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Hey everyone, I'm going to give a mostly disappointing answer as to why we're not using the longer BLT format.

SANJAY and everyone else who has come to us to express their concerns have made very good points. I understand it's a little underwhelming this year, but unfortunately we had some complications finding a host that forced us to push qualifying cycles back a month. As much as I'd like to give the participants exactly what they want, we're now left with a pretty tight time constraint when it comes to future event scheduling. An extended BLT would screw with TLT this year, and that's something we didn't want to happen.

Again, I know it probably sucks to hear but I promise you this kind of issue will be handled more efficiently in the future. We'll be taking this feedback and using it to schedule a better BLT next year.


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I know Jack Dalton has already responded, but I'd like to give a little insight as to why a round robin format didn't work too well. I don't have any stake in this FYI, just my thoughts.

2 years ago when I managed, BLT did, in fact, adopt the round robin format, and to put it bluntly, it went poorly. People were super enthusiastic early on, but by the time week 4-5 rolled around, a lot of people were extremely tired of it. For the record, just saying that they shouldn't put in the effort to qualify if they're going to get bored isn't going to change anything. In any team tour, be it BLT or a PL, the longer it goes on, the higher chance of teams at the back to feel burned out. The managers and teammates you end up getting also play a part, so such things are impossible to predict. It's not very accurate to compare this to a PL though; not having to qualify doesn't make it any easier, but the fact that you'd have to be recognised by a manager before you can even play is huge. This tournament has always been a lot more casual, which works well for the community, but I'm sure anyone familiar with this tournament would know how easily heated it can get among players, which I partly attribute to a lot of the qualifying players not being super familiar with forum tournaments. This isn't a shot by any means (i mean I've literally played, managed, and hosted before), but it's a factor in why the format didn't work out well.

When something goes well in BLT, tours staff adopt it the next year. If it doesn't, they revert it. This was the case with last year when I hosted. We did have ample time to do the 7-week format, but having given it a fair shake, it was deemed more effective to revert back to the group format. On the other hand, auctions went well last year more or less, which I'm assuming contributed to doing it again as opposed to the snake draft from previous renditions. If you know me, you know I'm all for making things more competitive, which was used as the main argument back then, but personally, the group format has proven to be far more effective. I wouldn't be opposed to them giving round robin a shot again, but just know that it has never been overlooked all this time.

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Posting this now to avoid any unnecessary drama/controversy later.

Many of you know that the room owners can transfer leaderboard points that people have between their own alts. On this note, I wanted to remind everyone of a policy we have where we won't transfer points between alts within 48 hours of the cycle ending. This rule isn't new, it was put in place during TLT, but it may not have the best visability which is why I'm posting it here and adding it to the room rules link. The second part of the rule which is new states that, you may have points transferred no more than twice during a cycle. This rule exists because our leaderboard is public, and we don't want people getting 40 points on a few different alts and combining them together on the last day of a cycle to suddenly jump ahead of people. Finally, we do check that the alt is yours before transferring points, so don't have request to have points transferred from a friend, or you will be heavily punished and we may take this feature away. If you have any questions about this rule, this thread probably isn't the best place, but feel free to pm myself or any member of the tours roomauth.

Also to make it clear, I'm not saying you can't use an alt to qualify for BLT, that is fine as long as you confirm your spot in the thread after qualifying, you just can't use a bunch of different alts and constantly ask to have points transferred.

Thanks for everyone who has started qualifying during the first cycle so far, there are still 10 days left, so go out there and win some tours! Looking forward to a great tour this year, good luck qualifying!

tl;dr, no point transfers between alts within 48 hours of a cycle ending, and you may only request to have points transferred no more than twice per cycle.
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Is this really what we have for BLT quals? I understand you’re trying to appeal to the whole room but BLT happens once a year and the frequency is way too much as I and others have seen, and if you think officials are enough for people qualifying you gotta know because of school or work or whatever you barely get time to play 2. Im not mad, but maybe just a little more NON-RNG tiers? So atleast i have some chance of qualling.


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I know some people aren't happy with the tour choices right now, but we aren't changing the way cycles are set for qualifiers. Only a small percentage of our room tries to qualify for BLT and we are not going to just cater to those qualifying at the expense of the rest of the users. In our room, the top 10 tours in terms of average users per tour are random formats. This clearly shows that these are the most popular to the userbase as a whole. I understand that BLT qualifiers are ongoing, but we are just not going to set fewer of our most popular tours overall. Additionally, most people are getting out of school, which means the usercount is constantly going up, and we definitely don't want to go away from our most popular tours when the usercount is highest. The compromise right now is having the tours worth the most points (officials) be all BLT tiers, and that is what we are sticking with.

Looking at the two examples of pasttours that you posted I don't think that the amount of BLT tiers there is unfair to qualifiers either. The BSS Factory and Challenge Cup tours are just there to fill time before the official, in other words, those spots are not somewhere anyone had a chance to set a BLT Tier. So if you take the places where staff had a chance to set a BLT tier, in the first example they did so 50% of the time, and in the 2nd example they did so 1/3 of the time. I feel that both of those ratios are fine in balancing the needs of the qualifiers with the needs of the rest of the room. Even if you count BSS Factory and Challenge Cup in both examples combined, BLT tiers are 30% of the tours set. This again I feel is fine in balancing the needs of the qualifiers with the rest of the room. Again, I understand that BLT qualifiers are ongoing, and I appreciate the passion for BLT, but we've got to look out for the interests of all of the room's users, and the interests of the room as a whole and the best way to do that is with a variety of tours.
OK, the First round of qualifications has been completed. Below is the list of the top 16 players from the leader board for the cycle of 1st of May - 15th of May.

Snow Jiniri (Xiri)
Below The Horizon (Akiko Yosano)
Tamaki Kannazuki (The Cheesen One)
villa3 (MJ)
VI11A (Luthier)
VlLLA (EternalSnowman)
Sir Slaking
SMB (SableyeMyBae)
Dr Sanzy
King of Crimea

Congratulations to all for qualifiying, if you could now please confirm your spots in the tour with your Showdown username, Timezone and your 1-3 of preferred tiers.

If you do not sign in and confirm your spot before the next set of qualifiers occur, you will lose your spot and will require to qualify again to be able to confirm your spot.

Please contact me if you have not been tagged in this post properly, or if you have any questions about the confirming process.

Looking forward to the next batch of qualifiers, and what ever art will spawn from this. (Why no banners?)
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