Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)


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So I went and thought about my Shell Smash Cloyster team and this is what I've got so far:

Cloyster @ Focus Sash
Shell Smash
Icicle Spear
Rock Blast

Latios @ Life Orb
Dragon Pulse
Grass Knot

Metagross @ Steel Gem
Meteor Mash
Rock Slide
Bullet Punch

Seems solid enough.... in theory. Feedback is welcome. I won't be able to try this out until the end of the week though.
So I was thinking about whether or not I should bump the thread with another low record, and then I decided to. Feel free to not include this in the records.

75 streak in Single Subway this this team:
Jolteon / Volt Absorb / Modest @ Choice Specs: Thunderbolt / Volt Switch / HP Ice 70 / Shadow Ball
Togekiss / Serene Grace / Timid @ Lum Berry: Flash / Toxic / Roost / Charm
Suicune / Pressure / Bold @ Leftovers: Calm Mind / Substitute / Surf / Rest

How I made the team:
I went like this. I was just looking at what I have in my boxes, and then semi-randomly trying to pair things up and see how well they do, so for the first 5 sets of 7, that was what I did. Semi-randomly, just because I still try to make the team function and have some sort of synergy, but otherwise, it was pretty much whatever I had in my box. I tried Choice Scarf Reckless Staraptor for the first time in this streak too (it was ok, but when paired with Jolteon, the team's kind of frail). Tried other usual things like LO/Specs Latios, Metagross, Scarf Haxorus, Scarf Chandelure, Trick Scarf Rotom (with attacks), DD Scrafty, Eviolite Porygon 2, SD Scizor, etc.

After 35 streak or so I decided to just stick with this one, just because it seems to be doing ok. The Togekiss used to be a crippler set (with Twave instead of Toxic), but then I figured I'll try something and make it a Toxic staller + crippler for Suicune and see how that goes, and it turned out to be decent.

I knew the streak wasn't going to last too long when about 1/3 of the battles after 49 relied heavily on Suicune being able to set up without help from Togekiss (i.e it fainted already). Synergy-wise, obviously Togekiss takes the Ground attacks for Jolteon while Jolteon absorbs the electric ones for Togekiss, and Suicune takes physical hits well and Ice moves aimed at Togekiss decently.

How I lost:
Jolteon vs Snorlax.
1. Volt Switch to Togekiss, Earthquake no damage.
2. Charm, Belly Drum (guess I should have flashed, heh... I don't usually look at subway pokemon table... I dunno, probably should, but w/e).
3. Flash, Double-Edge Togekiss faints. Snorlax Sitrus activates.
4. Suicune Sub. Double-Edge breaks sub.
5. Suicune Sub. Double-Edge breaks sub.
6. Suicune Sub. Double-Edge breaks sub.
7. Suicune Sub. Double-Edge breaks sub.
8. Surf did not KO, Double-Edge KOs both Snorlax and Suicune.
Jolteon vs Vaporeon (looks like I still have a chance depending on the last pokemon!)
9. TBolt KO.
Jolteon vs Glaceon
10. TBolt, slither of health left for Glaceon. Blizzard KOs.

I probably will think about a more well-planned team next time, but it was fun.

It's hard to have a decent non-crippling team without Suicune. :P

O yeah, recently I've tried out Cobalion @ Leftovers: Calm Mind / Sub / Flash Cannon / Rest (i.e. "same moveset" as Suicune)... It's not bad, but Suicune was still better I think.

@atsync: I think you should try it out and see how it goes. Off the top of my head, I can see you will have probably some issue vs Curse (and maybe even non-Curse?) Ferrothorn. I was thinking maybe Heatran might give trouble too if it burns Cloyster (or Cloyster fainted already) and outspeeds Metagross. Similarly quiver dance Volcarona will be deadly too if Cloyster is dead already or sash is broken (without any Shell Smashes).

