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Art by the wonderful Swiffix
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Welcome to the inaugural Bossaru Cup!


- This is an SM NU tournament, with a slight twist: You must use all three of Garbodor, Gurdurr, and Piloswine on your team.
- This will be a Double Elimination tournament.
- Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!, either on the main server or the Smogtours server.
- Activity Calls will decided by one or both of the hosts, Mr.Bossaru and yours truly.
- All applicable Smogon-wide tournament rules apply - including but not limited to ghosting, throwing, etc. If you are caught breaking these rules you will be publicly shamed for cheating in a fun side tour.
- REPLAYS ARE REQUIRED in order to advance development of the Gurdurr Spikes metagame.

Approved by dave mods don't delete this

Prize Distribution will be as follows (subject to change if the prize pool increases):
1st - $60 and an abstract drawing of any Pokémon by Mr.Bossaru
2nd - $40
3rd/4th - $20 x2

If you wish to contribute to the prize pool, please reach out to myself on Discord at Crunchman#2686.

To enter, reply to this thread with "in" or "contacted". Signups will close at 11:59:59 GMT-4, Sunday 6/19.
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