Boss Chomp team


Hello, pokémon battlers. I'm going to present you one of my favourite SandStorm teams: The Boss Chomp team. This is a balanced team whose goal is to fill the foe's side with entry hazards, remove Garchomp's checks, and then send the infamous "HaxChomp" (Garchomp with Sub + Bright Powder) to wreak havoc on the foe's team.

- Team Building Proccess

First, I started off with the HaxChomp set. Then, I knew I would add SandStorm, entry hazards, a couple of counters to Rain and a special sweeper. First, the SandStorm issue. I picked Tyranitar over Hippowdon because it's my favourite pokémon.

Now a response to Rain teams. Something that can tank Water/Ice attacks and respond. I choose the underrated Rotom-W, because it has STAB Thunderbolt to deal with Water pokémon and STAB Hydro Pump to deal with bulky Ground pokémon.

Now, I want something to take on enemy SandStorm teams, something that can counter Excadrill, Landorus, Garchomp, etc. The only pokémon that counter those 3 at the same time is Skarmory, so I went with him.​

Now, I need another Rain counter, and I need Stealth Rock, because Skarmory is not going to set both Spikes and Stealth Rock. The obvious choice for that is Ferrothorn, even if he shares a weakness with Skarmory.

Now, I see my team has no special sweepers, meaning that my team is walled by dedicated Physical walls. Then I picked an amazing pokémon which also helps against stall teams: Reuniclus.

And this is the final look.

- In Depth

~ Tyranitar @ Choice Band

  • Nature; Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack)
  • Ability; Sand Stream
  • EVs; 252 HP/252 Attack/4 Special Defense
  • Moveset;
    • Stone Edge;Tyranitar's most powerful STAB, breaking through everything that doesn't resist it.
    • Crunch; Tyranitar's secundary and reliable STAB, used to kill ghosts/psychics that don't switch.
    • Pursuit;Used to hit pokémon that like to flee from the powerful Crunch.
    • Superpower; Has awesome coverage with Crunch and Stone Edge.
Tyranitar (or Hippowdon) is a must on every Sandstorm team.
Since I already have my physical wall (Skarmory), I decided to
go with a CBtar to hit stuff HARD. The funny part is that no one
expects CB anymore, they always predict a Fire Blast/Stealth Rock.
Anyways, the main roles of this Tyranitar are setting SandStorm
and open holes on Garchomp's common counters (like Skarmory or Bronzong).

EVs and Nature
  • Adamant Nature for max Attack.
  • 252 HP for max Bulk.
  • 252 Attack for maximum Offensive power.
  • 4 SDef is a filler.
Considerable Changes

Using Aqua Tail for Gliscor or Fire Punch for other Steel types.

~ Rotom-W @ Leftovers

  • Nature; Calm (+Special Defense, -Attack)
  • Ability; Levitate
  • EVs; 248 HP/164 Special Defense/96 Defense
  • Moveset;
    • Will-O-Wisp; Rotom-W's way to cripple physical attackers (and Ferrothorn) that like to swich-in.
    • Hydro Pump;
      Used here for STAB and to kill ground pokémon that Rotom-W loves to wall.
    • Thunderbolt;
      This is Rotom-W's reliable STAB and the move I spam the most when I'm facing a Rain team, since water pokémon dislike a STABed Thunderbolt in the face.
    • Pain Split; Is Rotom-W's "healing way", which isn't reliable, but works some times.
Rotom-W is a very underrated pokémon (on gen 5),
but it's very useful. His typing grants useful resistances
in Water/Ice/Fire and a Ground immunity, meaning he
can switch with ease on Water pokémon and fire
Thunderbolts, as well as on Ground pokémon to fire Hydro Pumps.

EVs and Nature
  • Calm Nature helps on special walling.
  • 248 HP is to reach the max odd HP number.
  • 164 Special Defense is to take 2 Surfs from Specs Toed.
  • 96 Def is filler.
Considerable Changes

Using Thunder Wave to cripple special swift swimmers.

~ Skarmory @ Leftovers

  • Nature; Impish (+Defense, -Special Attack)
  • Ability; Sturdy
  • EVs; 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Speed
  • Moveset;
    • Brave Bird;
      Skarmory's attacking option, meaning that he won't be shut down by Taunt. It also helps against Breloom and SD Virizion.
    • Roost; Recovery move, which Skarmory usually needs.
    • Whirlwind; Phazing. Also brings the Entry Hazards into effect.

    • [*]
      Another form of hazards that will punish the opponent's switches. Ferrothorn gets so many turns to set them that it's not even funny.
Skarmory is also VERY USEFUL on this meta game
full of sandstorm abusing pokémon. It can act as
a defensive pivot against stuff like Landorus, Garchomp,
Excadrill and more. It also provides Stealth Rock support to the team.

