I guess we can call the Helsings...
on a hunt

... yes, that was lame, but I can't find the "HIDE Tags" option in the editor, so I needed an excuse to test it and make sure XenForo didn't change it (haven't used the tags since switchover).


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"You win if Dracula wins" so descriptive.

Village WCs will often mentioned unspecified threats without clarifying how many there are, it's also possible our other enemy is a wolf. if we have no lynch I don't see how it's possible to kill our enemies without help from the Hunters who would either have to be borderline serial killers to need the non-vampire villagers dead or just really angry. unless there will be another event coming up that reenables lynches or gives us some better vigilante capabilities.

I think the lack of clarity and information in this game regarding WCs, conversions, killing potential, etc. is really crap and makes it ridiculously difficult to play or enjoy as a villager and I doubt I'm alone, I'm sure all the villagers who have yet to step up and claim wondering if dead ppl can be recruited or if living ppl can be recruited and so on would love to have some security on who they could 'trust,' I seem to be the only person still claiming Village AND alive who was offering to lead so you can feel free to talk to me if you don't trust dead ppl, if you do, there's zorbees and ginga.
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