Of course, most of the time Cloyster will have one Smash by the time its sash is broken, so probably most of the time it's fine, but priority moves, quick claw, sand, focus sash, and brightpowder/lax incense will prevent Cloyster sweeps. Latios and Metagross are good backups, but plenty of things can still threaten the combo.
ahhhhh i remember why i decided to have a break again!! started playing with a new team which is mainly for fun but kinda enjoying it so guna keep trying but i've been haxed out like 5times! only 1 my losses has been to a missplay on my part, but i've been missing alot, recieving critical hits alot just driving me insane!

but anyway its not going to get me a major streak but heres team been trying with (feels ok but something missing and not just right about it, have managed to break 50 with it tho)

Marowak@ thick club
rock slide
double edge

murkrow@ evolite
sucker punch

general idea is to protect with wack and twave 1, then 2nd turn attack with either move while twaving the 2nd poke etc. kinda simple and works well, better than i thought it would anyway. marowak is quicker than everything para in the subway so kinda cool and hits like a truck. then most types you cant twave are handled fine with wak or dont like being at -2 attack lol.

the back up is where the teams failing cause i cant nail what i need there. its fustrating me in fairness. tried a few things out like twave zapdos (concidered balloon jolteon also), bulky gyarados, scizor to name a few and everything just feels to frail. currently settled on lo latios and a techtop with mach punch,bulldoze,detect and fake out but just not happy with it? any thoughts on how to improve it? like i said this aint going to be game breaking but wak my favorite poke so love watching him smash things up haa!


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@atsync: I think you should try it out and see how it goes. Off the top of my head, I can see you will have probably some issue vs Curse (and maybe even non-Curse?) Ferrothorn. I was thinking maybe Heatran might give trouble too if it burns Cloyster (or Cloyster fainted already) and outspeeds Metagross. Similarly quiver dance Volcarona will be deadly too if Cloyster is dead already or sash is broken (without any Shell Smashes).

Of course, most of the time Cloyster will have one Smash by the time its sash is broken, so probably most of the time it's fine, but priority moves, quick claw, sand, focus sash, and brightpowder/lax incense will prevent Cloyster sweeps. Latios and Metagross are good backups, but plenty of things can still threaten the combo.
I'll be keeping this all in mind. I really hate Ferrothorn. I always forget to prepare for it. Metagross learns Hammer Arm at least, though Curse will definately be gay. The Heatran and Volcarona issues are situational though so I guess I can hope I'm not put in a situation where they are a problem? I'll be regretting this train of thought latter on I'm sure.

I'll try it and make changes when appropriate. I chose Latios and Metagross out of convenience (I already have them from other teams) so if I need to make new pokemon so be it.
Super Doubles, 210 wins and going

I'm generally getting spanked left and right in the Subway - this is my record by a long way, in any mode - but I must say, it's a whole lot more fun than in Gen IV. The separation of normal/Super in the modes makes restarting a streak so much easier, since you don't have to go through the 1-49 slog to get to the 'good stuff'. In Super mode, you're right there already. No more walloping Pichus with Draco Meteor for an hour and a half to get to the real opposition.

If anyone's interested, the Entrainment Durant team is sitting on 49 wins. Not real team, Durant will become ultimate setup lead if ever released etc.

  • Durant, hacked with Truant @ Sash: Entrainment, Sandstorm, 'other moves'
  • Garchomp @ Wide Lens: Protect, Sub, SD, Dual Chop
  • Latios @ LO: DP, Grass Knot, TBolt, HP Ground for some reason
So far, the AI has not switched after being given Truant, theoretically enabling a perfect setup every time. The only problems are things that use Fake Out and Protect on turn 1, or stuff like Dugtrio with Dig. But once the lead is Entrained, it's basically GG.

You could use any decent mono-attacker as the setup sweeper: Acupressure/Protect/Sub/Crunch Drapion, obviously, but DD Dragonite or Quiver Dance anything.

The biggest problem is myself - I had some near misses while setting up when I got out of sync with Protect/SD, Protecting twice or whatever. The team is solid, but so. Damn. Boring to use. I have real respect for players who take setup teams to high streaks, because I see how much patience is required to do so! Doubles really is the game for me.

