Announcement BLT V: 'Best Leaderboarders' Tournament


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Throwing this out there just because I think my characterization as a player in this video is partially inaccurate. First, I do not believe that I have attitude issues Granted I'd imagine that most people who do have attitude issues might also share that sentiment about themselves, so I guess my opinion about myself isn't a particularly strong argument. Second, I also do in fact build my own teams, at least in OU. I'm not particularly flexible in other tiers admittedly, which is why for qualifying I use sample teams a lot, so the secondary criticism is definitely at least partially valid.

That being said, the draft is tomorrow. I look forward to playing with/against you guys for the next few months. Hope everyone has fun.
at least they mentioned you, i was ignored for a third year in a row hahahehshshsh


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Hi everyone, Thanks for tuning into the BLT V draft earlier! Congrats to everyone who was drafted. Below is a list of the teams with the smogon name (PS Name if different in parenthesis), and the amount they went to next to that. *Note all managers that qualified went for 10k. At the bottom, the teams are included in their randomly assigned groups so you can find your matchups for the first three weeks. The tour will begin by next Monday July 16th, so managers, get your players together and get your lineup down and sent to GXS by then. Auction logs
Managers: Trace, EternalSnowman
EternalSnowman (10k)
SANJAY (14k)
Ark (19k)
Ninjadog13 (12k)
Abyssal Ruins (keeping it icy) (9.5k)
kythr (3.5k)
Kyotoshi (3.5k)
Silver25X (5.5k)
Subs: Mysterious M SolarflareRo

Managers: samjo, MJ
MJ (10k)
mael (ant1her0) (17.5k)
Xiri (Snow Jiniri) (17k)
ORAS-Mega (10k)
King of Crimea (9.5k)
sand1234 (9.5k)
Abbp (3k)
saba1111 (3.5k)
Subs: Barely Lit, Alice Shimada

Managers: Silverwhiteblue, dogknees
Serene Grace (13.5k)
Akiko Yosano (Below The Horizon) (10.5k)
Luthier (12.5k)
RaJ.Shoot (3k)
naruto(sage) (15.5k)
t0te (10k)
raf (rafooa11) (12k)
halaman95 (3k)
Subs: Sharp Ladder UU, WailJesus

Managers: Roseybear, TheWall
TheWall (10k)
The Cheesen One (16k)
Simbo (11k)
BigBoy038 (10k)
OminousDraco (10k)
Twixtry (9.5k)
Microwavable (Micro) (7k)
jasprose (3k)
subs: BelmontGabriel, Herculez

Managers: mihawk349, lightning1870 (negatory)
lightning1870 (Negatory) (10k)
Jrdn (16k)
leo05051998 (King Leo V) (14k)
peachycl0uds (10k)
Skelos (Big Air) (9.5k)
Mikaav (10k)
Le Sabreur (6k)
Raftel Reshirams (The Eighth Hokage) (3k)
Subs: TRHurricane, Hell Rayquaza3000

Managers; Plas (plasmagby), Glacierider
Plas (10k)
Charmflash (18.5k)
SMB (SableyeMyBae) (19.5k)
Osh (8.5k)
Poison Adhesive (5.5k)
pokemone3 (9.5k)
TheFranklin (3k)
Sir Slaking (3.5k)
Subs: byronthewellwell, Kaladin Kholin

Managers: iStockphoto, explodingdaisies
Hamhamhamham (21.5k)
Jrsmash9 (13k)
Karalynia (6k)
London13 (13k)
RichardPepper (5k)
DenisTheMenace (5.5k)
Anime Sans (5.5k)
Sanzy (Dr. Sanzy) (8k)
Subs: Blitzburgh, Conmantine

Managers: martha, Robb576
Kreme (18k)
Bedschibaer (10k)
frisoeva (14.5k)
Fille (11.5k)
Go0d (6.5k)
Dj Breloominati♬ (Spitfire Arcanine) (6.5k)
DarkAngeallenq.q (MorganORNot) (3k)
lkapkd1 (3k)
Subs: SilvioGuacamole, Lord Booty Milk

