Blitzkrieg! UU Hyper Offense.

Blitzkrieg (German, "lightning war") is an anglicized word describing all-mechanized force concentration of tanks, infantry, artillery and air power, concentrating overwhelming force and rapid speed to break through enemy lines, and once the latter is broken, proceeding without regard to its flank.

Hey everyone. This is my first attempt at a UU Hyper offense team. Usually I use a Balance, Bulky Offense (sometimes), or even stall ( Shaymin and Yanmega periods). This period though I got bored with so many copy paste spike stacking teams that balance just wouldn't work, so I made this suicidal, fast, offensive team.
The strategy of the team is to relentlessly attack the opponent until they break, and then to mop up the rest of the team. All of my Pokemon are strong right off the bat (only 1 setup sweeper), and can almost all sweep at a moments notice. Since it's such a fast paced team, I check threats through kamikaze and revenge killing. I don't have a designated sweeper or a defensive core, so all my pokemon are dispensable and I sac them accordingly when I need to. It's been my most succesful team this period, although my rating isn't very high (just enough to make requirements) since I played around with so many other teams with the same account.

So here is team Blitzkrieg!



Kabutops (M)@
(Focus Sash)
Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 36 HP/ 252 ATK/ 220 Spd
Nature: Adamant
-Stealth Rock
-Stone Edge
-Aqua Jet

Breaking down the front line is the first step towards victory. I used to have Omastar in the lead position, but decided to switch to his shellfish brother Kabutops, who has all the characteristics of a great lead for an offensive team: Stealth Rock, priority, and it can hit hard and be of use later in the game. Omastar slowed down the pace of the team way too much, and spikes weren't even necessary for me to win, so I chose Kabutops recently. Stealth Rock is necessary to weaken up Moltres, Swellow, Arcanine and countless others that can cause me trouble. Stone Edge(although I consider the more accurate Rock Slide sometimes) and Waterfall are STAB. I decided to go Waterfall> Rapid Spin for the more powerful secondary STAB and to 2KO Donphan, and I dont really need Rapid Spin anyways. Aqua Jet picks off Focus Sash users and is good priority for later in the match. I chose Focus Sash to ensure Rocks go up, and to ensure I beat Moltres leads (its always great to remove Moltres from the match early).220 Spd is to beat Adamant Absol, and is also faster than most Rain Dance Kabutops so I can get a Waterfall in.

Air Support

Swellow (F)@
( Toxic Orb)
Ability: Guts
EVs: 4 Hp/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spd
Nature: Jolly
-Brave Bird
-Quick Attack

An important part to breaking down the oppositions defenses is to overwhelm their air support with your own. Swellow hits like a truck, even before Guts, and it hits like a bulldozer with it activated. Purely through physical attacks does Swellow break pokemon down, and that helps my other pokemon later on. It's usually an early- mid game pokemon, U-turning in and out and also is my answer to Venusaur, and a potent revenge killer with its blazing speed. The set and everything are standard, so I shouldn't need to explain them.


Venusaur (M)@
(Life Orb)
Ability: Overgrow
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
Nature: Timid
-Sleep Powder
-Leaf Storm
-Sludge Bomb

The Heavy artillery moves in once the defensive line has been breached. Special Life Orb Venusaur is great, and could be considered the "tank" of my team, since it hits hard, is practically the only "bulky" pokemon on my team, and I use it to take on several Pokemon. First off, Special Venusaur hits very hard. Leaf Storm rips through bulky pokemon, and hurts even with -2 SpA. Sludge Bomb is a great sweeping tool and gets decent coverage, and hits Moltres and Altaria hard since most of the time they expect the physical set. About the physical set: I have no clue why the hell people still use Swords Dance Venusaur. It's literally a free switch for Moltres and Altaria once Sleep Clause is activated, and it doesn't hit very hard without a Swords Dance, AND it's walled super easily. Sleep is sleep and it's great, and Synthesis keeps me alive. Venusaur is pretty essential since it makes a good switch into bulky waters, and Resttalk Milotic would be practically impossible to break without it. Also, Sleep gives me some great momentum and has won me several games.