- -
So I tried a couple of ideas out:

Doubles Fake Out: monkey rage

  • Ambipom, Adamant @ LO: Fake Out, Last Resort
  • Infernape, Naive @ Sash: Fake Out, Shadow Claw, Close Combat, Overheat
  • Latios @ Specs: DP, Psyshock, Grass Knot, TBolt
  • Metagross @ Balloon: Iron Head, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, EQ
Sllightly updated version of my 200-win DP team, with Gen V standard Latios and Meta. Double flinch to start, then go from there. Ape hits Ghosts, Rocks and Steels, while Ambipom goes crazy nuts with Last Resort. LR went from 130bp to 140bp this gen, hence trying the team out again - Ambi got a free power boost.

The team got stuffed by a lead TR Dusknoir at 40-something. With no way to stop it using TR, they got hosed. That's the fatal weakness, I think. I guess I could use Ape/Weavile for double FO action - hell, even both with Fling @ Razor Claw/King's Rock. Quadruple flinch!

I tried Mienshao as Ape's partner first, FO/HJK/U-t/Acrobatics @ Flight Jewel. Acrobling was handy as a surprise power move, and Shao hits like a truck. Ape ran U-turn too, to baffle the AI. All was good until I meet the boss, and his Chandelure, and that was that - couldn't get past it with the leads, and although Meta outsped, it didn't KO with EQ, and Chand OHKO'd Meta and Latios.

- -

I also tried a Trick Room team, but these have been seriously nerfed due to two things happening: auto-levelling, meaning you can't use the lv.1 Endeavor decoy, and the nerf to Explosion/Selfdestruct. With those two things gone, TR teams have a lot less to work with than before.

Thought I'd try anyway, abusing the lack of sleep clause.

  • Reuniclus @ Sash: TR, Psychic, Thunder, HP Ice
  • Amoonguss @ Yache: Rage Powder, Spore, Sweet Scent, Grass Knot
  • Hariyama @ Toxic Orb: Fake Out, Close Combat, RS, EQ
  • Bisharp @ Balloon: Sucker Punch, BB, Night Slash, Protect
Amoonguss uses Rage Powder, Reuniclus uses TR. Reuni then attacks while Amoon Spores things all day. Sweet Scent is there because I thought it would go well with Thunder (it doesn't), so HP Fire would work there instead.

Hariyama is great in TR. I love this dude.

Fake Out is always useful - lets us restart TR if necessary, or just stall something. Guts CC is crazy powerful, and QuakeSlide to mop up.

Bisharp is fun too, and its STAB Sucker Punch is great for post-TR cleanup.

The team lacked hitting power all round, and it lost at 20-something. Amoonguss was great fun, and Sporing half the AI team was great - but Reuniclus couldn't capitalise on it. Without LO, it lacked power, and not giving it a Sash was just asking for it.

There are probably better ways of doing TR, but I wanted to try Amoonguss for the novelty value of it. Without the decoy/boom strategies, a TR team needs something else to shine, besides 'slow becomes fast'. Psych Up is one thing, abusing lack of sleep clause is another.

A 'better' version of this team would probably be Reuniclus-Hariyama leads, with Bisharp-Jellicent or something behind.

- -

Super Doubles, 210 wins*

Infernape @ Focus Sash
Naive, Blaze
200 Atk, 56 SpA, 252 Spe

Fake Out, Protect, Close Combat, Overheat

Hydreigon @ Choice Scarf
Modest, Levitate
6 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe

Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Surf

Latios @ Life Orb
Timid, Levitate
6 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Spe

Dragon Pulse, Psyshock, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot

Metagross @ Air Balloon
Adamant, Clear Body
96 HP, 252 Atk, 192 Spe

Iron Head, Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Earthquake

I'm on the goodstuffs now. Ape, Lat and Meta are as reliable as ever (same as before), and I'm trying Hydra too, as it seems pretty successful. I'm running Modest @ Scarf, and it's great fun.

Ape doesn't need Shadow Claw, so I'm using Protect/FO/CC/OH, and it works a treat. Ape gets knocked down to its Sash very easily, especially after a CC, making it irresistible to the AI for an easy KO. It Protects instead, and Hydra gets a free shot. Next turn, priority notwithstanding, Blaze Overheat ftw. Only once has Ape died to Feint, from a Mienshao, and that was literally the only time I've ever seen it work, in sims or on DS. 'Infernape fell for the Feint!' Wtf?

