Pet Mod Branched Potential v2: Mismagius, Shiinotic, Primarina (Voting Open)


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Guys guys guys, Slug results :O Total Clefairy (you didn’t win but yknow just telling you) Sorry for taking so so long on this. Just have had a lot to do.

Goodra was won by one Devious Ditto
name: Deserdra
Type: Dragon/Fire
Height: Same as Goodra
Weight: 130 kg
Abilities: Flame Body/Dry Skin/ Drought (HA)
Hp: 95
Def: 105
Sp Atk: 120
Sp Def: 105

New Moves: Overheat, Heat Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Inferno, Heat Crash, Flare Blitz, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Eruption(?),
Dragon Claw, Scale Shot, Morning Sun, Earth Power, Stealth Rock, Fire Lash, Iron Defense, Solar Beam (+17)

Removed Moves: All Water-Type Attacks, all Ice-type Attacks, Acid Armor (-15)

Flavor/Design: This is the evolution of a Sliggoo that managed to wander into the desert. its skin has become dry, and any trace of moisture on it has vanished. it grew claws and scales to protect itself, as it no longer has a slippery body. its tail, curled up into its back, has hardened into a sort of shell, which hinders movement and has caused it to be hunched over.
(evolves from Sliggoo at lvl 50 while it is sunny)

Competitive Description: 600 bst sun Setter anyone? while this is pretty much locked to boots unless you have good hazard control, it sets itself apart from other setters due to its longevity. Morning Sun gives it a good source of recovery, especially under sun. while it can't Spin or Yawn like Torkoal, or be fast like Ninetales, it has great attacking stats, allowing it to abuse its own weather.
it does have downsides, namely getting checked by most of the other Weather setters in the tier. Blastonoise specifically proves to be an issue for it, as it resists or is immune to both of its main STABs.
in terms of moveset, it has fire lash on the physical side to weaken the defences of walls and things switching into it. while it isn't the fastest thing in the world, Scarfed Eruption can prove to be a devastating combo, and even more so under Sun. overall, this can be a fairly versatile mon with a variety of possible sets.
And then with the double memebitatxt. won Magcargo and Gastrodon with his Calibosa, Escarghoul, Gastronaut, and Tsigastrox
Calibosa (Caliente [Hot in Spanish] + Babosa [Slug in Spanish])

Evolves from: Magcargo
Type: Fire/Grass
Stats: 85/80/90/135/100/45
Abilities: Flash Fire/Flame Body/Grassy Terrain (H)
Height: 0.80 m
Weight: 50 kg

Added Moves: Meteor Beam, Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Grass Knot, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Mystical Fire, Scald, Life Dew

Flavor: Calibosa is based on a Snail and in Chilli. It's design would consist in a Chilli Snail covered in Beans with a Bowl as it's Shell

Escarghoul (Escargot + Ghoul)

Evolves from: Magcargo
Typing: Fire/Ghost
Stats: 105/120/90/75/85/60
Abilities: Shell Armor/Flame Body/Cursed Body (H)
Height: 0.6 m
Weight: 90 kg

Added Moves: Poltergeist, Spirit Shackle, Fire Lash, Memento, Destiny Bond, Pursuit

Flavor: Escarghoul is based on the fact that only the shell of snails are left after the animal dies
Gastronaut (Gastropod + Astronaut)

Type: Water/Psychic
Abilities: Sticky Hold/Water Absorb/Levitate(H)
Stats: 121/70/79/122/102/41
Height: 1.1 m
Weight: 25 kg

Added Moves: Psychic, Cosmic Power, Calm Mind, Wish, Meteor Beam

Flavor: Gastronaut is a slug with space elements, as Stars and constellations in it's body, or literal natural satellites orbiting it.

Tsigastrox (Tsigáro [cigarette in Greek] + Gastropod + Toxin)
Typing: Water/Poison
Abilities: Sticky Hold/Corrosion/Lethal Poison (If this Pokémon can defeat its opponent in 5 turns after entering the field, it's attack roses by 2 stages)
Stats: 131/136/98/52/89/29
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 70 kg

Added Moves: Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Toxic Thread, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Fell Stinger, First Impression

Flavor: Tsigastrox is based on the Cigarette Snail, the snail that can kill an adult human between 5 minutes. Now it gains a poison limb and with smoke coming out of it's new gained Shell.
So proud of these winners, we will have the next Slate(the fantasy slate up within 24 hours so get hyped)


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Aircraft Slate Results are In!

Hell yeah fellas, you didn't think it was coming before 2022 but its happening now. Would like to give Hematemesis a
shoutout for compiling the subs, that was very swag of you. I will also give a shoutout to JosJet for
coding a calculator to help out with vote counting, that was also very swag. With that being said,
here are the winners for Slate 8: the Aircraft Slate!

:yanmega: Yanmega by Hematemesis !