Strategic Removal

Dugtrio (M)@
(Life Orb)
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 248 Atk/ 216 Spe/ 44 SpD
Nature: Jolly
-Stone Edge
-Sucker Punch

Remove key components of the defensive machine, and it falls apart. Dugtrio was originally here to support an Alakazam in a very old iteration of this team, and is still here to now support Swellow, Venusaur and Mismagius by removing (primarily) Registeel and the occasional Aggron, although it can pick off a Chansey or Clefable here and there. Duftrio is a potential suspect for a reason: it gets rid of some walls and it's great at what it does. It almost always gets rid of Registeel unless it's a douchebag Curse version, letting Swellow and Missy roam free. I use the best Dugtrio set (imo), since Life Orb gives the most versatility and Sub is great to dodge Sucker Punch from the likes of Absol and Houndoom, and Sucker Punch works very well behind a sub. Unlike what a lot of people think, Dugtrio can very realistically sweep a team late game. It's got great speed, coverage, and decent power so a weakened team will be broken apart. Its also a good revenge killer for Toxicroak, Blaziken, Moltres, Alakazam and a ton more.

Infantry x2

Mismagius (F)@
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 80 HP/ 252 SpA/ 176 Spe
Nature: Timid
-Nasty Plot
-Shadow Ball

Having achieved a breakthrough into the enemy's rear areas, mobile forces attempt to paralyze the enemy's ability to react. Moving faster than enemy forces, mobile forces exploit weaknesses and act before opposing forces could formulate a response. This somewhat unique Missy set works as a sweeper and a defensive pivot against fighting types and some other physical attackers. Mismagius is a fast and powerful sweeper with a Nasty Plot boost. Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt give the best power and coverage, and WoW is the twist. It lets me come in on the likes of Hitmontop, Donphan, Regirock, burn them, and set up in their face. It also can cripple unsuspecting Pursuiters like Drapion and Absol, and makes Registeel less of a hassle. The EVs give me some decent bulk while outspeeding max base 95s, since I never really found max speed on Missy necessary.


Primeape (M)@
(Choice Scarf)
Ability: Vital Spirit
EVs: 32 HP/ 252 Atk/ 224 Spe
Nature: Adamant
-Close Combat
-Ice Punch

The final plow through the opponent! Choice Scarf Primeape is incredibly fast and an extremely potent revenge killer. A fast Choice Scarfer I think should be used on every heavy offense team, or else you'll always lose to speed boosters. Primeape keeps DD Altaria, RP Torterra, DD Feraligatr, Absol, Mismagius and Rain Dancers in check, while also breaking through Umbreon, Miltank and Chansey. He's just great, quite powerful, and picks off weak teams very easily and often. Nothing much else to say here.

So, thats the end. Rate plz :)
This wonderful threatlist was shamelessly ripped right off of Franky's RMT (so thanks).

