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First of all, my name is Stephen Nicholas Cooley, but you can call me Nick. Or blue, or bluemoon, it doesn't really matter haha! I generally stick to photography, but i also enjoy digital artwork.I love drawing. I draw an image onto a piece of paper, then I scan it, then i go over it in various layers in photoshop.

Along with those, I also enjoy making banners and icons.

There isn't much left to say, other than I am growing as an artist. Thanks for viewing,


This was my first sprite! haha

My self-made ghost pokemon

Im a huge deathnote fan

My Morbid Photography:

This is the sinjoh ruins stage from the arceus event in HG/SS.

My first digital drawing EVER.
that's great for a fist drawing, best first i've ever seen... also first post, couldn't contain myself.

and asking for more pictures, photos!!!
Oooo, awesome Death Note drawing. I love the color scheme of that squirrel too! And your name reminds me of the song!!! And now, I sing:

Blue mooooooooon, you saw me standing all alloooonnnnnneee, without a dream in my hheeaaarrrrtttt, without a love of my ooowwwwwnnnnn!!!


formerly Doran Dragon
oh hey stephen, you dont know this, but I've been stalking you. that feeling of someone watching you at night...its real.

oh and i love that Ryuk.

Here's my entry for this months contest. I already placed it in the contest, but im going to put it here in my gallery as well.

Here is another image. This is a sword i drew for my Beowulf project in English Lit. In the story, this would be the "giant's sword" that was hanging on the wall underwater, the one used to slay Grendel's mother :

PS- thanks for the comments thus far everyone!! I just joined last week, and its nice to know that you like my art ^.^
To Orii,

I hated it all. The exclusion, the torment, the bullying (physical and emotional, mind you) and all of the aspects that unite in high school. Tenth grade was horrible. I'd fight the routine of going to school and being called names that probably aren't safe for this forum, but you can imagine. Every day at 3:15 I'd leave that place, and come home to happiness. The familiar launch sound of a Nintendo DS, a high pitched "da dunn." I'd play Pokemon--as I have my whole life. Starting from Yellow and Crystal, and working my way to Heart Gold and Platinum at this point in my life. Even on Pokemon I felt lonely. One can only battle the Elite 4 so many times before the game gets completely stale.. until I realized I had the power of an internet connection. I was browsing Yahoo! Answers for a Pokemon related question, when I discovered a desperate young man looking for members of his Forum Motion Pokemon website. I figured, "why not? I could use someone to talk to."

Once I joined, I would battle the members and we'd often trade. I'd submit my fan art and I was filled with joy, and proud to be part of a community where my company was desired. I met a friend there, and the two of us were eventually promoted to Admins. Bluemoon and Orii. We had a blast working on the site layout and encouraging the members by hosting tournaments. I had just began RNGing for good IV's and shinies, and Orii was also helping me build an OU team for smogon battles. Orii traded me a shiny shroomish that he RNG'd for, named Kinomii. Needless to say, that little fellow got leveled up to a breloom, and he was immediately placed in my team!

Years passed, and the Forum Motion site died. I became less active on Smogon, as well as Orii. We drifted apart, aside from the occasional private message on any of our forum websites. I graduated high school last year, and attending college and work has taken me adrift from pokemon.

I'm picking back up with the encouragement of my few friends. I'm hoping one day that Orii will think about me, and send me another message. It's been a while.

On the days that my boss is a jerk, on days that are hard to get through, and in the days of my last 2 years of high school when I'd get picked on: I'd open my Nintendo DS, cut the power on, wait for that familiar "da dunn" sound, and launch Pokemon Platinum. I'd go to my party Pokemon, select Kinomii, and smile at the sight of his sprite and listen to his cry. I miss you Orii. You got me through so much, and you don't even know it. Kinomii is right here. Through tears in my eyes, I can see him on my DS screen, and I struggle to read what I type. Thank you. I drew him for you, and I hope I get to show you this one day. Until then, we will be right here, waiting.
Wow, this might the best mega bump I've ever seen. Lovely to see someone getting back into something that means a lot to them, welcome back to the Studio!

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