Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)


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Probably one of the biggest threats to that team is anything with Fake Out to stop the Copycat + Roar chain. There's also anything faster with a priority move (or anything with Extremespeed, rare as it is) to worry about. Anything with Suction Cups (Cradily) or Soundproof (Exploud, Mr. Mime and Electrode) is dangerous too, even though Drain Punch and Crunch hit 3 of those for super-effective damage (not that base 70 Attack is going to do much). I guess Rapid Spin can get a mention as a threat here too, although it is very rare (I think there's one Tentacruel set and one Starmie set that uses it and that's it) and once you get Roaring it probably won't matter.

That's all theorymon but it seems like it would be very risky to dedicate the whole team to this strategy if you are going for a decent win streak. If I were to try it I would probably just use 1 lead for crippling and hazards (Shuckle with Power Split, Flash and Stealth Rock comes to mind, although I don't really like Shuckle much personally and they are probably other choices), and then maybe something like Jumpman's Dragonite or the standard Suicune set as an alternative just in case the Roar chain goes wrong. That would also solve your problem regarding being able to kill the last pokemon. That's just me though.
You can't guarantee setup with using a Sash in the subway; too many things have a nonzero chance of KOing through sash. (Moves with secondary burn / secondary poison are probably the most common; without Safeguard up, you can't guarantee that you don't end up getting knocked down to 1 hp, then being killed by your status ailment.) Also, the "clear weather" idea doesn't work; if the opponent has any autoinducers, they'll re-induce the weather while you're phazing.


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Quick question, now that Soul Dew is released, is it allowed in the subway? Thanks in advance :)
Its effect gets nullified in subway. As far as I know you can technically enter a Latias/Latios holding a Soul Dew in the subway but it won't actually give you any boosts making it completely useless.


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Updated the list.

Post any mistakes you may find here in this topic, don´t send me PMs.

Congrats to Jump´s 620 doubles hall, yadazhai´s 1K durant and all the other records that´s been posted recently. It´s nice to see people still going for records.

I haven´t played Pokémon for six months now and my break will continue for a while, still got some stuff to do in D3 (1200+ hours played lol get a life).

Keep it up guys, have fun and good luck.

EDIT: There was a question about why I kept going after 1K wins back in last gen. Up to then it was a pretty tense competition with Jump which pushed me to play "a lot" :) and him always being cryptic about his progression (like he never told that he lost and had to restart) made it even worse for me, being paranoid that I´d get jumped over within hours after posting a record...anyway when I knew I was leading by a few hundred, what kept me going was my personality trait that is I´d like to know my limits and testing myself, what my body and mind is capable of is fun to me (both in sports and games). Yes a part of the motivation came from being chased, but I would have continued even if Jump had said he stopped chasing me. But it´s pretty clear that the competitiveness of this topic and between capable players themselves made such high record possible.

There would be little to no motivation for the majority to keep going for insane records without any sort of comparison to others. My 2363 record back then (I remember being tired after work but still playing for hours, writing down logs, taking pictures etc. for hours each day, it was kind of a marathon) didn´t live much longer than a month as #1 though and we all know in what fashion it got beaten, how I acted immature and all, good old times :)
Pokemon Platinum Battle Tower record

Pokemon Platinum Battle Tower Single winstreak: 454
Alright guys this is my first streak which I post on smogon and help and correction is always welcome because my english is terrible
This winstreak is really old maybe for 4 month I have gotten this streak...

Anyway the BattleTower team reached a winstreak of 454 wins. The trainer sent out Abomasnow which is my most hatet Pokemon at the BattleTower because Registeel doesn't get Leftovers recovery while SnowWarning is active ...

Anyway, tricked the Abomasnow and got the Sheel Bell which means that is:


Abomasnow used Avalanche and I set up Charms but he CH'ed with the 5th Avalanche and KO'ed my Latias. I sent out Registeel to stall all Avalanches out and after all Avalanches were stalled I switched into Garchomp and he Struggled and I set up SwordDance and Sub. He CH'ed me with the 2nd or 3rd Struggle I think and after that I killed it with Earthquake because I didn't want to be naked after another CH Struggle. The next Pokemon was Frosslass lucky I was faster and used Earthquake but it avoided the attack and used Blizzard so that set should be:

800|Modest|Lax Incense|Blizzard|ShadowBall|Psychic|Hail| Sp.Atk/Speed

Blizzard broke my sub and I killed it with the next Earthquake. Next Pokemon was Infernape I was hoping that it wouldn't be the Jolly one which will outspeed my Garchomp but it was faster and killed me (don't remember which attack it was but I think Earthquake) whatever....this set is:

796|Infernape|Jolly|King'sRock|FlareBlitz|CloseCombat|Earthquake|ThunderPunch| Attack/Speed

Now the game was lost .. I sent Registeel in and he used CloseCombat or FlareBlitz not sure but it took me down to 45 Hp and I couldn't sub because I need 47 for a sub and if I would have had 48 HP the hail damage would have killed me so I chose an useless Curse because with an IronHead crit I wouldn't have won... it used CloseCombat/FlareBlitz again, GG. Don't have a proof because my camera is destroyed :(

