Tournament BOSS-A-CAP CUP: Round 3 (We're so back)

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Welcome to the BOSS-A-CAP CUP!


Hello everyone! This is basically a SS CAP Same Six Tournament. Every round will be a best-of-three and elimination of swiss style.
The Pokemon which will be legal throughout include:

JayHeaven vs Waldinji
giove97 vs bleahey
Go greeninja vs Kinzo
USN vs Piyush25
realaccountami? vs AquaticCarlie
ihbst vs Realblazing
txitxas vs bye

Novax vs DragonPhoenix333
Dorron vs Cyril tbh
Cat food and vs Swagata Mitra
Fluore vs Concept Everything
Da Pizza Man vs Ghoulish Champ
Lechen vs Astra
Tails72 vs Spcplayzz
Lightniong vs Gekokeso
SHSP vs pannu
shnowshner vs metagross does architectu
Shortie vs bye

pulsar512b vs spoo
Dearest Deerling vs TBIC106

This tournament is part of the APTH Circuit. For more info, join A Place To Hangout.
Winner - 150
Runner-up - 100
x-1 score - 60
x-2 score - 25
x-3 score - 10
Deadline is Sunday, March 3rd 11:59 PM GMT-4. Replays are not required, GLHF!
in loving memory of Mr.Bossaru
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