- Kabutops beats leads and Swellow and Primeape handle them later in the game.
- Really threatening if it has a Scarf, which thankfullyisn't used much. Primeape KOs with U-turn or Punishment, Swellow KOs, Dugtrio revenges, and Missy can take a hit.
- Venusaur and Duggy. Primeape out speeds +2.
- Can't really set up on anything. Swellow, Kabutops. Primeape out speeds +1 DDers and beats all Altaria with Ice Punch.
- Primeape is great against it. Swellow, Kabutops and Duggy work sometimes.
- Kabutops, Duggy traps-n-kills.
- Venusaur can usually handle it. Dont let it sub
- Venusaur, Mismagius blocks spin and Thunderbolts.
- My entire team can handle it honestly.
- Dugtrio, Primeape.
- Dugtrio, Primeape. Trick Orb can be a bitch though.
- Venusaur, Mismagius sets up, U-turn wears it down alot.
- Kabutops can take on leads and win. Venusaur handles it too.
- WoW from Missy and it's setup bait. Venusaur KOs it.
- Dugtrio, Missy WoWs Pursuiters.
- Kabutops takes on leads and wins. Missy otherwise I guess (who uses this?)
- While I can never truly counter it, it's always outsped or I can switch out. Only threatens Venusaur thats weakened.
- I get swept by this more often than I'd like to admit. Venusaur handles Swords Dance, but DD with Ice Punch can be terrifying if played right.
- Annoying always. Kabutops guarantees only 1 layer, but it can always manage to get some in on Duggy or a choiced CC.
- Anti-leads are extremely effective and only Swellow can really take it out with BB. Missy handles other types.
- Missy hopes for a burn. Swellow and Primeape otherwise. Those new Sub versions can hurt alot though.
- Always an opportunity for Missy to burn and set up. Swellow eats it up too.
- Revenge killing mostly if it comes in on Venusaur, although a switch to Kabutops usually works the first time in.
- Stalemate lead matchup, but Rain Dance is scary. DO NOT LET IT SET UP. My Kabutops can outspeed most version though.
- Venusaur, Dugtrio.
- Venusaur, Swellow.
- Venusaur, Swords Dance w/ Ice Punch can be dangerous.
- Mismagius, U-turning.
- Venusaur. Mismagius, Swellow and Primeape can all take it on to an extent.
- Swellow is a great switch-in, Primeape and Dugtrio (with prediction) can revenge.
- Can only come in on Venusaur's Leaf Storm, everything else revenges (Kabutops and Missy can all switch in and force it out too).
- Dugtrio, Venusaur, Swellow.
- Venusaur's sleep, Missy can set up and Dugtrio takes it out.
- Leads set up on me, Venusaur forces it out and beats it.
- Venusaur, Swellow and Missy (no sub) too.
- Threatens everything in the rain, have to force it to explode. Dugtrio mauls it post- rain.
- Dugtrio hard counters, Primeape and Swellow easily revenge it. It's not sweepeing me ever.
- I'll go for the Waterfall on leads, Venusaur and Duggy (when weakened) beat it.
- Dugtrio, Primeape (hate paralysis though). Can be annoying to take out sometimes.
- Kabutops (vs leads, RP), Venusaur (support and sub), Primeape (all varients, outspeeds +2). Nothing can take a CB hit though.
- REALLY annoying to take out sometimes, Missy can handle some, Venusaur others. It's a toss up.
- Venusaur, Swellow, Primeape.
- Kabutops, Swellow swallows it up.
- Thunder Wave is the bane of my existence, but Venusaur and Missy beat it (at the cost of paralysis sometimes).
- Pretty easy, everything on my team bar Primeape hits it hard.
- Venusaur, WoW from Missy, Dugtrio and Primeape.
- Kabutops early game. Late game it can be hard to beat without Primeape.
- Venusaur and Swellow.
- RP is the most common, and Primeape just outspeeds a +2 Terra and puts it down with Ice Punch. Priority whittles it down otherwise.
- Dugtrio, Swellow. Mild annoyance.
- Sleep, Primeape makes it run.
- Kabutops gets Rocks up and doesnt mind a Scarf at all. U-turns wear it down and Missy beats it.
- My own Venusaur usually, Swellow against SD ones. Primeape 2KOs most.
- Incoming Swellow. Missy sets up.


I KickTehAss
is a Past SPL and WCoP Champion
Sup pizzaman

When i first saw this team i noticed how nothing can really take a moltres's fire blast and how rain dance can really screw this team up

So i was thinking and why dont you try out a milotic, perhaps over missy? I know you lose coverage on a couple of things, most notable spin blocking, but on the other hand you get to counter a ton of threats you are currently very weak to(feraligtr, azumarril, zam, moltres, rhyperior etc.). I know this is a hyper offensive team which means a defensive milo wouldn't really fit all too well thanks to it dropping the pace significantly, so why dont you try offensive LOmilo?

Other things i saw you might want to test out also include beat up on duggy, which basically guarantees that you 1(or maybe 2 depending on the state of your team)HKO chansey, clearing the way for your special sweepers. Id run it over sub since really i dont see the use for it anymore since sucker punch is nearly nonexistant since honckrow died, but still i guess it can be useful for stuff like explosion and whatnot so your choice.

Also if primeape dies you become ridiculously weak to LOrp torterra, as it literally OHKOs this entire team.

Anyway good luck man hope i helped...

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