Height: 0'4"
Weight: 8 pounds
Abilities: Mummy
Stats: 96/66/126/96/96/35

New Moves: Pain Split, Hex, Toxic Spikes, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Claw
Removed Moves: Defog, Air Slash
Flavor/Design: Cicada + Mega (Cicada is a frequently dead bug, and Mega comes from the griffinfly, which makes it a massive cicada that cannot fly as well as a dragonfly). Yanma evolves into Cicamega instead of Yanmega if Yanma has red HP when evolving.

Competitive Description:
Cicamega is a functional combination of Cofagrigus and Shedinja. The bug/ghost combination provides interesting defensive utility by shutting down fighting types and being a nuisance for physical attackers with will-o-wisp. However, instead of being a 1 hp wonder guard machine, Cicamega goes down the Cofagrigus route of setting up tspikes/wisp and hexing away. Mummy and its large defense stat allow it to mess around with some physical attackers. Pain split is to have unreliable recovery but recovery nonetheless, and rest is also an option. Cicamega has poultry speed and attack and moderate special attack, it's still weak to SR, and gets bodied by a lot of types, but I think it's definitely interesting. Toxic spikes might be a cool addition to the meta. This is my first sub so I hope you enjoy!
:dragapult: Dragapult by memebitatxt. !​
Dragocaulus (Dragon + Diplocaulus)
Typing: Dragon/Water
Stats: 100/125/90/100/85/100
Abilities: Swift Swim/Infiltrator/Technician

Added Moves: Dual Chop, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Rock Tomb, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Earth Power

Removed Moves: All Ghost Moves [Except Curse] (-6), Thunder, Thunderbolt, Infestation, Lock-On, Fly, Steel Wing, Light Screen, Reflect, Thunder Wave, Will-o-wisp, Dragon Darts (-18)

Description: If a Drakloak evolves holding a Revive, it will evolve to Dragocaulus instead of Dragapult. Dragocaulus is how the Dragapult line would've looked like if it wasn't actually extinct
and :magnezone: Magnezone by JosJet ! clear proof that the calculator is rigged smh my head
Branched Evolution Name: Magneboom [Magne Pre-fix + SonicBOOM/BOOMburst]

Abilities: Levitate / Analytic / Regenerator
Height: 1.3 m | 4'03"
Weight: 155.0 kg | 341.7 lbs.
Stats: 130 HP / 60 Atk / 100 Def / 90 SpA / 120 SpD / 35 Spe [BST: 535]

New Moves: Doom Desire, Recover, Boomburst, Hyper Voice, Automize, Heal Bell, Dark Pulse, Ice Beam, Flamethrower (+9)
Removed Moves: Body Press, Signal Beam, Wild Charge, Charge Beam, Electro Ball, Electroweb, Thunder (+7)
:magnezone: Special Wall / Mixed Wall / Defensive Pivot :magnezone:
Alright so this is my way of adding a new defensive mon to the meta. This is specifically designed to provide more counter-play against Phankyr and Mega-Lapidour.

Magneboom is immune to not one, but BOTH of Phankyr’s STAB. It also has access to Levitate, so Phankyr doesn’t beat it with Earthquake. Currently, Phankyr is definitely a dominant mon in the meta, it gets pretty much free set up with Coil and Esiugsid (Disguise), and because of Poltergeist, it is able to hit very hard. It also has supper effective STAB against Annhailord and Clefable, which are two of the most viable Unaware users. All of this can make Phankyr a hard mon to wall.

If Magneboom was introduced into the meta, it would be able to limit Phankyr a bit more without nerfing it anyway. Normal/Steel type at first glance may not seem like the best defensive typing, but because Branch Potential’s meta has a lot of Ghost-types, it is a lot more useful.

Magneboom also has a good matchup against Mega-Lapidour, it resists both of Mega-Lap’s STAB and it’s only really directly threatened by Hidden Power Fighting. It would probably make HP Fighting more common on Mega-Lap, which would definitely limit its moveset more. A SpDef Magneboom would be able to live any hit from Mega-Lap and OHKO it in return with a Steel-type move. Magneboom also has some really cool tools. Most notably Doom Desire.

Doom Desire would essentially be used defensively on Magneboom in the same way Future Sight is used on the Slowtwins. Doom Desire would be great against Mega-Lap, and also breaks Phankyr’s Disguise.

Magneboom’s biggest downfall is definitely its 4x weakness to Fighting. Because of this, it definitely wouldn’t be overwhelming as a wall.