Now something about the team:

Latias ** Eon
Nature & Item: Timid - Choice Scarf
Iv's: 31 - x - 31 - 31 - 31 - 31
Ev's: 252 HP - 182 Defense - 74 Speed
Stats (Lv.50) : 187 - 81 - 133 - 127 - 150 - 154
Moves: Trick, ThunderWave, Charm, Recover

The best Tricker in my opinion. After Trick the Choice Scarf I'm often faster and can cripple the pokemon with ThunderWave or Charm and can setup easily. Sometimes I saw that Latias survived a Megahorn of Heracross which is really usefull because (Registeel resists it but it does a lot of damage for a non-effective move). Mostly Fire pokemon won't use Fireattacks on Latias which is really good but only Infernape 4 uses STAB fire attack FlareBlitz so I can easy cripple it with Charm and Recover but I have to hope that the Infernape doesn't get a CH FlareBlitz on the switch into Garchomp which does a lot. The most water Pokes use IceBeam on Latias which is great to set up Registeel easily

Registeel ** Robot
Nature & Item: Careful - Leftovers
Iv's: 31 - 31 - 31 - x - 31 - 31
Ev's: 252 HP - 100 Attack - 146 Defense - 14 Sp.Defense
Stats (Lv.50) : 187 - 108 - 188 - 79 - 189 - 70
Moves: IronHead, Substitute, Curse, Amnesia

Registeel is a really bulky and a very dangerous Pokemon . If it's on 6+/6+/6+ only a few pokemon are able to kill it without critical hits. It resists the dangerous Icetype and can take a lot of hits . It's a bit difficult to play so I won't say much about the strategy. Curse and Amnesia are made each other with ClearBody which is really helpful if your openet have a pokemon with Crunch as example which drops you defense but thanks to ClearBoday which blocks the Defense drop (not for Rampardos which has MoldBreaker). +6 Attack allowes Registeel to 5HKO Heatran. Also Magnezone 4 gets 5 - 6HKO on +6 but you have to repeat your Sub every 2nd or 3rd turn if you face it. A few pokes are able to take +6 IronHead and Roar me away which is really annoying. There are the pokemons which are able to take a +6 IronHead and will mostly roar me away:

- 469|Rhyperior|Adamant|FocusBand|RockWrecker|Earthquake|Crunch|Roar|Attack/Defense

- 373|Skarmory|Impish|OccaBerry|DrillPeck|SteelWing|Spikes|Roar|Attack/Defense

- 459|Lucario|Modest|Brightpowder|AuraSphere|FlashCannon|WaterPulse|Roar|Sp.Attack/Speed

- 426|Houndoom|Jolly|FocusSash|FireFang|Crunch|Roar|Counter| Attack/Speed

- 899|Entei|Jolly|ShucaBerry|FireFang|Return|Roar|Reflect|Attack/Speed

But Registeel isn't after full set up bulky enough to take every single hit and some pokes are able to destroy a full health sub with one hit. All these are:

- Critical Hits

- Boosted SunnyDay Fire attacks (without blaze)

- Blaze bosted Fire moves

- OHKO useres:

- 877|Rhyperior|Adamant|ChoiceBand|RockWrecker|Earthquake|HammerArm|Megahorn| HP/Attack

- 741|Rhyperior|Impish|FocusSash|HornDrill|Avalanche|Payback|Counter|HP/Defense

- 542|Abomasnow|Bold|BigRoot|GigaDrain|SheerCold|Ingrain|LeechSeed|HP/Defense/Sp.Defense

- 651|Dewgong|Calm|SalacBerry|SheerCold|HornDrill|Rest|SleepTalk|HP/Defense/Sp.Defense

- 736|Walrein|Bold|LaxIncense|SheerCold|Fissure|Rest|SleepTalk|Def/Sp.Defense

- 798|Glalie|Modest|LaxIncense|Blizzard|DarkPulse|SheerCold|Hail|HP/Sp.Attack

- 937|Articuno|Modest|ChartiBerry|IceBeam|AirCutter|AncientPower|SheerCold|Sp.Attack/Sp.Defense

- 804|Rhydon|Adamant|QuickClaw|Earthquake|StoneEdge|Megahorn|HornDrill|HP/Attack

- 689|Rapidash|Adamant|Brightpowder|FlareBlitz|PoisonJab|IronTail|HornDrill|Attack/Speed

- 544|Nidoking|Careful|Brightpowder|FocusPunch|DragonPulse|HornDrill|Substitute|HP/Defense/Sp.Defense

- 587Flygon|Jolly|RazorFang|Fissure|FirePunch|ThunderPunch|AeriaAce|Attack/Speed

- 635|Dugtrio|Jolly|RazorClaw|Fissure|GigaImpact|AerialAce|NightSlash|Attack/Speed

- 647|Whiscash|Modest|ZoomLens|HydroPump|EarthPower|Blizzard|Fissure|HP/Sp.Attack

