Tournament BLT: Best 'Leaderboarders' Tournament

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Art by sirDonovan, Approved by Vacate.

Hey, everyone! As I'm sure you all are well aware, the Tournaments room is an official room on PS, alongside the Lobby and Help rooms. We focus on utilizing the tournament script to its maximum potential, and we've decided to create the Best 'Leaderboarders' Tournament for you guys to get hyped and come see what the room is all about!

What is BLT, and how do I participate?

Essentially, whenever we have a scripted tournament within the room, the top four players get a certain number of points based on the prominence of the tour. There are also four official tournaments every day, the formats of which are decided on beforehand in our monthly schedule. Every time someone receives points from a tournament, it is documented by our bot, TOURN-E. At the end of each month, we look to see who has the most points on the leaderboard, and the top three players are recorded in the Hall of Fame.

This will be the basis for the qualification for BLT.

The top sixteen on the leaderboard for the next three months (January, February, and March) will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament on one of eight seven-man teams. Managers and assmen (assistant managers) will choose which six people they would like on their team (with TOURN-E they can check player stats to see which tiers the qualifying players excel in). Managers will choose their seventh player from anywhere on the leaderboard, so if you don’t make it into the top sixteen, you still have a chance of getting onto a team!

What are the teams and how will they be set up?

The 8 teams are as follows:

The tiers that will be played are:
  • ORAS Ubers
  • ORAS Doubles OU
Will there be prizes?

To encourage people to qualify, complete their matches on-time and make sure they don't go inactive once the tournament starts, we will have a few prizes. They are as follows:

A nomination for the Voice (+) rank in the Tournaments room: This will be awarded to the top three players with the most individual wins on the winning team of the tournament. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed promotion and is subject to change. Each nomination will be discussed among the staff, focusing on sportsmanship throughout the tournament, activity, and chat presence. This is subject to change, since we have a few surprises in store for you guys!

Team entry in the Hall of Fame: The winning team will be recorded in the Hall of Fame, which is displayed on our website for all to see. This will be great for bragging rights to your friends!

In-game prize: If you have a copy of XY or ORAS, Cranham and myself will be breeding a good Pokémon for everyone on the team. The specific Pokémon hasn't been decided yet, but it'll definitely be good!

All in all, this is in an effort to bring more light to the tournament script and let people have a chance at a fun tournament once SPL is over, since the actual tournament should commence in April. The purpose of this thread is to let you all know that getting points over the next 3 months will be much more important, and to tell you what the BLT tour is all about! Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions that you may have. We hope to see every one of you in the room getting points, good luck and have fun!
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are the scripted tours going to be at regular timings / cover different timezones?
Normal scripted tournaments are run 24/7 in the room as long as a staff member is online. There are 4 official tournaments (the ones worth more points) each day to handle every timezone.
Going to win the competition like

This is also going to be really fun and exciting n.n
Good luck to all the competitors!
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I'm excited too! Even if I don't get in, I can still watch! :]

EDIT: oh wait I'll be in anyway :P jk jk
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Prepare to get deck't
Thanks to Acast for the awesome art n_n
Feli the only advice I can offer is to not choke when the teams counting on you again ^.^

Also I feel like there should be some eyes in the H along with possibly a mouth. Other than that awesome artwork.
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Feli the only advice I can offer is to not choke when the teams counting on you again ^.^

Also I feel like there should be some eyes in the H along with possibly a mouth. Other than that awesome artwork.
Dude I won 2/3 matches, unfair :(
Also I'm not participating, just managing and winning.

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Question: So say I make the top 16 this month, do I have to make the top 16 the next two months or do I secure my spot from making the top 16 in January?


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Looks cool, my only niggling annoyance is that stuff like OM's tours count towards final scores when essentially you're vying for a place to play standard tours for your teams but I guess coding that would be kinda rough. Probably too late for me now this month but I'll be sure to have a crack at it in February.


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January has come to an end and we would like to congratulate the first 16 players who have qualified for the tournament:
  1. Trade
  2. jariibo
  3. Hyuhyy
  4. soTsoT
  5. manu11
  6. Megazard Z
  7. pedrorealmadrid
  8. jeran
  9. wombology
  10. After Hours
  11. Mediocre Manifesto
  12. sand1234
  13. Sae
  14. AV99
  15. A Random Duck
  16. Snowydoe
All users participating in the tournament must have a Smogon forums account. If you are on the list above and do not, please make one as soon as possible. There are still 2 months left to qualify, so be sure to read the first post in this thread if you are interested. Feel free to post here or PM any staff member in the Tournaments room if you have any questions.


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Just a heads up that this is my Smogon account. Some people keep tagging just "Sae" which on the forums was taken by a bot I think years ago. But I'm confirming here that Sae Sae on Smogon= Sae on PS. Confirmation w/ Acast if you want to verify.
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