NOC Bigvivor Mafia Game Thread Day 5

Psypsypsypsypsythe what are your thoughts on this interesting *cough* STUPID development?
I'm sorry I honestly can barely process what is happening this is so weird LMAO

I'm fine with voting texas or rssp here since either one feels decent but I do kinda hate that shadowpea is who is primed as theyve actually contributed, shared reads, and kept up with the thread which makes them more likely town imo compared to like ryo, laurel, drookez. obviously that's just comparatively though


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Wait what’s scum slippy there?
To answer
I don’t think we execute Shadowpea here? Why do we willingly decrease Town size?
How do you know shadowpea is even town?
This is the slip. It's a small slip, might just be bad wording. What's making me think that this was a slip is that your posting pattern changed after the accusation. Now the isolate posts function is being a real bitch atm but after posting every 6 minutes at least for the last hour or so, you took 13 minutes to respond to M2H pointing this slip out.

I could be reading into things too much but it's a fun little detail.


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Texas (3):
M2h, Haruno, caffeine

Drookez (2): psy, nuxl

M2H (2): Ryo, texas

Dyo: whydon

Spiderz: Ayia

Haruno: Spiderz

Clouds: Laurel

Sificon: Celever

Celever: realiti

Not Voting (10): Drookez, Sificon, clouds, dave, UncleSam, Dyo, Vizh, Da Letter El, shadowpea,
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