- 654|Gastrodon|Adamant|ShellBell|Waterfall|Earthquake|StoneEdge|Fissure|HP/Attack

- 683|Bastiodon|Careful|Leftovers|IronHead|Fissure|DoubleTeam|IronDefense|HP/Sp.Defense

- 732|Hippowdon|Adamant|WhiteHerb|Superpower|FireFang|IceFang|Fissure|HP/Attack

- 737|Mamoswine|Adamant|LaxIncense|Earthquake|Superpower|Fissure|Hail|HP/Attack

- 835|Donphan|Adamant|QuickClaw|Earthquake|StoneEdge|SeedBomb|Fissure|Attack/Defense

- 836|Wailord|Modest|QuickClaw|HydroPump|Blizzard|HyperBeam|Fissure|HP/Sp.Attack

- 338|Kingler|Jolly|SalacBerry|Crabhammer|Guillotine|Flail|Endure|Attack/Speed

- 713|Gliscor|Jolly|FocusSash|Guillotine|Earthquake|U-turn|Counter|HP/Speed

- 830|Pinsir|Adamant|ScopeLens|X-Scissor|Earthquake|CloseCombat|Guillotine|Attack/Speed

Garchomp ** Raptor
Nature & Item: Jolly - Lum Berry
Iv's: 31 - 31 - 31 - x - 31 - 31
Ev's: 252 Attack - 252 Speed - 4 Sp.Defense
Stats (Lv.50) : 183 - 182 - 115 - 79 - 106 - 169
Moves: Outrage, Earthquake, SwordDance, Substitute

I never lost my hope in you Garchomp.... Often if the openet uses ThunderWave or attacks my Latias with an electric move I can easily switch into Garchomp and can set up really quickly and easily. The most Pokemon die after +6 (= 728 attack) Outrage only Steelix, Magnezone, Bronzong and Agrron survive with low HP. Another advantage is his ability SandVeil. It raises your evasion in Sandstorm. One example: One time I was naked against Hippowdon 3 and used IceFang but luckily it missed ... SandVeil saved my ass! There is nothing to explain more on this set. It's simple and easy to play you only need a little bit prediction if you have only 2 SwordDance up with a Sub because there are some pokes which die on the 4th or on the 5th Struggle.

Dangers are only pokes which are faster than Garchomp with 4x effective move or QuickClaw in combination with a (hitting) OHKO move. All these pokes are on the Garchomp danger list:

- 440|Weavile|Adamant|ChopleBerry|NighSlash|IcePunch|Screech|FakeOut| Attack/Speed

- 848|Weavile|Jolly|RazorClaw|NightSlash|IcePunch|AerialAce|BrickBreak|Attack/Speed

- 707|Machamp|Adamant|QuickClaw|DynamicPunch|Earthquake|StoneEdge|IcePunch|HP/Attack

- 634|Empoleon|Brave|QuickClaw|Surf|Earthquake|Blizzard|SignalBeam|Attack/Sp.Attack

- 602|Lapras|Impish|QuickClaw|SheerCold|PerishSong|Sing|ConfuseRay|Defense/Sp.Defense

- 503|Granbull|Adamant|QuickClaw|Facade|FireFang|ThunderFang|IceFang|HP/Attack

- 463|Aggron|Adamant|QuickClaw|MetalClaw|FirePunch|ThunderPunch|IcePunch| Attack/Defense

- 412|Floatzel|Jolly|Sitrus Berry|Waterfall|IcePunch|QuickAttack|RainDance|Attack/Speed

- 826|Wailord|Modest|QuickClaw|HydroPump|Blizzard|HyperBeam|Fissure|HP/Attack

- 835|Donphan|Adamant|QuickClaw|Earthquake|StoneEdge|SeedBomb|Fissure|Attack/Defense

- 635|Dugtrio|Jolly|RazorClaw|Fissure|GigaImpact|AerialAce|NightSlash|Attack/Speed

- 016|Shedinja|Adamant|(Wonderguard)|LaxIncense|ShadowSneak|FuryCutter|ConfuseRay|SandAttack|Attack/Speed

Hope you enjoyed this long post and see you later guys :D!


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@ Peterko: Thanks for updating! The link to my Landorus-T streak links to the wrong team by the way.
Pokemon Platinum Battle Tower Single winstreak: 384

This winstreak is maybe one month ago after my 454 winstreak.....

The team is again the same because I think that is the best Trick team.

