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BLT V: Finals (Won by the Sunyshore Snorlaxes)

Art by sirDonovan.
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Welcome to the finals of BLT V! The final 2 teams will now duke it out for the gold. If there is a tie between teams at this point in the tournament, the two teams will have to play a best-of-three tiebreaker before proceeding to the finals. Matches will be in standard Smogon SM tiers, so challenge your opponent in those. Obviously, play on PS! (preferably main or smogtours server).

Basic tournament rules - you absolutely should read this, especially if you're new to forum tournaments

Sportsmanship: Don't be an ass. Not to your opponents, not to your team, not on PS, not on Smogon, not to me. A bit of friendly banter is ok, but please know where to draw the line. Think before you type, please.

Scheduling and Activity Wins: Contact your opponent as quickly as possible on their Smogon wall, and look out for them on PS. You will have one week from the posting of the week's matches to get it done, and I will not be granting any extensions for any reasons. If your opponent is not responding to your post on their wall, cannot be found on PS, or miss multiple scheduled times, make a detailed activity post in the thread letting me know why you deserve the win. No activity post means no activity call. As long as you have visible attempts at scheduling (such as wall posts), you will be fine.

Disconnections and Timer: A timer loss is a loss. No if's, and's, or but's about it. If your opponent is nice enough to replay that's fine, but they are by no means obligated to.

Ghosting and Identity: Don't take or give battle advice or make moves based solely on the suggestions of others, and don't pretend to be someone else in order to play as them. You will be caught, and you will be disqualified from this season as well as future PS! tournaments (BLT, PSPL, etc.).

Substitutions: Managers are free to substitute out inactive players at any point during the week with any subs they chose during the draft. Be sure to post in the thread when making a substitution.

Below the link for the current points and W/L for each player by team.



Sunyshore Snorlaxes White Forest Weaviles

Managers: Trace & EternalSnowman Managers: Zorro349 & lightning1870

Eternalsnowman VS Raftel Reshirams

Kyotoshi VS Le Sabreur

Keeping It Icy VS Jrdn

Ark VS Negatory

Sanjay VS Skelos

Ninjadog VS Mikaav

Silver25x VS King Leo V

Kythr VS peachycl0uds



EternalSnowman VS TRHurricane

OU 1
Sanjay VS Jrdn

OU 2
Mysterious M VS Le Sabreur


No time limit is set for the Finals Round. Please complete them in a reasonable timely manner. Managers please inform me of any substitutes that may occur.

Good Luck to both teams and all players in this Finals Series.
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First time making predictions so take this with a grain of salt.

Sunnyshore Snorlaxs (5) - (3) White Forest Weaviles

Ubers: Eternalsnowman VS Raftel Reshirams - ESM is obviously the better player and his teams are solid which makes it really hard to predict against him. Edit: I saw 2 scarfers with final gambit last week and that alone should explain why I’m picking ESM. win or u’ll never get Da Vinci:blobwizard:

OU: Kyotoshi VS Le Sabreur - to be fair this could go either way but I know Le Sab and he’s a decent player while I don’t know much about Kyotoshi, so I’m giving it to my BLT III teammate.

UU: Keeping It Icy VS Jrdn - I can see Keeping It Icy taking this since Jrdn is an OM main :psynervous: but he still got picked for WCoP so gotta respect that and he’s a goon.

RU: Ark VS Negatory - #fgo :psyglad: and in my opinion Ark is a great player. Unless Neg makes phenomenal plays, Ark will win this without a doubt.

NU: Sanjay vs Skelos - are u fucking kidding me y’all let ESM and Trace draft this man for 14K :psyduck: .Not like Skelos doesn’t have a chance to win but taking down Sanjay won’t be easy.

LC: Ninjadog VS Mikaav - tough call but Ninjadog seems to be more experienced and Mikaav just lost to Shellos in semis :eyes: but they’re both solid.

DOU: Silver25x VS King Leo V - ESM can provide goat DOU teams and as far as I know Silver doesn’t use psyshock over psychic on lele :pikuh:

Monotype: Kythr VS peachycl0uds - we all know peachy is a decent player and I haven’t seen Kythr play so I’m not quite sure how well he can perform.

Good luck to both teams :]

Shoutout post coming soon!
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I had a really fun blt, shoutouts to the poliwraths for all being dope teammates and goats and shoutouts to tww and rosey for trusting me and letting me use whatever I wanted, especially for that semis game.

Doing some predicts, apologies in advance if any of these seem harsh

Sunnyshore Snorlaxs (5) - (2) White Forest Weaviles

Ubers: Eternalsnowman (80) VS Raftel Reshirams (20) - ESM is definitely heavily favoured here, he's performed and played very well in all his Ubers game, especially that game vs mj. ESM will probs prep and build too, so I can't see any way for Raftel to win here, unless he gets an unbelievable mu or haxes. I'm expecting some form of ubers cheese here tbh, since I don't think ESM will lose in a standard vs standard battle.

