Tournament BOPMONS - UU edition [Winner: Cleo-D]


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had a mini power outage here too just now :|

DrReuniclus wins via coinflip loss
PapaBisexual vs. Noblesse Oblige should be done by tomorrow
HotFuzzBall gave DurzaOffTopic the win
Lugia Proto vs. Darksafadao is extended until sunday
Amukamara wins via coinflip
Alore wins via activity


Freeroamer vs. Clyde Frog 53
Wascally Wabbit vs. vivalospride
FinnQwert vs. (Winner of PapaBisexual vs. Noblesse Oblige)
Capita_L vs. TheGreninjaWarrior21
Alore vs. Indigo Plateau
MultiAmmiratore vs. Sam I Yam
DurzaOffTopic vs. Amukamara
DrReuniclus vs. (Winner of Lugia Proto vs. Darksafadao )

Due March 9th at 12 PM EST
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