Having two Fire moves upfront makes dealing with Ice teams much easier, and also makes Ferrothorn etc less worrying overall. Also - and this is a big one - it means Hydra can outspeed and kill Scarf Pinsir by itself.

Fighting teams can be problematic, but playable around with Latios. The real advantage to having Hydra up front is against TR teams. They're almost all Ghosts and Psychics, so STAB Dark Pulse is just the thing to prevent them getting TR down.

And I finally beat the asshole Subway Boss.

Chandelure + Excadrill
1. Chand Protect, FO Exca, DarkP Chand, protected, flinch
2. DarkP Chand KO, CC Exca KO
Eelektross + Haxorus
3. DarkP Hax, CC Hax KO, Eel TBolt Ape, sash
4. DarkP Eel, CC Eel KO

This team is actually really similar to the Ape/Latios/Latias/Meta team I used in Platinum.

Protect on Ape works better than U-turn, all considered, especially if TR ends up happening. LO Lat now uses the Gen V standard set, and Meta now has a Balloon and Ice Punch over the nerfed Explosion. Hydra is the big difference, although it's still a SpA monster Levitating dragon.

There's a good Fighting/Dark/Psychic core to this team, and it rolls well. Feels good man.


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Yeah Truant Entrainment Durant is definately going to make singles kinda... trivial. I'm a bit concerned about when it is released because it would be lame if all of the top 10 positions were teams using Durant as the lead (I'm exaggerating a bit because obviously there is stuff that can stop it but it's not exactly hard to build a team that can at least cope with the things that ruin the strategy). Guess we don't need to worry about that for a while though.


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Groombridge I now hate you (joking obviously), I did that ages ago but I was going to wait until it was legal before I posted :) I don't think your record should be added until it is released, obviously. But everyone will do this just to get a certain way through. I did it this way:

Durant @ Choice Scarf
Jolly 252 Spe / Atk (would use HP for future)
- Entrainment
- Iron Head
- Crunch
- X-Scissor

Something like that, anyway.

Haxorus @ Lum Berry
Adamant 252 Atk / Spe
Mold Breaker
- Dragon Dance
- Protect
- Outrage
- Earthquake

Mold Breaker is cool. So is spamming Outrage with Lum.

Blaziken @ Focus Sash
Adamant 252 Atk / Spe
Speed Boost
- Swords Dance
- Protect
- Brick Break
- Fire Punch

If there's a problem or worry about using Haxorus or it somehow faints (CH Ice Shard or something silly), then I can use this guy to clean up. Or, I can use this instead of Haxorus in a similar way, also gaining Speed as well as Attack.

There are plenty of things that can screw you at times, but honestly if you play it safe all the time and don't get cocky you will win.

But yeah, I also got bored and didn't see much to aim for with this kind of team after 49 wins - I'm just looking to get 49 in Multi now.
Groombridge I now hate you (joking obviously), I did that ages ago but I was going to wait until it was legal before I posted :) I don't think your record should be added until it is released, obviously. But everyone will do this just to get a certain way through.
Lol, yeah, I'm sure loads of people have tried it already, but kept it quiet. But since we have no idea if or even when Truant Durant will be released, I thought what the hell, might learn something.

Of course, it's not a real record, it was just to see what the AI would do. I haven't even scraped 70 with it, so it's not eligible for that reason too.

The sheer setup factor of this team means I'll probably not be pursuing it - having to alternate Protect with setup moves doubles the number of turns it takes, even though you may have effectively 'won' on turn 1 when you use Entrain. I kind of hope TruAnt doesn't get released, just because of the man hours it will consume...
I broke my own super single personal record (70) with a new 74 win record.

My team is very similar to the previous team I used, which was fully described in this post.