Week 1 matchups:

Eevee Group
Prehistorics vs Poliwraths
Bolts vs Alakazams

Pikachu Group
Snorlaxes vs Blastoises
Diancies vs Weaviles

Week 2 you will play the team directly below you and week 3 you will play the team diagonal from you. For example the Prehistorics will play the Bolts week 2 and the Alakazams week 3.
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I opened a where you all can donate for a chance of me throwing my game vs your team so you can potentially snatch a game vs the legend, any donation above 10 USD will be counted, you can donate multiple times or multiples of 10 for multiple slots in the raffle. Hmu for link to raffle
Crazy, The Black Bolts got the best player for just 3k. Absolutely insane, just wait untill you see this man destroy his opponents.:puff:


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Hello my lovely ladies and gents. Now that the draft finally happened I wanted to freshen this thread up with a (obviously) quality analysis and ranking of the draft's result and give you something to read during school or work. I'm gonna try and predict the teams' line-ups and how well they match up versus each other. I'm gonna leave out my team (Azalea Alakazams) for this, because we all know which place it would get. :psysly:
Please dont take it personally if my personal opinion doesn't match yours or if I underestimate you. Take it as a challenge to prove me wrong with your actions rather than quoting me here saying how wrong I am. Now let's get it started!

White Forest Weaviles | Managers: Mihawk349 and Negatory

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - The Eight Hokage
  • OU - Jrdn
  • UU - Le Sabreur
  • RU - Negatory
  • NU - Big Air
  • LC - Mikaav
  • DOU - King Leo V
  • Monotype - Peachycl0uds

Apart from the Ubers slot, the line-up does look alright. But that right there is already the biggest problem of the team, it is just "alright". Except for Jrdn in OU, who was a good pick by them, the players are only average or slightly below average in their respective tier. While negatory is a solid player, he will probably have to fill in the role for RU in his team, where he lacks experience in and probably won't have the record as he would in NU. Buying King Leo V is probably the biggest overpay in this years BLT. Yes, he is a decent player...but 14k?:pikuh: Thats the amount of money they would have needed to get a second Jrdn-level player. I expect pretty much everyone to have a negative record at the end. Sorry!

Driftveil Diancies | Managers: martha and Robb576

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - lkapkd1
  • OU - Beds
  • UU - Kreme
  • RU - AV Shaymin
  • NU - Go0d
  • LC - Fille
  • DOU - Frisoeva
  • Monotype - DA CSS
This is probably the toughest line-up for me to predict since multiple people play multiple tiers, so I just went for my gut feeling and what I think could work out. Could be completely wrong on that one.
Now you already see more quality Players in this. Fille, Frisoeva, Kreme, Beds, all of them you can expect to go positive. What only got them the 6th place in my ranking is the uncertainty of the remaining 4 guys. Go0d being one of the 4 who might be a surprise package. Combine that with 2 managers who are not the most competitive and you get 6th place.

P.S.: you might not win BLT, however drafting Beds already secured you the #1 Spot for top memes/post during this blt :toast:

Pewter City Prehistorics | Managers: iStockphoto and explodingdaisies

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - Hamhamhamham
  • OU - Denisthemenace
  • UU - Karalynia
  • RU - Jrsmash9
  • NU - Dr Sanzy
  • LC - London13
  • DOU - Slimes Are Hot
  • Monotype -Richardpepper
HAMSLAM. The Pewter City Prehistorics started off their draft in the right fashion and drafted the most expensive and one of the best players in this tour. The weak spots in each team get less and less. At first glance you might be even surprised why they are only at 5th place. I'll shed the light for you. Denisthemenace? Solid OU player. But look at the OU pool in this blt: mael, charmflash, jrdn, Akiko Yosano, etc. Same with London13. Great LC player, but can he keep up with the stacked LC pool? Not sure about that. I think their success is gonna depend on ham going undefeated and Kara, Jrsmash and Dr Sanzy to pull up their pants and get some amazing performances in.