Overview of this team can you read in this post

Latias ** Eon
Nature & Item: Timid - ChoiceScarf
Iv's: 31 - x - 31 - 31 - 31 - 31
Ev's: 252 HP - 182 Defense - 74 Speed
Stats (Lv.50) : 187 - 81 - 133 - 127 - 150 - 154
Moves: Trick, ThunderWave, Charm, Recover

Registeel ** Robot
Nature & Item: Careful - Leftovers
Iv's: 31 - 31 - 31 - x - 31 - 31
Ev's: 252 HP - 100 Attack - 146 Defense - 14 Sp.Defense
Stats (Lv.50) : 187 - 108 - 188 - 79 - 189 - 70
Moves: IronHead, Substitute, Curse, Amnesia

Garchomp ** Raptor
Nature & Item: Jolly - Lum Berry
Iv's: 31 - 31 - 31 - x - 31 - 31
Ev's: 252 Attack - 252 Speed - 4 Sp.Defense
Stats (Lv.50) : 183 - 182 - 115 - 79 - 106 - 169
Moves: Outrage, Earthquake, SwordDance, Substitute

My streak ended at Battle 385 :(

I fought against a Ice type trainer. He sent out Glalie and I tricked and obtained the Lum Berry so this Glalie was:

- 526|Glalie|Adamant|Lum Berry|IceFang|Crunch|Earthquake|Explosion|HP/Attack

He attacked with IceFang while I charmed him but my Latias was killed by a CH Icefang... I switched into Registeel and set up easily.
After repeating my Sub I chose IronHead before he used IceFang on my refreshed Sub and killied the Glalie but now Mamoswine came in. It used Earthquake and broke my Sub with one hit so I guessed it was the LifeOrb one (because Life Orb 200 Attack STAB Earthquake does around 24%-26% to +6 Defense Registeel) :

- 873|Mamoswine|Adamant|Life Orb|Earthquake|IceFang|StoneEdge|Double-Edge|HP/Attack

After that I killed it with IronHead and the Ice Trainer sent out Articuno. I was hoping it wouldn't be the SheerCold one because I was naked and it would kill all my hopes for winning this battle...

Articuno use Sheer Cold - It's an OHKO Registeel fainted

Great! Now it was over because it's the set for my loss....:

- 937|Articuno|Modest|Charti Berry|IceBeam|AirCutter|AncientPower|SheerCold|Sp.Attack/Sp.Defense

I sent out Garchomp used Outrage did about 75% damage and Articuno use IceBeam. GG. If I would've subbed I think it didn't matter because it would have used 100% IceBeam....

Damn that was ridiculous....2-1 to 0-1... what kind of blame ... see you later guys I'm going to try it again so wish me luck :)
No proof again sorry ...
hey peterko

Flavor0 and I are listed at number 5 for multi with a partner with 93 wins. However, record 4 has 83 wins which is 10 lower than ours. So I think we should be number 4...


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Since Peterko wants to separate B/W1 subway streaks from B/W2 subway streaks I think it would be a good idea to list what restrictions there are for B/W1.

Game cart - While the sets of enemy Pokémon are the same, until the AI behaviour between B/W1 and 2 can be proven to be identical I think only B/W1 carts should be allowed.

Hidden abilities - Only Pokémon that have been released in the Dream World prior to the release of B/W2, in-game encounters in B/W1, or events (ie. Lightningrod Pikachu) should be allowed. Any moves listed next to each Pokémon are obtained via Entralink only. As such they're incompatible with any egg moves.

#001 Bulbasaur - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#004 Charmander - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#007 Squirtle - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#012 Butterfree - Air Cutter/Roost
#016 Pidgey - Secret Power
#019 Rattata - Iron Tail
#021 Spearow
#025 Pikachu - Sing AND Teeter Dance
#027 Sandshrew - Super Fang
#029 Nidoran-F - Sucker Punch/Super Fang
#032 Nidoran-M - Super Fang
#037 Vulpix - Dark Pulse
#041 Zubat - Super Fang
#043 Oddish - Giga Drain
#050 Diglett - Stealth Rock
#052 Meowth - Secret Power
#054 Psyduck - Brine
#056 Mankey - ThunderPunch
#058 Growlithe - Endure
#060 Poliwag - Sleep Talk
#061 Poliwhirl - Water Pulse - Poliwag with hidden ability is incompatible with Water Pulse
#063 Abra - Gravity/Skill Swap
#066 Machop - Helping Hand
#069 Bellsprout - Seed Bomb
#072 Tentacool - Giga Drain
#074 Geodude - Stealth Rock
#077 Ponyta - Heat Wave
#079 Slowpoke - Brine
#081 Magnemite - Gravity/Recycle
#083 Farfetch'd
#084 Doduo - Roost
#086 Seel - Sleep Talk
#090 Shellder - Icy Wind
#092 Gastly - Sludge Wave - No hidden ability but move is exclusive to DW
#095 Onix - Rock Climb
#096 Drowzee - Drain Punch
#098 Krabby - Secret Power
#100 Voltorb - Natural Gift/Signal Beam
#102 Exeggcute
#104 Cubone - Low Kick
#108 Lickitung - Rock Climb
#109 Koffing - Dark Pulse/Sludge Wave - since the Koffing line does not have a hidden ability Dark Pulse would only be illegal with egg moves added in 5th gen
#111 Rhyhorn - Double-Edge
#114 Tangela - Seed Bomb
#115 Kangaskhan - Drain Punch
#116 Horsea
#118 Goldeen
#119 Seaking - Endure - Goldeen with hidden ability is incompatible with Endure
#120 Staryu - Icy Wind/Recycle
#120 Mr. Mime - Skill Swap
#123 Scyther - Tailwind
#128 Tauros - Iron Tail/Rock Climb
#129 Magikarp - Bounce
#131 Lapras - Icy Wind
#133 Eevee - Swift
#137 Porygon
#138 Omanyte - Icy Wind
#140 Kabuto - Stealth Rock
#142 Aerodactyl - Stealth Rock
#147 Dratini - Water Pulse