Team changes to achieve slightly higher record (although overall I think the team improved greatly and could easily beat this record):

-Gyarados was swapped out for Milotic@Leftovers, scald/ice beam/recover/toxic with max def. Milotic deals with high tier pokemon much better than Gyarados does because Ice Beam allows it to 1/2KO many dragon types as well as flying type legendaries. Also, Milotic is often able to top its hp off as it gets a kill with toxic/burn/recover stalling recoil, which makes it less sacrificial and more flexible, whereas I used to dragon dance Gyarados to near death and then either let it sweep or die to priority/faster pokemon (scarfers).

-Garchomp's choice band was changed to a focus sash, and its moveset was changed to Outrage/EQ/Substitute/SD. I think that substitute is by far one of the strongest moves in all of battle subway, and any team can benefit from having it. The AI is so incapable of dealing with Substitute when using pokemon with statusing moves, and since Garchomp has such good typing it can sometimes sponge 2 hits with a single substitute with no defensive investment, allowing for 'free' swords dances.

-Volcarona's substitute was dropped for Psychic. It very often comes in handy for pokemon such as Hariyama, Blaziken, Muk, and other pokemon who are bulky or have the resistances to take a neutral/resisted LO max spatk flamethrower/bug buzz without dying. My volcarona build really needs OHKOs, and Psychic helps it do that by improving super effective coverage.

This Milotic/Garchomp/Volcarona team seems to work very well, especially against legendary trainers. Milotic overall is just an insane beast and can do terrible things to almost any pokemon that doesn't hit it super effectively. For pokemon that predictably threaten it with an electric attack, swap garchomp in for the immunity, and Garchomp can take out virtually any pokemon that would have an electric attack in the battle subway. If you are expecting a grass attack (which almost ALWAYS comes from either a grass type pokemon or a fire pokemon using Sunny Day), Volcarona is a good switch in who can capitalize. Much of the time, it feels like you are getting kills for free. Either Milotic can straight scald/toxic while keeping its HP high with recover, Garchomp will 1-shot after immunity, or Volcarona will get OHKOs if not even quiver dances and a full sweep.

The way I lost was so unfortunate in terms of the combination of their pokemon. It wasn't hax, but suffice it to say the circumstances of that loss were so absurd that I really don't want to talk about it. Basically, they had the exact pokemon sets that forced me to let my pokemon drop to low HP, and then they had the exact pokemon come in afterword to capitalize on my weakness and to force ANOTHER difficult situation, until eventually their last pokemon came in able to clean up the rest of my team. I made a misplay, but there is a strong possibility that I would have lost either way due to absurd circumstances.

I'm not posting a picture for this streak since it's only 4 higher than my previous and I did post a pic for that one. Lying to get my name 1 spot on the list higher would be pretty silly.


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Just tried out my team:

Cloyster @ Focus Sash
Shell Smash
Icicle Spear
Rock Blast

Latios @ Life Orb
Dragon Pulse
Grass Knot

Metagross @ Steel Gem
Meteor Mash
Rock Slide
Bullet Punch
Used Surf instead of Grass Knot, and Lum Berry and Hammer Arm instead of Steel Gem and Bullet Punch. My streaks aren't good yet. I mainly lost to misplays and hax (go to hell Quick Claw Donphan). This has demonstrated that there are many things that can beat Latios and Metagross, as they have come out after Cloyster died and destroyed me. The worst I've faced so far is Gengar. Metagross can't really switch in as it gets hit hard on its weaker special defence stat, while Latios can only win if it wins the speed tie.

I've realised that I went the wrong way about picking teammates for Cloyster. I originally picked Latios and Metagross because they covered Cloyster's (and each others) weaknesses, but in hindsight this is stupid logic. Because of Focus Sash and Shell Smash, Cloyster doesn't really care about its weaknesses (other than the fact that they make it hard to get more than 1 Shell Smash).

