[Big] Pocket Monsters Mafia - Last week for Signups, see latest post

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i'd be up for it but i'm not sure i'd be able to, it depends on start time because it's possibly i'll be on holiday/vacation (whatever you want to call it) during the game


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Mang, I'm all up for a game but I'm one of those people who's had a track record of just losing interest all too quickly. Dat ADD...
Sign up if you think you may want to play. Don't think you won't get in just because you haven't played before. The only real requirement is that you'll be reasonably active.


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I have faith that zorbees can actually run a big game properly. I don't have as much time as I used to but it has been a while since I have played anything so count me interested.


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I said in the other thread that I won't be playing but I can help / cohost. Can't help with the anon forums though.
It's fine; I can host them and set the forum up (not the subforums or usergroups or user accounts or anything like that), then give zorbees the readme and you guys can do the game-specific stuff pretty easily.

Which reminds me I need to move shaym.in before the domain/hosting expires lmao


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Yeah, I have the readme from brain's site,I assume its the same/similar on shaym.in. Its not particularly hard to do but it can be a bit annoying/time consuming to do by yourself.


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as we all know I have professional experience hosting BIGS I will co-host this game to great success

..if u don't let me touch the sheet and just let me change avatars to unmasked villains that's pretty cool right you all liked that until you realized your teams had good themes but 0 possibility of executing them properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jk I will play gam
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