Blissey (BW2 Revamp - QC 1/3) - Up For Grabs

Gonna look over this once more.

*Faces competition with her younger sister, Chansey, who was blessed with the Eviolite, improving her Physical and Special Bulk alike
I told you to say that Chansey has higher overall bulk than Blissey. In fact, just say that Chansey is far better at sponging physical attacks (mix walling) because both of their special bulk are pretty much equal.

*Unlike Chansey, Blissey can hold Leftovers, allowing it to negate the residual damage from Sand and Hail.
Not just the damaging weather, but specifically entry hazards. This is more important to mention because there are times when it's like "2HKO with SR in play unless Leftovers" or whatever.

*Protect should only be used with Wish, as it allows Blissey to receive the Wish and scout the opponent
Mention Leftovers recovery.

*Aromatherapy allows Blissey to clear the team of status
Again, you've ignored my suggestion. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that Aromatherapy clears status. Mention specifics of what this exactly means. Like I said, it prevents Blissey from being Toxic stalled mainly, and you can mention that it can cleanse a teammate of the commonly seen sleep status so you're not always fighting 5 vs 6 essentially.

*Wish + Softboiled, Softboiled + Aromatherapy, and Wish + Protect are the best three move combinations.
Remove this. Just mention Wish + Protect and Softboiled + Aromatherapy go hand-in-hand in the set comments.

*Toxic allows Blissey to wear down the opponent, and is Blissey's main form of damaging the opponent, and works well with Seismic Toss or Protect.
It doesn't work well with Seismic Toss. Remove.

*Seismic Toss always does 100 damage to the opponent
I appreciate the ignorance once again. I will quote what I wanted to be said here:

"Seismic Toss prevents Blissey from becoming complete setup bait by sweepers (especially most Substitute users trying to avoid Toxic), and allows it to reliably damage the opposition without worrying about its low offenses."

*Flamethrower hits Forretress hard, as well as hitting Venusaur. However, it fails to guarantee a 2HKO on Ferrothorn.
Say that Flamethrower is good against many Steel-types that are immune to Toxic, such as Scizor, Forretress, and Ferrothorn, and how it makes Blissey a great counter to Venusaur.

*Wish can be paired with Softboiled to reduce Blissey's dependence on receiving Wish. Aromatherapy also works better with Softboiled than Wish, as Blissey prefers having more reliable recovery. However, if Blissey needs neither Wish or Aromatherapy, Flamethrower can be used in the second slot in tandem with Seismic Toss.
Remove the bolded part and make it clear that Aromatherapy is always used with Softboiled in the set comments as I've said.

*Anything else that lacks reliable recovery, such as Tyranitar, Heatran, and Rotom-W are good teammates
I don't really like this statement personally. There are far too many Pokemon that fall under this category and pairing Blissey up with Pokemon that don't have recovery is not necessary in the absolute slightest. There are stellar teams out there that don't even have a Wish passer. Instead, you should make a point that Blissey works best on stall and defensive teams because of its Wish passing utility and the fact that its teammates can cover for its shortcomings very reliably. You can conjoin this point with some of the other points probably. In fact, it might be best to make this the first thing you talk about.

Make these changes and I'll look at it again to stamp.


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*The metagame has filled up with too many strong mixed attackers Blissey to remain the best special wall in OU
It's not really the fact that OU has a lot of mixed attackers, because there aren't a whole lot of them. Kyub, the occasional Dragonite, Infernape, etc. aren't solely what make Blissey less potent. It's more because of things like Psyshock and Secret Sword that allow certain special attacks to penetrate through Blissey's defenses, in addition to the power creep that has risen through 5th gen. You mention this later in the overview, so you could combine the two points to say essentially the same thing: that certain special attackers have the ability to beat Blissey.

support set:

set comments:
*Softboiled reduces Blissey's reliance on Wish for recovery
Since the two aren't going to be used together as other QC members have already said, this point doesn't make sense anymore. Wish + Protect or Softboiled + Aromatherapy, always. You could probably just get rid of this point altogether, since Softboiled doesn't reduce Blissey's reliance on any other form of recovery. There shouldn't be any alternative form to recovery for Blissey other than Softboiled if you choose to run it.

and backing what Fuzznip said about the common sense stuff. For example, it's best to explain Seismic Toss's significance in beating threats or managing to outstall things as opposed to saying it does 100 damage all the time. :p

For teammates, you should probably emphasize that fighting resists and/or responses are really important. Anything that lacks reliable recovery do not make good teammates for Blissey; I could run glass cannons like Infernape or Lucario who don't run recovery that would make awful teammates to Blissey for a plethora of other reasons. Teammates for Blissey include Pokemon that can run entry hazards, Pokemon that can handle physical attacks / resist fighting type attacks, and most importantly, they should be able fit in a more balanced/defensive mindset.

checks & counters:

When you mention Jirachi being able to beat Blissey with CM, you should also mention that Iron Head + paralysis Jirachi also beats Blissey. That Jirachi is more common and is able to beat Blissey as well, so it should probably have some more emphasis over CM Jirachi, who will be weakened by Blissey in a 1v1 scenario with Wish and Seismic Toss if it does not carry Wish.


Finally, this might be a small oversight considering the volume of suggestions made here, but I really don't know why Thunder Wave isn't in the set at all yet. It's not as good as Toxic in my opinion, but to leave it out in the whole entire analysis (including additional comments, other options), it seems like you might have just missed mentioning it somewhere considering halycon and alexwolf already brought this up. IMO it's AC material, though I can see arguments for it getting a slash as well.
*Thunder Wave cripples some of the Pokemon Blissey walls, such as Volcarona and Venusaur
Don't say this. Mention that Thunder Wave is good for deterring a lot of Blissey's typical switch-ins, such as Terrakion, Scizor, Jirachi, Salemence, and Dragonite, among other things. These things hate being paralyzed for the most part which is what makes TWave Blissey pretty decent.

QC 1/3

Edit: Yeah you can mention Venusaur too, my bad.
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I disagree with Fuzznip. Definitely mention Venusaur when talking about T-Wave, as its one of the few special attackers that T-Wave helps beat while Toxic doesn't.


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Volcarona hates Toxic more so there really is no point. Not to mention that with T-Wave you can't beat Volcarona with Roost / Morning Sun.
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I am giving up all analyses I am currently creating - I need to take a break from Smogon before my issues with moderators explodes again.

And to whoever takes this,

Like I said i was just saying slowbro is a pretty amazing partner. Also stuff like slowbro is very commonly run with amoonguss because you would be doing something wrong if you had the bro as your only pony check. Thats a sandstall core too which is a bonus for blissy js.
You do not use Slowbro as a check to Keldeo, as it is 2HKOd by Hidden Power Bug, the most common Hidden Power on Keldeo. You use Slowbro to check Terrakion and Infernape. Amoonguss does check Keldeo, but also Breloom. The only problem with Amoonguss is how he can tend to be set-up fodder once he Spores something to sleep.

So Blissey is up for grabs.

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