So instead, I should be covering the things that Cloyster DOES mind. From the brief amount of playing time with Cloyster, I've identified three main threats that other people interested in playing with Cloyster might like to know (excluding hax, of course):
  • Status - poison isn't so bad as it just means that I can only get one boost (often this is enough), but paralysis, burn and sleep (and freeze) ruin me.
  • Water types - they resist both STABs and many can survive a 2+ Rock Blast (and it can miss the ones that can kill like Starmie).
  • Steel types - they resist my strongest attacks and many can survive a 2+ Surf, allowing them to prevent a sweep.
Milotic is the worst lead to face as even at 4+ attack, it can shrug off Rock Blast and kill me with its special attacks or confuse/poison me.

So with all this in mind, I will be picking teammates that can deal with these things way better than Latios and Metagross. Not sure what I'll use, though they will likely both use Substitute. Maybe Garchomp and Ferrothorn...
multi train run, battle #42: here goes my chomp + mixedsashtar team for the trophy.

ttar runs quiet max hp, 176satk and rest in atk with superpower, crunch, ice beam and flamethrower.

garchomp is standard sdjolly with its fourth move being protect. its actually useful as much as i thought it could be and more because the battles are more difficult to come out as the winner.

fingers crossed within the next hour ill get it!


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I just lost at battle 42 to Quick Claw Donphan... again. I was up against Roughneck Proteus (OHKO abuser).

My new team definately works way better, though, and I expect to get at least 70+ with it.
I've recently been trying out this guy:

Vaporeon @Leftovers
Bold (+D -A)
evs in HP & D
-Aqua Ring
-Acid Armor
-Baton Pass

I actually bred this before 5th Gen was available when I heard about Quiver Dance, but I just can't get Volcarona going in the subway.

So I put it aside, but the other day I was thinking about my Shuckle, Ferro, Mence team ( and how Iron Barbs was actually kind of annoying because you want to avoid KOing the opponent while you're setting up. So all I really needed is something tough that covers Shuckle's weaknesses to switch back and forth.
I grabbed Vaporeon out of the box and it's been going pretty well.
I can Baton Pass Aqua Ring and defense boosts back to Shuckle if necessary, which makes it a lot easier to get multiple Power Splits.
Mence also appreciates Aqua Ring when it has to Sub more than once. It's like holding Leftovers and Lum.
Also worth a mention is that Acid Armor's PP maxes out at 64, which means you can stall your brains out.

So far I've had one loss from a missplay, and one time (due to even worse missplay) Mence got taken out by the second poke, but even though the third was Belly Drum Hariyama, Shuckle and Vaporeon just stalled it out for the win.

Also, Vaporeon's been my favorite Poke since I saved up and bought blue version when it first came out :)

So can anyone see any issues?

Probably the biggest threat is still Skarm with Whirlwind, SR and Spikes; very difficult to both set up on and quickly KO.

Another tough one is Rampardos, who can 1HKO Shuckle with Mold Breaker Head Smash, but I can just switch to Vap on turn 1, then either get KOd or set up (probably get KOd), then Mence can revenge kill and Shuckle can cripple the second poke.


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Most recent streak (yesterday-today). I´ve played a different team over the last few weeks that I´ll post later about, it´s a much longer write-up, but ironically a bit lower highest streak lol. Anyway...

Pokémon Black Battle Subway Super Double battle streak: 137

1. Metagross „DOOMSDAY“
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31-31-31-21-31-31
EV spread: 0-252-0-0-6-252
Lv.50: 155-205-150-99-111-122
~ Iron Head
~ Ice Punch
~ Earthquake
~ Bullet Punch

Total offense, superb damage output and unaffected by Intimidate. Expected crucial OHKO on Aero with Bullet Punch didn´t happen. Apparently, there´s only a 9/16 chance to OHKO ._.

2. Tornadus „TILDEN“
Item: Flying Gem
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31-31-31-18-30-31
EV spread: 0-252-6-0-0-252
Lv.50: 154-167-91-125-100-179
~ Acrobatics
~ Substitute
~ Tailwind
~ Bulk Up

I love 179 speed, if only because I don´t tie with the super nasty 178 group. I like this Pokémon but can´t make it work in the Subway, because it can´t take hits very well and I always have trouble with Ice.