#161 Sentret - Endure
#163 Hoothoot - Recycle
#165 Ledyba - ThunderPunch
#167 Spinarak - Bug Bite
#170 Chinchou
#172 Pichu - Pichu with hidden ability is incompatible with Sing and Teeter Dance
#173 Cleffa - Sleep Talk
#174 Igglybuff - Helping Hand
#177 Natu - Giga Drain
#179 Mareep - Shock Wave/Reflect
#183 Marill - Ice Punch
#185 Sudowoodo - Role Play
#187 Hoppip
#191 Sunkern - Earth Power
#193 Yanma - Giga Drain
#194 Wooper - Aqua Tail
#198 Murkrow
#200 Misdreavus - Inferno
#202 Wobbuffet
#203 Girafarig
#206 Dunsparce - Magic Coat/Stealth Rock
#207 Gligar - Tailwind
#209 Snubbull
#211 Qwilfish - Secret Power
#213 Shuckle - Shell Smash
#215 Sneasel - Low Kick
#216 Teddiursa - Focus Punch
#218 Slugma
#220 Swinub
#222 Corsola - Stealth Rock
#223 Remoraid - Brine
#225 Delibird - Focus Punch
#226 Mantine - Air Cutter
#227 Skarmory - Roost
#228 Houndour - Dark Pulse
#231 Phanpy - Seed Bomb
#234 Stantler - Skill Swap
#235 Smeargle
#236 Tyrogue
#238 Smoochum - Skill Swap
#239 Elekid - Magnet Rise
#240 Magby - Heat Wave
#241 Miltank - Iron Tail
#246 Larvitar - Dark Pulse


#252 Treecko - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#255 Torchic - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#258 Swampert - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#261 Poochyena - Dark Pulse
#263 Zigzagoon - Last Resort
#270 Lotad - Water Pulse
#276 Taillow -Tailwind/Endure
#278 Wingull - Shock Wave
#280 Ralts - Helping Hand
#283 Surskit - Giga Drain
#293 Whismur - Zen Headbutt
#296 Makuhita - Ice Punch
#299 Nosepass - AncientPower
#300 Skitty
#302 Sableye - Spite
#303 Mawile - Ice Punch
#304 Aron
#307 Meditite - Endure
#309 Electrike - Signal Beam
#313 Volbeat - Tailwind
#314 Illumise - Tailwind
#318 Carvanha - Dark Pulse
#320 Wailmer
#322 Numel
#324 Torkoal - Stealth Rock
#325 Spoink - Recycle
#327 Spinda - Superpower
#328 Trapinch - Giga Drain - Trapinch only since Vibrava/Flygon have no hidden ability
#331 Cacnea - ThunderPunch
#333 Swablu
#334 Altaria - False Swipe - Swablu with hidden ability is incompatible with False Swipe
#337 Lunatone - Moonlight - No hidden ability but move is exclusive to DW
#338 Solrock - Morning Sun - No hidden ability but move is exclusive to DW
#339 Barboach - Sleep Talk
#341 Corphish
#345 Lileep - Giga Drain
#347 Anorith - Stealth Rock
#349 Feebas
#351 Castform - Water Pulse
#353 Shuppet - Pain Split
#354 Banette - Cotton Guard - Shuppet with hidden ability is incompatible with this move
#357 Tropius - Silver Wind
#358 Chimecho - Hyper Voice - No hidden ability but move is exclusive to DW
#359 Absol - Superpower
#361 Snorunt - Water Pulse
#363 Spheal - Aqua Tail
#366 Clamperl
#369 Relicanth - Earth Power
#370 Luvdisc - Icy Wind
#371 Bagon - Outrage
#374 Beldum - Zen Headbutt/Iron Head (Gen 4 Tutor)


#387 Turtwig - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#390 Torchic - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#393 Piplup - No egg moves (male only promotion)
#396 Starly - Tailwind
#399 Bidoof - Secret Power
#403 Shinx - Magnet Rise
#408 Cranidos - Fire Punch
#410 Shieldon
#412 Burmy - Snore/Bug Bite
#417 Pachirisu - Shock Wave
#418 Buizel - Water Sport/Water Pulse
#422 Shellos - Secret Power
#425 Drifloon - Skill Swap
#427 Buneary - Drain Punch
#431 Glameow - Secret Power
#434 Stunky - Sucker Punch
#436 Bronzor - Gravity/Skill Swap
#440 Happiny
#441 Chatot - Role Play
#442 Spiritomb - Icy Wind
#443 Gible - Endure
#448 Lucario - Bullet Punch - No other egg moves/level-up moves from previous evolution (male only promotion)
#449 Hippopotas - Superpower
#451 Skorupi - Aqua Tail
#453 Croagunk - Gunk Shot
#456 Finneon
#459 Snover - Giga Drain
#468 Togekiss - Present - No egg moves/level-up moves from previous evolutions (male only promotion)


