to the people we would have recruited but couldn't for several reasons

CrabNebula: You gave us a goddamn headache. Your role should not ever be in a game again. But thanks for Jackal's alias.

Flounder: I thought it was funny you claimed to be the alias that belonged to my bodyguard. Good way to stop me from bothering you.

Lesm46: Guess you can't catch them all. Your role needed dak's host-manipulation to become good anyway.

Jimbo: Urgh, can you keep your alias on one faction next game please? But your role was worse than we thought it was so it didn't turn out to be too bad...still, would've liked to be on a team with you. :(

Johann: Heh, sorry for absorbing and killing you. You really weren't very cooperative to me :(

Staraptor Call: Man, I am actually genuinely sorry here. You were so loyal and kept telling me about stuff you found and asked, but after I accidentally got zorbees to steal your parchment you were just a one timer, and one timers are only useful...once.

Bass: It's okay, just claim to Gmax again next game like nothing happened. And don't forget to give your alias to a second faction again, as well.

zerowing: Would've been boss to have you on the team, but I guess billymills got there first.

RBG: Lol, Lesm should NOT have been able to make you use your ability. :[

midou/flamestrike: Never gave me your alias. Sad, we would have had all the kidnaps in the game I think.

moi: Fuck you billymills, and fuck you Da Letter El.

GTS: Best Pokémon. Of course.

macle: Sorry dude, but your role just wasn't really useful, just a roadblock. Can't really expect to get the vote bonus in any feasible way.

Aura Guardian: Completely useless after the Ray Gun got gayed away. :x

Alchemator: So dangerous, and yet so pointless to recruit at the point you claimed. When we actually had a use for you, we were too late...

TIK/Kharozz: Yeah, we ate your role with askaninjask instead of reccing you. Also we thought you were the last Halfling, heh.

puggy: Don't run off god damnit your role was USEFUL

reyscarface: Worst role in the game, sorry pal.

And now for the people I DID get to work with!

Pidge - Cell
If only all freelancers were as easy as you. Gave me role and alias, and just patiently waited for recruitment. Contributed to the Solo plan, too.

cyzir - Recruiter
Didn't really do anything notable but more than all his inactive equivalents on other teams (cookie/outlaw/etc)

Laundry - The Moon
Lol, we had fun right....Laundry gave me his alias very early but he claimed not to be able to kidnap until Night 4, so we didn't want to recruit him before then (we had tons of others piled up anyway). Then he got a bit rebellous and impatient when I promised him n6 or n8 or something. Good thing Gmax and I pretended to be on different teams so we could keep him from going anywhere else. He was furious when invited to our channel. Reminds me of a certain other game...

Fishin - Chamillionaire
WHALIN's persuasion never fucking works!!!! but he is cool anyways we were really afraid he would go elsewhere so we rec'd him early.

LonelyNess - Darkrai
LN did to me what I did to Gmax: pretend to be recruiter, gather claims, then try to get recruited by another recruiter. Except he only got zorbees' alias. We wanted to keep that secure, and since LN is a big rand target due to his 3 aliases, we rec'd him very early. Bossed us through the final stages of the game when Gmax and I couldn't anymore. Saved Veedrock with Die Another Darkrai though if we hadn't used that we would've let Veedrock self protect anyway...

Veedrock - Bodyguarding Toy Thing
Some drama early on :( But good going otherwise, pretty active even if he couldn't contribute much. But he did what he had to do: protect our guys. The target of every single Toy lynch other than the final one, they really had it in for him...

askaninjask - Ducknoir
When we reeled him in he said he was about to run off, oof! Probably the worst Pokémon but we liked his (and him) the best so we got him first. We absorbed battery man thinking we could give him one of our batteries and get lots of kills but then CN survived the lynch and got all the batts back -_- Oh well, that one kill he had was enough, and action inspect got us SOME cool stuff.

pookar - Nightmare
Woah. Where did this broken role come from? I dunno why we only figured out so late how to use it. That shit is off the hook. Soul Edge got us so much info from like 3 different factions too. Very loyal even though he was recruited very late. Who borrowed pookar a brain during this game??


zorbees - Winnie the Pooh
Steal everything, yeah! Ridiculously powerful thief that got Parchment Night 0 and then everything else a few Nights after. I was so glad he gave me his alias after he gave it to LN. Next time only claim to one guy please (me). Didn't really end up getting anything after that, but he's a good guy.

