BLT: Best 'Leaderboarders' Tournament

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I don't wanna be limited to one tier, anyway when's the draft picks? Are the players allowed to watch?


This garden isn't for you people.
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Just a quick announcement before drafts. If you get picked for a team that's not the Anistar Aegislashes, do note that you've already lost.

With that said, good luck!
Anistar Aegislashes | Manager: TheEpicBro (awtg); Assman: Anto
Ever Grande Explouds | Manager: antemortem; Assman: Winry.
  • Jariibo
Oreburgh Onixes | Manager: Jetpack; Assman: Angeela
  • mayomayo
Blackthorn Bisharps | Manager: Swirlyder; Assman: Han Slowbro
  • Twakked Out
Humilau Huntails | Manager: Feliburn; Assman: sirDonovan
Anville Arcanines | Manager: Airwolf; Assman: Charles Carmichael
Geosenge Garchomps | Manager: Jack Dalton; Assman: Psych
  • Arpee
Lumiose Luxrays | Manager: Acast; Assman: ShadowKnight501
  • Hongilus Bongilus

Remember to get in contact with your managers with your Smogon account to see where you'll be participating for your team!
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