OU: Kyotoshi VS Le Sabreur - I don't know much about either of these players tbh. Kyotoshi looked pretty solid in his loss vs sand, playing well vs a somewhat unfortunate matchup. Le Sab also seems to have had a solid 3 week qualifying round, going 2-1. This is 100% a close and swing mu in this series, probably a must win for the weavs if they want to win/force the series to tiebreak.

UU: Keeping It Icy (30) VS Jrdn (70) - I think jrdn is pretty heavily favoured here, he's looked solid in all his UU wins, whereas that semis UU game with keeping it icy was poor endgame wise. I think jrdn should take this comfortably, unless keeping it icy plays insanely well.

RU: Ark (60) VS negatory (40) - I think ark is regarded as the better player here. Idk much about ru tbh, rewatched their w3 game and thought both players played well so this could be close, especially if negatory preps and plays well. Swing mu imo, if neg pulls this out, the finals could be more interesting than it looks.

NU: Sanjay (70) vs Skelos (30) - Sanjay is definitely the better player, and he's coming off a very close and fire semis game vs xiri. Skelos is also good but I don't think he's as good as sanjay, so expecting sanjay to take this comfortably, unless he gets very poor mu or hax intervenes.
Little side note: ESM and sanjay swapped tiers vs weavs in w3. Sanjay won ubers vs Raftel and ESM almost beat skelos with monoice.

LC: Ninjadog (65) VS Mikaav (35) - Personal highlight and a general highlight game too imo. Ninja is definitely the better player, he's more consistently solid and has more big game experience. Since this is finals, ninja will probs prep more too and potentially build something new. Mikaav is also a good player and can make some ground with good prep but I think ninja's playing ability will prevail in a good, neutral or slightly unfavourable mu, so mikaav has to outplay heavily or get good mu and play well. Swing mu, if mikaav wins, weavs have a chance at forcing tiebreak or winning. Should be a good lc game.

DOU: Silver25x VS King Leo V - No clue how this tier works, so just going with cheese's prediction. I think leo needs to pull up tho to give weavs a shot.

Monotype: Kythr VS peachycl0uds - Untier. Kythr is 3-1 off 3 unloseable mu's and 1 unwinnable mu, so no clue how good he is in a neutral mu. Peachy played very well in first three rounds imo, there were misplays in semis but they still pulled out two wins there. This will probs be decided at preview, so I'm hoping peachy wins the coinflip. Must win for weavs I think.

Overall, fully expecting laxes to win, although there are some swing matches that could give weavs hope and make it interesting. Mono and uu are mustwins for weavs and, if they can pull out some wins or upsets in ou, ru, lc or dou, the finals could be a lot more interesting than they look.

If it comes to tiebreak, I think weavs have a decent chance of winning the entire thing. I fully expect weavs to pick and win mono, likewise laxes would pick and win ubers so it would come down to whether or not jrdn can beat whoever's in OU and I think he would be favoured there.
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Here's my predictions but first some context.
Laxes the number ONE ranked team gets put with the bottom 3 groups decided by SNS omegalul. :psygrump: Guaranteeing them playoffs lol. While

the Eevee bracket was stacked with top 5 teams. Every week was packed, while laxes just chill in their easy bracket (fuckbrackets). Prehistorics put

up an amazing fight but Polis and Zams manage to make it. Weaviles manage to beat Diancies and Blastoises and make playoffs. In Semi's Zams put up a good fight but lost their tossups :( and Polis get RNJESUS'd on.:psysad: RIP.

Sunnyshore Snorlaxes (6) - White Forest Weaviles (2)
how the fuck has Snorlaxes been typo'd throughout this whole BLT

Ubers: Eternalsnowman (100) VS Raftel Reshirams (0) - ESM has really creative sets in Ubers and is a very established player in the tier, his win from MJ definitely showed that. On the other hand, Raftel Reshirams choked away a win vs BigBoy038 last week with using zmove then shadow claw then SD??? He did bring 2 final gambit mons but he used them well tbf but otherwise I dont think he's as solid as ESM in Ubers.

OU: Kyotoshi (40) VS Le Sabreur (60) - Le Sabreur looked rly solid after his win vs Beds W1. I haven't been very impressed with Kyotoshi so far but he proved me wrong in his game vs sand. Although there were some misplays, it was a very close match. However this match can swing either way but its a must win for Weaviles if they want to win. also >getting le sab for 6k??? steal af

UU: Keeping It Icy (45) VS Jrdn (55) - Jrdn is the fucking star of the show for Weaviles. He clutched W1 vs Truth but imo was rather disappointing vs naruto and k.i.c in the following weeks. With that being said, jrdn proved himself in SemiFinals managing to bring home wins vs OD and BigBoy038 showing that he's worth every penny of that 16k. Keeping it icy is 4-0 vs extremely solid players which does make me hesitant to majorly favour jrdn here. Either way this is another must win for Weavs.

