Championship - Type B BL Mons Matter - Round 1

Jirachi does now count towards being BL. Should any more tier changes that affect what can or can't be used in this tournament happen while the tournament is still going on, they are effective immediately.

Also I have set an extended deadline only for matches that involve subs, which will be Sunday, October 1 at 8:59 PM Pacific Time. Should any matches not be completed at their respective deadline, each user will have 24 hours to message me after their deadline. Should only one of the players respond, they will get the win; should neither or both respond, the winner will be decided via coin flip.
I've granted those who made activity requests recently wins since I don't want to drag on this round on even longer.

I've also messaged those who haven't completed their matches yet. Expect Round 2 to be posted Tuesday morning.

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