#517 Munna
#554 Darumaka

TM move additions in B/W2 - These cannot be learned in B/W1 via TM.
#167 Spinarak/#168 Ariados - X-Scissor
#214 Heracross - Bulk Up - while this could be learned in 4th gen it is incompatible with any 5th gen egg moves
#509 Purrloin/#510 Liepard - U-Turn
#599 Klink/#600 Klang/#601 Klinklang - Wild Charge

Level-up move additions in B/W2 are not allowed - Some of these are tutors from previous gen games. Any new level-up moves that are also egg moves will be noted for egg move compatibility purposes, excluding the field egg group.
#027 Sandshrew - Magnitude
#035 Clefairy - Body Slam
#041 Zubat - Swift
#053 Persian - Swift
#102 Exeggcute - Extrasensory
#120 Staryu - Brine
#122 Mr. Mime - Psywave
#127 Pinsir - Storm Throw
#133 Eevee - Double Edge
#144 Articuno - Hurricane
#145 Zapdos - Zap Cannon
#179 Mareep - Confuse Ray/Take Down
#146 Moltres - Hurricane
#191 Sunkern - Double-Edge/Natural Gift - Natural Gift is an egg move
#206 Dunsparce - Double-Edge/Endure
#207 Gligar - Sky Uppercut
#213 Shuckle - Rock Throw/Shell Smash
#221 Piloswine - Thrash
#222 Corsola - Flail/Endure
#223 Remoraid - Hydro Pump
#240 Magby - Clear Smog
#278 Wingull - Air Cutter
#279 Pelipper - Brine - egg move
#298 Azurill - Water Sport - egg move
#299 Nosepass - Rock Blast/Spark
#322 Numel - Curse
#328 Trapinch - Bide
#335 Zangoose - Revenge
#375 Metang - Miracle Eye
#415 Combee - Bug Buzz
#416 Vespiquen - Air Slash
#418 Buizel - Double Hit/Hydro Pump
#425 Drifloon - Amnesia
#436 Bronzor - Psywave/Metal Sound
#451 Skorupi - Night Slash/Pursuit - both egg moves
#458 Mantyke - Air Slash/Wide Guard - Wide Guard is an egg move
#614 Beartic - Aqua Jet

Note for all three lists I listed Pokémon with their lowest evolution, not in order of the national dex.

New egg move combinations due to level-up moves are not allowed (example Roselia with Sleep Powder and Extrasensory).

B/W2 tutors - Not allowed for any Pokémon whose national Pokédex number is 494-649 inclusive, or any Pokémon with their hidden ability. Since the AI does not use the ball of capture on any of your Pokémon to determine the possible moveset using a B/W2 tutor move on a captured Pokémon that can learn the move via egg move or Entralink special move is acceptable, as long as it does not result in an illegal combination (example captured Hydreigon with Dark Pulse is fine while Drought Ninetails with Heat Wave and Dark Pulse is not). Also, tutoring a Pokémon that existed in a previous generation is fine as well, again provided that it does not result in an illegal combination (example Clear Body Metagross obtained in B/W1 or 2 may have Ice Punch). Tutor moves that didn't exist in previous generations are not allowed at all (example Foul Play tutor on anything). TM 95 Snarl is unreleased in B/W1 so the only way to get it is via breeding chains starting with Smeargle or event Zoroark.

New egg move combinations due to move tutors are not allowed (example Ferrothorn with Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, and Spikes).

Any event Pokémon must have been released before the release of B/W2. However, it should go by region, though I cannot recall any events in non-JP regions that received any unique events between the release of B/W2 in Japan and its international release.

All of this is just my opinion. Any feedback would be great.

wait minute, BW1 can be proven to have the same AI as BW2? What do you mean 'can,' do you have any solid proof regarding how the subway even works in BW2?

Assuming the assumption BW1 subway = BW2 subway, what's the purpose to the restriction? It's the same subway in a game with more items/moves released.

So, I'm saying, (using the keep it simple clause,) that we should keep it simple instead of opening a can of worms. If the developers wanted to change the second subway because its in a different environment then they would have. We just have more resources to have higher streaks in them now. It was bound to happen.


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The OP said:
Note that I´m separately listing streaks that use Pokémon and/or movesets that require access to Black & White 2 after seeing the increase in Truant Durant usage which undoubtedly breaks the Subway.
Not my call.

As for the AI that will require a LOT of digging by people that know how to figure out the code I suppose.
Something I have been thinking about lately is, what if the subway had dream world pokemon in it? Imagine fighting an entire rain stream that leads with Politoed, or a Harvest Executornthat keeps popping Sitrus Berries? Well unless you somehow hack your personal card, and what good would that do to getting on the charts.

So here is my idea...we make a "pokemon showdown" like website...but for battle subway. Player vs AI website that constantly show who is top of the ladder/streak. You wont have to go through the entire game to unlock it, or breed/train your mon, just like PS...your just pick your team and go.