Agape - Golbat
I wonder if we'll ever know what Crobat was. You should so have been immune to poison...oh well, Golbat was amazing enough (full inspect+thief).

jumpluff - Zigzagoon
Man, good thing we had a one time recruit-after-death, our spreadsheet really needed that pimp-out. 8) Problem, Jackal?

And at last but not at least

Gmax - The Master Planner
It was a blast finally getting to work with you with the knowledge we wouldn't have to bludgeon each other's heads in at the end. :) I knew you'd be the right choice to give my alias to. Too bad about your dad near the end, hope he gets well.

Did you just win 3 big games in a row?

Ok, i shouldn't be here, and Gmax will probably ban me of MIRC soon, given that i have an exam in 6 hours and haven't studied... but for several things.

Firstly, postgame will be up quite soon, i believe. I'm sick of studying.

Secondly, the evolved pokemon.

Crobat: One time steal everything in the game that is being moved or used.

Pikachu: One time 4 secret votes on someone.

Garchomp: One time outrage. We all know what outrage is. After the outrage will lose his ability and unable to vote, making him.... dead weight?

Linoone: Scavenger.

The theory was that all the forms had a thief so that they could steal their own evolution item, and some sort of inspection. (Honestly, Dusclops read the ability PM so that Dusknoir can see who to absorb and use. Of course, this got destroyed when he evolved twice in a row).

Now, the whole theme of this mafia was to have overpowered roles out there for people to recruit. The one question we were wanting to ask is if they are a lot of overpowered but niche roles, how would the basic roles perform? The answer was that Zelda became the top role. Erm, right.

Unfortunately, this whole mafia also proved that the concept of Viva has been destroyed. Viva simply cannot work anymore.

Now finally, an award i want to give is the worst player: Me. This will be my final time being a host, and i think the mafia community will benefit from it. I was a horrible host.

Also, for the teams. Now i know i said finally but i'm writing things as my thoughts come to me. Anyway.

The themes of the teams were made from the trumpcard role.

Heroines was of course a multi-purpose team which could do anything. Blossom was pretty much overpowered i believe.

Hafllings was the sneaky team, after the assassination Frodo would have gotten safeguard ability.

Toys were meant to be the master plan team. We actually believed it would have worked, and almost made Woody die immediately if it didn't but at last gave him a second chance.

Paranormals were obviously defensive. Full immunity. Of course... the eggs...

The eggs were simple and brutish thugs. Their ability simply allowed them to kill more and more.

So anyway, the game went on. By the time gmax recruited Mekkah, i knew it wasn't going to be good. But anyway, moving on, the eggs at one point could actually have won. Of course, someone (i forgot who) betrayed the team and thus the last halfling lost the lynch vote at 12-11. But oh well.

Well, that's about all i can remember for now. Postgame will be up soon i hope.

Well, guess not. Here are my thoughts on some of the roles.

Doraemon: I missed out one huge clause, must use the ability every turn. Or at least once per two turns. If i did that he would have become usable in a game.

Thieves in general: A thief in most games is frankly, useless. A thief in a 20-player game can hardly manage to get an item. A thief is a 50 player game... Pooh Bear was my attempt in fixing that. Indeed, a lot of times he hit nothing, but then again this whole experiment was screwed by Dave.

Speaking of Dave: DO NOT USE HIM AGAIN. He broke the whole game.

Blossom: This is a good role actually, not to the border of overpowered though. Role doubler is useful but not game-winning.

Item improver: Too niche. Most of the times he can't get the items.

Combining items: Again, too niche. Most of the times they won't be combined. Dave aside

Roles that turned into items when they die: Batteries. This is one concept that i'm willing to explore further, apart from the fact that i don't want to host anymore. It can be any item from inspector dying turning into an item that allows limited inspect or something.

One time roles: The only time one timers should be used is if they are combined with another role.

Rogue that gains more powers: One way to make the normally not that useful rogue better. Just put it in (of course, not as mad as mine), since chances are the rogue can't get his power anyway.

Roles that can only aim a person once throughout the game: Why not?

Twins with more powers: Again, this could be good. Aura_guardian / Erm... had this pair where one twin will protect the other from dying. So only one twin is vulnerable. This gave them two votes, still the ability to know each other, and an ability that isn't overpowered. I think this is better then a normal twin.

Secret votes: Again, we didn't really see much of this, but it might be good.

Mayors/Champions: Go for them.

Erm, that's all i remember for now. So, postgame will be up soon! (Yeah that's the third time i said it).


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You're alive!

If you need any help with the postgame/what happened the last couple days just hit me up on IRC.

Also you are NOT a bad host everyone has shit luck sometimes. Don't let an illness discourage you from hosting in the future.

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