3. Hitmontop (M)
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Adamant
IVs: 31-31-31-x-31-31
EV spread: 6-252-0-0-0-252
Lv.50: 126-161-115-44-130-122
~ Fake Out
~ Mach Punch
~ Sucker Punch
~ Close Combat

Intimidate in the back row is amazing. Top can do a lot, but has its limits and shouldn´t be overestimated.

4. Hydreigon (M) „TEACH“
Item: Expert Belt
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Modest
IVs: 31-31-31-31-31-31
EV spread: 0-0-0-252-6-252
Lv.50: 167-112-110-194-111-150
~ Dark Pulse
~ Dragon Pulse
~ Flamethrower
~ Protect

I think Hydra is almost a must have in the Subway, because it singlehandedly counters almost all Psychics and Ghosts thanks to the strongest Dark Pulse in the game. Ironically, I lost to a Psychic ._.

The team is pretty straightforward. It´s not perfect and lead Heatran means a high % to lose. Unsurprisingly, three legendary trainers in a row between 77 and 98 lead with Heatran + flyer with SE on Tornadus, I only won against Scarftran because Magma Storm missed Meta. Yeah legendary teams are awful to face, while Hydra is a boss against Psychics and stuff, it loses to most legends. Tailwind gives the team a good chance but having to beat 4 legends with 3 Pokémon after Tornadus frequently dies turn 1 isn´t ideal. Also has trouble facing Water teams because I have no SE attack.

#138 vs Psychic: Reuniclus, Exeggutor, Medicham, Froslass
1. Acrobatics, Eggy fainted, Iron Head 51%, Trick, Tornadus got a Toxic Orb, badly poisoned.
- foe Medicham
2. Acrobatics, Cham red HP, HJK, Meta fainted, LO dmg, Cham fainted, Reu Recover.
- me Hydra, foe Lass
3. Acrobatics, Lass at 70%, Lass Blizzard, Hydra fainted (!!!), Torna 1HP, Reu Focus Blast, Torna avoided, poison, Torna fainted.
- me Top
4. Sucker Punch, Lass fainted, Reu Psychic, CH, Sash.
5. Sucker Punch, about 40%, Reu Psychic, Top fainted.

Oh man, freaking Froslass (aka worst sub f..ker) again. But it was my misplay that cost me the game and that hurts. I was focused on the battle but I forgot that Acrobatics was only 55 base when targeting Cham and thought to myself, oh clear OHKO unless it Fake Outs. Apparently, even max damage 55 base Acrobatics fails to OHKO Cham by 3 HP. I should´ve gone Bullet+Acro Cham turn 2 to win easily (Bullet+Acro Lass and then gang up on Reu).

OK what the hell, why did Hydra die to Blizzard? It´s supposed to do 122-146 dmg / 167 HP...must´ve been a CH that I didn´t notice (didn´t save the battle), that´s just wrong :( yeah and had I Protected and let Torna die and next turn Sucker Punch Lass, I would´ve won as well, because Focus Blast is quite far from OHKOing Hydra...
I'm having a lot of trouble with the Battle Subway. I'm mainly trying the Super Singles right now, but I can't even get to 49 wins. My record is a pathetic 38 wins. I didn't have this much trouble with the Battle Frontier in 4th Gen, as I got three Gold Prints (Tower, Castle, and Hall) and two Silver Prints (Factory and Arcade).

I can RNG, so getting the right Pokemon isn't an issue. I think it's either my tactics and strategy, such as knowing when to switch out/in Pokemon. I've also been getting haxed a bit, but that happens to everyone, so it's not much of an excuse.

Right now, I'm using johncgi's team with just one small alteration of having a Gengar with a Hasty nature and 0 Defense IVs to try and get maximum damage from Counter.

I'm really up to using any team, but I'd prefer at least having an Infernape on my team, as that's kind of my signature Pokemon.

I welcome any advice, help, etc. You can either VM me, or just post in this thread if you so choose.

Thanks in advance.


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If you prefer to use Infernape it could possibly work as a focus sash lead (this is all theorymon so you should probably just try it out and see where it gets you). It has Swords Dance and Nasty Plot so it can use the sash to help set up and attempt a sweep. It can also learn Counter to try work like a Gengar lead (Gengar does this better though). Fake Out can be used to deal with opposing focus sash/sturdy pokemon that ruin sweeping attempts.

johncgi used Infernape as a Choice Band lead here and got a good streak. Maybe try something like that?