Blackthorn Blastoises | Managers: Silverwhiteblue and dogknees

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - t0te
  • OU - Akiko Yosano
  • UU - Serene Grace/Naruto(Sage)
  • RU - Serene Grace/Naruto(Sage)
  • NU - Halaman95
  • LC - Luthier
  • DOU - rafooa11
  • Monotype - Raj.Shoot
(Before I begin, I want to note that the Blastoises and the Prehistorics tie for 4th/5th place pretty much)
My beloved BLT IV Manager Silverwhiteblue. As soon as you bought Serene Grace and Luthier as your first two picks I had quite the flashback. Overall a solid draft where OU/UU/RU/LC/DOU are covered with some good players. I am still upset that you overbid me on Naruto.:mad:
The questionmarks are definitely Raj, Halaman and t0te (10k wtf?). I am disappointed that you chose not to play this blt because I think having you for 10k in this DOU pool would be a f**ing amazing deal, which would have gave you another 2k from the 12k you spent on rafooa to invest in a better player in said questionmarks. I think you had the potential to be a top 3 team again. Wish you all the best this year though :)

Pastoria Poliwraths | Managers: Roseybear and The Welsh Wall

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - Ominousdraco
  • OU - Bigboy038
  • UU - Micro
  • RU - The Welsh Wall
  • NU - Twixtry
  • LC - Simbo
  • DOU - The Cheesen One
  • Monotype - Jasprose
Not bad not bad. Having someone like The Wall in the line-up, who is an auto win for most weeks, is incredibly benefitial for a team. Ominousdraco, not sure about his ubers qualities, but an amazing overall player and considering the ubers pool not being as stacked as it was in previous years, definitely able to get some W for his team.
While I'm a fan of bigboy038 I am afraid he might get overwhelmed in OU this year. Micro and Jasprose are another two uncertainties, the one being absent for quite some time and the other not being a good player in general. Which probably doesnt end mattering too much because of the rather easy Monotype pool.
The Cheesen one being the second best (maybe even the best) DOU player this blt is definitely worth his money and is expected to go undefeated like tww. Simbo and Twixtry are just generally very solid players in these tiers. Because of no apparent weakness of the team and both managers being very competent, they made it to the 3rd place. Definitely a team that will make it to playoffs. Just lacks a bit of "umpf" that the next 2 provide.

Sunyshore Snorlax | Managers: Trace and EternalSnowman

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - EternalSnowman
  • OU - Kyotoshi
  • UU - Keeping it icy
  • RU - Ark
  • NU - Sanjay
  • LC - Ninjadog13
  • DOU - Silver25X
  • Monotype - Kythr
You have to pull out your magnifying glasses to spot the weakness of this draft. I did and I found Silver25X in DOU. Leading your line up with Esm, Ark and Sanjay who are all top 2 in their tiers is amazing and easily earns them the second place in my rankings. Their success will most likely depend on people like Ninjadog doing well in this LC pool and keeping it icy to keep his "cool".. (tww would be proud:facepalm:). If they perform well then its gonna be hard to stop them from winning this thing.

Black City Bolts | Managers: Plas and Glacierider

Predicted line-up:
  • Ubers - arce9
  • OU - Charmflash
  • UU - Sir Slaking
  • RU - Pokemon e3
  • NU - Plas
  • LC - Osh
  • DOU - Sableyemybae
  • Monotype - Poison adhesive
To say it in a famous tours room user's words: oof oof oof

Charmflash: top 2 OU
Plas: #1 NU
Osh: top 3 LC
Smb: #1 DOU

Not only that, the rest of the line-up is mostly above average as well. The only minor weakness is their ubers spot, but whoever fills that will receive help from their sub Byron which will help them out a ton. There's just no tier you would think you would get an easy win from, from top to bottom. The team to beat this tournament for sure.

Hope I gave you guys a good read. Let's make this BLT a good one and wish you all good luck for your upcoming games.


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