Tournament BLT III: Semifinals

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Apparently the Florgi's lineup is not correct so I'm playing someone else and not Clarion. Can someone clarify this?
Gg dedennes
We had a lot of fun in this blt.
Shout out to
parivard -yh my best friend on Ps and one of my first friends here. Was happy to see u in my team
Jetpack - Great guy and a really helpful one
Tbh I was really happy to be in ur team and u gave me the chance to play so thanks
Akashi - amazing guy and player and it was real good to be in ur team and u acted as our leader In this tour
sand1234 - yh I knew him from before and knew he was a decent player but didn't know that he will be such a big asset to our team.
Oshawott Fan - I didn't know u at all in beginning but I have to praise u that u proved to be the best 8th round pick in this blt and u had big hand in making us reach semis.
Raphael2711 - same as oshawott and I know in the upcoming time u are going to be a threat to be reckoned with in UU. Gr8 guy nevertheless.
TheLastOne - yh u were the real man behind our teams success. U got us all the wins we needed and whenever we needed them.
samjo - nuuuuuubjooooo
Ur a nice player and a good human. Just be alive more.
AV99 - u helped our team through and through and I came to know u even better.
omastar - U were the one who multiple times got us out of jam. You scheduled easily with players even when we subbed u in on saturdays. Thnx fam
HiMyNamesL - this guy was the one who handled all the team affairs after jetpack got ded. Thnx dude. Btw I love me some clefable as well.
A big shout out to bloody
And a shout out to PD for being a good friend
Pradhaaan for being an undefeated monster till now and maybe till finals as well
Silverwhiteblue one of the most helpful voices in tours and one of my first friends here
Dundies thnx for everything fam
sirDonovan Scyther NO Swiping
p2 for helping me build
Sanjay. For always being a real good friend and player
The Lord himself jayarceus29
All my other friends.
I will always be a clefable metronoming my way to victory.
On a much less tense note,
I'm calling activity on blazenix. He missed our 1 hr long scheduled time , I came in multiple times to see if he was here but nope. Still no reply on smogon as well
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internet here sucks man, if you can manage time to come online tomorrow or today then i can play, if not then im losing i guess :[
tbh the best way to conduct semifinals and finals is through this:-
Ignore ''new playoffs''

1st place aka florges, 2nd place clefables, 3rd place dedennes and 4th place hydreigons...


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just no....

edit: in terms of why, in the above IPL4 format, the teams were split into 2 separate groups so each team doesn't play with every other team. the whole point of 1st and 2nd place teams getting another chance is moot when all teams have gone against each other before in the past 7 weeks. 3rd place vs 4th place is essentially a knockout quarterfinal which is completely unnecessary in a tournament like BLT.
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In order to even make claims to how a tournament should run in terms of playoff systems, one must understand how the said playoff systems work. Essentially, what is being proposed is the Page—McIntyre playoff system (which is terrible imo). I won't go into an in-depth discussion, but there exists pros and cons for all of them, including the Single Elimination system that the BLT currently implements.

What is fundamentally wrong with the McIntyre Final Four system, is that it outright slashes the need for a playoff, especially since we run a round-robin. Another major flaw of the McIntyre system is that it rewards two teams equally for their mixed efforts, while the bottom two are given a deficit, despite possibly having given the same effort between the bottom three teams. Which while at first may seem to increase competition, it runs the risk of falling to the Reward—Motivation dilemma, a phenomenon that takes away from teams in a playoff system. Another blatant issue that concerns the system is how it rewards teams that won previous weeks without taking into account different scenarios, such as vital wins due to hax, disconnections, mis-clicks, etc... Something that the IPL or other format users don't have to worry about.

The Single Elimination playoffs for the BLT is the optimal system, because you want the teams to start off with a clean slate, ignoring previous weeks. For example [hypothetically speaking] If Florges won against the Clefables in a week due to one game with hax, then they'd be up in terms of placement; but it was Clefables that fundamentally deserved the week. This is because the effect of RNG bias isn't being taken into effect, or maybe it has, but it could work on the opposite fence. We don't want to slash out playoffs either, because the point of the BLT is to generate hype in the Tournaments room; thus by not elongating the BLT duration, the tour ends up being quite boring.

tl;dr There are a million reasons why the Page—McIntyre system would not work in a not totally skill based game like competitive Pokemon as it would in the IPL4. Imagine if the NBA conference finals switched to the format, everyone would lose their shit. So yeah.

DW parivard, I don't mean any animosity towards you with my post. I don't attack people on a personal level, only ideas. Sorry if it comes off as a bit rude.
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Calling activity on all falls down. He did not respond to my message on his profile page and wasn't seen recently on showdown. Tomorrow I don't have time to play.
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