Where the "intelligence" of TRAINERS is put to the test!
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I'm a tool. Disregard that part of my comment then lol.

I guess I can't say anything else other than just keep practising with your team. At first subway can be difficult to predict but after you play for a while you begin to see patterns in move selection by the AI. You should be able to reach 49 wins eventually if you just stick at it. You're already almost there anyway.

Plus as you play with the team you begin to identify weaknesses, thus leading you to make the necessary tweaks to improve it.

EDIT: Just hit 70 wins with my Cloyster team :D Will post the record when I finish. Not playing anymore today as I don't want to get too overconfident and ruin a streak due to some dumb misplay...
Does anyone know if there are any Japanese forums with higher battle subway records?

It'd be interesting to see if there were any different tactics, as well as how well Smogon ranks internationally.
Not sure about a japanese forum but there are quite a lot of Koreans who got some nice winning streaks, such as 300, 400+'s posted on just random sites if ou search on google lol.
Ehh... And there I thought I may get near to 100 because it was going well...
75 wins, proof -

Previously, I was trying with MixTar + haxChomp + SpecsLatios but my record was 49 (yeah, just after boss battle there was painful loss at the hand of Excadrill, Dragonite and something else)
After another loss (this trio has tremendous problems with DD, especially Gyara) I got tired of constant subbing in Sandstorm and switched to Staraptor with his ridiculously powerful STAB Choice Band Reckless Brave Bird. haxChomp made no sense without Ttar, I didn't want Sandstorm (and someone slow) on my team, so I decided on Bulky SD Scizor. I chose Latios as third member as he's bulkier and stronger than Starmie (I don't have many competitive ready Pokemon in box).

1. Staraptor @ Choice Band, Reckless, Jolly, 4/252/0/0/0/252
~ Brave Bird
~ Close Combat
~ Double-Edge
~ U-Turn
Staraptor wrecks teams. Killing three opponents in row is something common for him. Sometimes, he doesn't even have to care that much about resists, simply 2hkoing foes. Brave Bird 80% of the time, sometimes U-Turn or switch to Scizor (eventually Latios). Legends are no problem. Birds, Dogs, Musketeers, Genies are ohkod by BB/DE, Regis die to Close Combat (ok, Bulky Steel and Rock survive one attack - even worse for them as that means +6 Scizor)

2. Scizor @ Leftovers, Technician, Adamant, 252/40/0/0/212/4
~ Bullet Punch
~ Bug Bite
~ Roost
~ Swords Dance
Scizor sets up +6 with ease on anything without Fire move or powerful neutral STAB. He especially likes Ice types which Staraptor and Latios hate. I love mass murdering with 40bp move. Only status that poses threat to him is 5+ turn freeze, rest of them are usually irrelevant (with +6 and priority...)

3. Latios @ Choice Specs, Levitate, Timid, 4/0/0/252/0/252
~ Draco Meteor
~ Dragon Pulse
~ Surf
~ Psyshock
Latios - no comment needed, he dies only to hax or random Mirror Coat/Metal Burst. Surf and Psyshock are pretty much useless :(

How I lost
#1 Staraptor Close Combats Raichu, Focus Sash, Static, Discharge, KO
#2 Scizor Bullet Punch, KO, Static
#3 Electivire Protects, Scizor Bullet Punch
#4 Electivire Fire Punch, 1 HP, Scizor Bug Bite, ~2/3
#5 Scizor Bullet Punch, <10%, Electivire Ice Punch, KO
#6 Electivire Protect, Latios Dragon Pulse
#7 Dragon Pulse, KO
#8 Jolteon Swagger, confusion
#9 Jolteon Thunderbolt, confusion
#10 Jolteon Thunderbolt, 8/156, Dragon Pulse, <5%
#11 Jolteon Thunderbolt, Latios fainted

Any changes? There should be some as I didn't put much thought in that team.

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