Why am I posting this here? Well, isuck at programming...and am even worse at web design. Wince this is the thread that all the subway people post on, I figured this would be the best place to possibly get anteam together to help develop this. If enough people show interest, start a whole another thread for development.

If you would like to help, or even have suggestions, PM me.

DISCLAIMER: If this whole post should be the start of a new thread let me know and I will delete it and start a new thread somewhere


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That isn't really on-topic but with a ROM hack one can replace one of the standard abilities with the DW ability, or if they have just one ability it can have the DW ability set as the second one.

I know the ROM hacks BB/VW did that. I'm tempted to see what you would run into in the subway there... @_@
Ya, realise it wasn't exactly on topic. But also as I mentioned, you could play Roms, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of this area, and the competative spirit of playing battle subway
Pokemon Black double super subway record

ok so here's my Pokemon Black double super subway record, (88) it's not yet reached into the hundreds that others have had but i'm working on that!
so an overview of the team is simply that Marowak and Gyarados have been my favourite pokemon since the GBA carts and are always my core in such things, helped greatly by the fact that they have good synergy together! anywho team details:

Scizor @ Choice Band
Trait: Technician
EVs: Hp 252 Atk 252 Spe 4
~ bug bite
~ bullet punch
~ superpower
~ u-turn (now Aerial ace)

a fairly standard scizor set with choice band, u-turn has now been replaced with aerial ace 1. because Scizor is too slow for u-turn to be used well, in that if a fire type comes out he's not gonna be hanging around waiting for his turn which will never come as he'd be KO'd by the time that came! 2. my streak ended due to double team spam and i couldn't hit chansey in 9 turns so i made room for a move that doesn't miss and gets a technician boost so should help if i face the same situation again! Scizor is one of the leads so that he doesn't have to be move locked due to the choice band, he can switch out and come back later in the game if i need a revenge kill. Scizor, btw, became a choice on the team due to Marowak and Gyarados only common weakness being grass and to deal with the ice teams that just dont give Marowak a chance.

Gyarados @ Sitrus Berry
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: Atk 252 Spe 252 Hp 4
Nature: Jolly
~ Dragon Dance
~ Waterfall
~ Ice fang
~ Protect
1 DD is enough of a boost to take out most opponents and intimidate is a great ability to have. and thanks to Marowak he almost has an immunity to electric attacks! the jolly nature outspeeds more than he should on the battle subway but i am breeding an adamant with hp investment Gyara at the moment to see how that effects my team but already it takes the cpu 3/4 hits to KO gyara with his sitrus berry and by then he's done them a lot of damage!

Marowak @ Thick club
Trait: Lightning rod
EVs: Hp 4 Atk 252 Spe 252
Nature: Jolly
~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide
~ Fire punch
~ Protect

Marowak is a great support to Gyarados not only does Lightning rod take all electric moves including Thunderwave away from Gyarados but rock slide threats such as Tyranitar and Terrakion can be disposed of with a SE Earthquake. Gyaras immunity to Earthquake helps Marowak do some heavy damage himself but im not afraid to use protect every other move as he is the most frail member of the team. on the subject of that i am training a Jolly 140spe 118hp Marowak ( so that he can still outspeed base 70 and below threats like Tyranitar, Swampert, Metagross, Donphan and Scizor but have a decent amount of hp investment as well. adamant is possible but he already has an ATK of 264! hopefully i'll be back with a longer streak and let you know how that worked out for me!

Rotom-Wash @ Leftovers
Trait: Levitate
EVs: Hp 252 Spa 252 Spe 4
Nature: Modest
~ Hydro-Pump
~ Thunderbolt
~ Shadow ball
~ Protect

So i needed a Pokemon which gave out special attacks, could defeat the water types that Gyara can stand against but not really beat and if it could fly or levitate for Maro that would be perfect for the team ...and so Rotom-w was born! The fact as well that he has notoriously perfect synergy with Scizor as well makes it even more of a no-brainer. Quite a standard set but i went with shadow ball to have something SE against ghost and psy types and has 10 more bp than hidden power if all i got is neutral moves. hp grass is another option that i'm looking at for all the water/ground dual types on the subway.

which moves me nicely onto the team summary, the teams which consist of only water/ground dual types (cant remember who it was but there was 1) are hardest as they can be powered through with bug bite, DD boosted ice fang and hydro pump but i have nothing SE against them and i am taking a chance a bit, the only saving grace is that they don't hit back very hard so as long as i don't let Swampert get too many curses off then Gyara and Rotom wall their attacks and eventually over power them. otherwise "hax" teams that paralyse me or double team / minimize spam can troll me. paralysis isn't a major worry i can usually predict thunderwave and get Marowak out so i only get paralysis from a secondary effect off a move. double team has been a problem and ended my run which is why i now have Aerial Ace on Scizor. Whilst people may think y not replace Marowak with Garchomp the point is that i wanted to use Marowak and Gyarados as effectively as possible, and Lightning rod gives Gyara protection, almost every battle, more than Garchomp could. trick room is an option as none of my mon have blistering speed but then who to replace for the TR user?!
So, I've hit 119 wins so far in Battle Subway with this team:

Politoed @Leftovers
Bold (252 Def/252 HP/4 SpD)
- Scald
- Toxic
- Protect
- Perish Song

Scizor @Life Orb
Adamant (252 Atk/252 Spe/4 Def)
- Swords Dance
- Bug Bite
- Bullet Punch
- Superpower

Dragonite @Lum Berry
Mild (129 Atk/129 Spe/252 SpA)
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Thunder
- Hurricane

I'd never cracked 100 wins before, and this team has the best synergy of any I've tried. Scizor is really the linchpin since Bullet Punch revenge kills a lot of stuff, and takes care of annoyances like Vanilluxe in one hit, typically. Since running into other forms of weather in the subway is fairly rare (you'll see Tyranitar and Abomasnow from time to time), Politoed's Drizzle really works nicely with Dragonite--STAB Hurricanes really hurt, and Thunder takes care of Gyarados, Wailord, and other bulky water types not named Wailrein, Gastrodon or Swampert. Politoed has great bulk and can serve as a great Toxic staller in a pinch, which comes in handy against other bulky waters.

I'll post more details and a screenshot later, but, thoughts? Improvements?
Long time no see. Just wanted to say I RNGed another Multiscale Dragonite to replace Jumpman's for those using broken Durant teams. This one runs the standard DD/DClaw/Sub/Protect set with a spread of 52 HP / 220 Atk / 228 Def / 4 SpD / 4 Spe. The HP and Defense allows her Subs to survive a Rock Slide from Hippowdon 2 (with Multiscale) and an Iron Head from Ferrothorn 3 (without Multiscale, since Iron Barbs will break Multiscale if Ferrothorn isn't in the first slot), while the Attack allows a +6 Dragon Claw to OHKO nearly anything that isn't a Steel and gives it somewhat reliable 2HKOs on most Steels. The Speed allows her to outspeed Aero/Crobat/Jolteon at +2 Speed if the opposing lead takes itself out with Explosion, and the Special Defense EVs are there since they have nowhere else to go.

The Dragonite is under my miscellaneous RNGs in my sig, and it's the one in a Heal Ball nicknamed Fluttershy. There are also some other Subway/Tower RNGs, including a Shell Smash Cloyster like Peterko's and an Acupressure Drapion like Jumpman's.

EDIT: Changed EV spread, go download the new one.
Been a while since i been on here.
Just got a copy of Black 2 and I have finished story mode so i am back hooked on the Battle Subway.
Will post the team i am using once it gets a respectable streak going.
I've been playing White (not 2) for the last month or so, after having it in the shelf since launch, and now that I've beaten most if not all the story content, I'm ready to tackle the battle subway.

I've already beaten the normal train with three pokemon from the team I've been using to play the game, but for the super train, if I aim to get a 100+ streak, I think I'm going to need a better one.

But, before starting to breed (which bores the hell out of me after seeing dozens of failed attempts), I'd like to post the team I plan to use, in order to get some feedback if there's something horribly wrong there:

Darmanitan @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Adamant Nature
- Flare Blitz
- Superpower
- ???
- U-Turn

Latios @ Choice Specs
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Modest Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Psyshock / Psychic
- Ice Beam
- ??? (Surf?)

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Trait: Iron Barbs
EVs: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 Atk
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Spd
- Leech Seed
- Curse
- Substitute
- Gyro Ball

I will breed the Darmanitan and Ferrothorn to get the highest stats I can achieve in a reasonable time, but in the case of Latios, it isn't of course possible. Its IV's are as follows:

Modest #381 Latios: 15 / 6 / 6 / 22 / 23 / 11 (Hidden Power Water 70)

Are they too subpar for the Battle Subway? Would I be better with a Hydreigon, even if that would mean less Spd, lower SAtk, and the removal of my only Fighting resistance?
Darmanitan can be RNG'd in the wild somewhat easily. I'd try doing some calculations Latios' stats and see if it misses out on key 1HKOs with that stat spread. Good defensive synergy is very important in the Battle Subway since the AI never switches. I'm assuming Darmanitan's role is to just nuke one or two Pokemon before dying.


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If you're against RNG abuse or whatever consider buying White 2 so you can get a better Latios, preferably Timid.
I just haven't investigated about abusing the RNG, so I'm not against or in favor of it. If it implies less time going bycicle up, bycicle down, check IVs, discard, etc, and doesn't imply using an action replay or something like that... I'm actually up for it.

Do you have any useful references for me to learn about it?

Oh, and the general idea of the team is OHKO anything that Darmanitan can, or 2HKO if the opposin pokemon won't harm it too much in its turn, U-Turn for switching doing damage when the matchup is unfavorable and for breaking sash/sturdy. Latios for the great damage, good defensive coverage being dragon and levitating (plus psychic for a very needed fighting resistance), and then Ferrothorn to wall almost anything not fighting or fire, and sub/set up.

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