RU: Ark (60) VS negatory (40) - Ark has never played a serious game this BLT but with being a very good player and Trace (an RU main) as Laxes manager, this should be a comfortable win for Ark. Can't say much for negatory since he wasn't here for the first few weeks

NU: Sanjay (65) vs Skelos (35) - Sanjay brought counter Slowbro :psywoke:. Sanjay has come off a massive win in a close game vs Xiri . Skelos hasn't performed impressively this BLT :/ as his only wins are against Go0d and a monoice ESM. So i'll heavily favour Sanjay in this one.

LC: Ninjadog (55) VS Mikaav (45) - Ninjadog has creative builds and is a very good player overall, managing to use a variety of teams. But I do think Mikaav can turn this match on its head as he has beat luthier and fille in very clean matches. Definitely a match to watch. Personally, I'm rooting for Mikaav

DOU: Silver25x (75) VS King Leo V (25) - 3k Legend Silver25x. Coming off an amazing win vs friso showed that Silver isn't a joke. King Leo V also choked both his matches vs Cheese so i'll be heavily favouring Silver here.

Monotype: Kythr(60) VS peachycl0uds (40) -
Facts. peachyclouds hasnt impressed this BLT. As his only win has been in raj.shoot in group stages while in Semis peachy played bad but got lucky. I'm favouring kythr only by a little since I know peachy plays mono so this should be close. Another match Weavs need to win to make this an interesting finals.

In conclusion, jrdn, Le Sab and maybe peachy are the backbone to Weaviles. All of them need to win their matches to guarantee Weaviles a chance of tiebreaker and prevent laxes from rolling over them. I'm expecting Weaviles to get haxed as all of the Poli's ghosts' are haunting them :psysly:

and to end this, how mihawk drafted the Weaviles : [17:03] %mihawk349: i just did !pick
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Sunnyshore Snorlaxs (5) - (3) White Forest Weaviles

Ubers: Eternalsnowman VS Raftel Reshirams - ESM has more experience and will probably be able to get better teams through building or teams being passed. Therefore, ESM should win.

OU: Kyotoshi VS Le Sabreur - This match can go either way but i favour Le Sabreur a bit more.

UU: Keeping It Icy VS Jrdn - He won OMPL.

RU: Ark VS Negatory - Will be closer than people think.

NU: Sanjay vs Skelos - Sanjay uses weird stuff sometimes but if he takes this seriously, he should win.

LC: Ninjadog VS Mikaav - Ninjadog is on fire.

DOU: Silver25x VS King Leo V - Silver has been very impressive, so i am going to pick him to win.

Monotype: Kythr VS peachycl0uds - Either can win because its mono.

may as well shoutout my team whilst i'm here. Thanks to iStockphoto explodingdaisies for drafting me and all of my team mates.
Sunyshore Snorlaxs(5) vs(2) White Forest Weaviles(1)

VS Raftel Reshirams(10) - I dont see a way for esm to lose this bar a rly bad mu vs some cheese or a huge amount of hax. Hes a great builder and completly outclasses his opp in skill here.
VS Le Sabreur(45) - looked a little bit stronger so far but this could rly go either way
Keeping It Icy(45) VS Jrdn(55) - even tho keeping it icy has looked better so far i think jrdn is still a bit better and i expect him to show up again like he did in semis
VS Negatory(40) - Ark is rly good and with the support of his team i think he should win this
VS Skelos(45) - Sanjay has looked rly strong so far but ive played skelos and i think he definitly can upset this one
VS Mikaav(20) - Ninja is just too good
Silver25x(50) VS King Leo V(50) - idk tbh
Kythr(50) VS peachycl0uds(50)- pretty even i think

Laxes look just way stronger and they have kinda toyed with their opposition so far. Last time these teams met laxes won with using memes in about half their battles. Unless weaviles step it up or lady luck smiles on them i dont see them winning.


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GG kythr, I just want to let you know I admire you so much as a player, and hope to see more amazing things from you on Monotype ladder, like I saw before. And, since this may be (or not) my last game in this BLT, I want to thank my managers (for buying me) and team members for always believing in me, you guys are the best and I owe you an apology because I know I didnt deliver sometimes and didnt got to shine as much as I expected to (and as much as I KNOW i can shine), but I guess thats what pressure does sometimes, that said, LETS FUCKING SLAY THAT TIE BREAKER WEAVS.


OK then, so this finals has been dead even the whole way with no team gaining the lead or at least keeping it for a long time. Now due to this, a tiebreaker must be completed for this to come to an end to be able to award a winner bot the Fifth BLT.

Trace EternalSnowman

Zorro349 lightning1870

As I'm sure you are aware with this tie breaker, I require you to nominate a tier to that is to be played and to provide myself with your lineup for them. Reminder that the tier of OU is the standard choice to be played.

Alright then, I have received the tier choices from both managers and they are as follows

Snorlaxes have chosen the tier of Ubers

Weaviles have chosen the tier of OU

For the 3rd tier it shall be the default of OU

Managers Trace EternalSnowman Zorro349 lightning1870 please nominate your lineups for this match ups to myself and please make note of which player will be playing OU 1 and OU 2 as that is how I shall match them.

Please do so with haste, thank you.

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