EVs and Nature
  • Impish Nature maximizes my Defense stat, allowing me to take on threats like Excadrill better.
  • 252 Defense maximizes the Defense too.
  • 252 HP maximizes the physical bulk too.
  • 4 Speed is a filler.
Considerable Changes


~ Ferrothorn @ Leftovers

  • Nature; Careful (+Special Defense, -Special Attack)
  • Ability; Levitate
  • EVs; 252 HP/248 Special Defense/8 Defense
  • Moveset;
    • Power Whip; Power Whip is Ferrothorn's STAB and it dents the Water pokémon that Ferrothorn loves to wall.
    • Leech Seed;
      Leech Seed is a "healing way", which also allows Ferrothorn to stall out some pokémon, when used alongside...
    • Protect; It's being used here to waste a Leech Seed turn and scout what choiced pokémon are going to do. This is useful.
    • Stealth Rock: The most basic Entry hazard, which helps Garchomp.
Most used pokémon for a good reason. This guy is very sturdy
(74/131/116), especially given the typing. He's a godsend against
rain teams. It also supports the team by setting spikes.

EVs and Nature
  • Careful Nature for more Special Defense
  • 252 HP for max overall bulk.
  • 248 Special Defense for maximizing my ability to wall water/electric pokémon.
  • 8 Defense is a filler.
Considerable Changes

Sometimes, I really wish I had Gyro Ball, but Protect is so useful..

~ Reuniclus @ Leftovers

  • Nature; Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
  • Ability; Magic Guard
  • EVs; 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Special Attack
  • Moveset;
    • Calm Mind; Reuniclus' way of setup. Reuniclus has the bulk to achieve a lot of Calm Minds.
    • Psyshock;
      Is my main form of STAB. I use it over Psychic because it does more damage to Blissey and to other Calm Minders.
    • Focus Blast; Hits Steel and Dark pokémon that think they can take Psyshocks for free.
    • Recover;
      Healing way, whenever I need.
Reuniclus is my special sweeper and my OHSHIT button,
when everything else fails. It's also the only thing that
resists Fighting on the team. This thing is seriously broken,
it has more physical bulk than Milotic, and can get a crapload
of Calm Minds.
EVs and Nature
  • Bold Nature for maximum Defense.
  • 252 Defense is for maximum Defense.
  • 252 HP is for maximum overall bulk.
  • 4 Special Attack is a filler.
Considerable Changes
Using Shadow Ball to hit other psychic pokémon and sableye/spiritomb.

~ Garchomp @ Bright Powder
  • Nature; Jolly (+Speed, -Special Attack)
  • Ability; Sand Veil
  • EVs; 252 Attack/252 Speed/4 Special Defense
  • Moveset;
    • Outrage; 120 Base Power STAB Move to kill everything.
    • Earthquake;
      Secondary STAB and hits steel types that resist the Outrage (barring Bronzong/Skarmory).
    • Substitute;
      Allows me a free turn to use Swords Dance or attack. If I use 4 Substitutes, there is a 75.99% chance the opponent misses at least one attack.
    • Swords Dance;
      Garchomp's setup move. This thing allows Outrage to hit like hell.
There, the BOSS, the manliest poké ever. Seriously, this thing
is very cheap. If it gets a Substitute, it will be very hard to stop,
and there is a 75.99% chance that the opponent will miss at least
once if it attacks 4 times, allowing a substitute.


EVs and Nature
  • Jolly Nature lets me outspeed as much Pokes as I can.
  • 252 Speed for the maximum Speed.
  • 252 Attack allows me to hit as hard as possible.
  • 4 Special Defense is a filler.
Considerable Changes

Some times I REALLY wish I had Dragon Claw over Outrage, due to the confusion and due to enemy Ferrothorns tanking the Outrages and killing Garchomp with Iron Thorns.

- Final Look



- Bulbapedia for the Images.
- Myself for making the team.
- You for reading.

First of all I'd like to say great job one this "Rate My Team" well done. There isn't much I would suggest to change. The only thing I would consider changed is changing Earthquake to Fire Fang, because it hits all Steel Types and if you run into Tyranitar or anything that resists Fire attacks, they will still die to Outrage. If you are worried about Fire Pokemon that might Sponge the Fire Fang (such as Heatran) even a Non Boosted Outrage does a decent amount.

Once again well done and I hope to see more teams from you in the near future.

Edit: I think Bright Powder is banned but I'm not sure. Just a heads up.

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