Announcement BLT V: 'Best Leaderboarders' Tournament

Hey there all,

Below are the 2nd cycles qualifiers. Congratulations to all of you.

fejiroeu (ORAS-Mega)
Secular (Karalynia)
RaJ.Shoot (Fabulous Arcanine)
TheWall of Welsh (The Welsh Wall)
La Minaccia (Denisthemenace)
lettuce sandwich (SANJAY)
raf ooa11
Beds (Bedschibaer)
Serene Grace (ChaosDrapion)
AV Shaymin (Dj Breloominati)

All players listed here, can you please check-in before the next set of qualifers are posted, if you do not confirm your spot it will go to the player next in line from this cycle to be classed as qualified.

In future for all players, we respectfully as that by the end of the qualifying period you transfer your points across to a tagable account on smogon, this makes things easier to be able to let you know when to check-in here.

You can qualify throughout the period on an alt if you so desire, just within the last 2 days when no points can be transferred as per post #29 of this thread for reasoning.

If you have any questions about the above messages please message either myself or a staff member for the Tours room.

Thanks and congratulations once again to the 16 qualifiers.
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