(It also resists Banshigen’s dual stab, and Mega Banshigen has also proven to be very strong in the current meta.)
View attachment 367822
It’s based on a speaker, specifically this levitating speaker. It gets more range in its movepool because that is pretty common with Normal-types. I chose to go for a speaker because I wanted to show how magnets can be used within electronics. I think its a cool transition from magnets to electronics. It gets the Normal-typing since some sound based moves like Sonic Boom (which is a pretty limited move that the Magnemite line already has access too) and Boomburst are Normal-type moves.
The vote count can be found here
Jos please give me permission to edit the sheet I won't do anything bad thank you xx

With that being said, Slate 9 will be the Fantasy Slate,
featuring Hatterene :hatterene:, Dragonite :dragonite:, and Escavalier :escavalier:!
Slate 9 will be opened soon!

Please Do Not Post Your Subs Yet

That's all for now, so have a good day fellas (:
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Sorry for the delay, but here it is :O

SLATE 9: Fantasy
Hatterene, Dragonite, and Escavalier

If you would like a male branch for Hatterene you are allowed to do so, but it'll have to come out of a female Hatenna, as it is the root of the line, you could write some lore to that, or just do it no worries.
Escavalier evolves from Karrablast, so it is a Karrablast branch, not a Shelmet.

You may Post Subs now!
Escavalania (Scaphinotus + Cavalry + Meiolania)
Typing: Rock/Steel
Stats: 90/145/110/65/85/45
Abilities: Sand Stream/Shell Armor/Overcoat

Added Moves: Rock Slide, Smack Down, Stone Egde, Rock Blast, Stealth Rock Earthquake, Rapid Spin

Description: To better adapt with the hard conditions of the desert, this evolution of Escavalier swtiched it's Bug typing for the Rock typing, getting a more robust look, with strong arms and legs to better locomotion in sand. Evolves holding a Smooth Stone in a Sandstorm

Potamushi (Potami [river in Greek] + mushi [bug in Japanese])
Type: Bug/Water
Abilities: Swarm/Water Veil/Water Absorb (H)
Stats: 70/110/65/70/65/115

Added Moves: Liquidation, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Flip Turn, Rapid Spin, U-Turn, Lunge, Skitter Smack (+9)

Removed Moves: All Steel type moves [-5], Megahorn, Close Combat, Focus Blast, Drill Run (-9)

Your Potamushi has evolved into...

Katamurai (Katarráktis (Cataracts in Greek) + Katana + Samurai)
Type: Bug/Water
Ability: Clear Body/Water Veil/Water Absorb
Stats: 80/120/70/70/70/130

Added Moves (in relation to Potamushi): Sacred Sword, Smart Strike, Megahorn, Leaf Blade


Uchyaga (Uchanka + Baba Yaga)
Type: Ice/Fairy
Stats: 47/80/115/147/82/39
Ability: Snow Cloak/Ice Body/Magic Bounce (H)

Added Moves: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Aurora Veil, Teleport, Defog, Nasty Plot (+6)

Removed Moves: Expanding Force, Skill Swap, Heal Pulse, Magic Powder, Psycho Cut, Psyshock, Aromatherapy, Wonder Room, Power Whip (-9)
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Name: Hattisorder (Hatt + Disorder)
Typing: psychic/ghost
Height: same as hatterene
Weight: same as hatterene
Abilities: Cursed Body | Anticipation | Ice Scales (HA)
Stats: 70 | 85 | 70 | 130 | 80 | 75

New Moves: Ice Beam, Will-o-Wisp, Hex
Removed Moves: fairy moves

Competitive Description: bee

Name: Dragowiz (Dragon + Wizard)
Typing: dragon/fairy
Height: same as dragonite
Weight: same as dragonite
Abilities: Inner Focus | Magic Bounce (HA)
Stats: 91 | 95 | 80 | 130 | 104 | 100

New Moves: Moonblast
Removed Moves: Dragon Dance

Competitive Description: bee

:bw/escavalier: (wip)
Name: Escafected (Escavalier + Infected)
Typing: poison/steel
Height: 5 m
Weight: 75 kg
Abilities: Regenerator | Shell Armor | Poison Touch
Stats: 90 | 115 | 100 | 110 | 105 | 20

New Moves: Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, Aura Sphere, Surf, Earth Power, Flash Cannon
Removed Moves: 0
Flavor/Design: ohno it is infected (Evolves when traded with a amoonguss)

Competitive Description: bee

:ss/escavalier: (wip)
Name: Escapawnlier (Escavalier, but with pawn instead of ava)
Typing: bug/normal
Height: 2 m
Weight: 10 kg
Abilities: Tinted Lens | Swarm | Limber
Stats: 90 | 115 | 90 | 70 | 90 | 85

New Moves: Earthquake, (reminder it has Return) Leech Life, Lunge, U-Turn
Removed Moves: Iron Head
Flavor/Design: accelgor steals its armor on evolution, now its no longer a knight but a simple pawn ): (evolves when traded with a Accelgor)

Competitive Description: bee
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:dragonite: :bw/dragonite: :swsh/dragonite: :bw/dragonite: :dragonite:
:dragonite: Pokémon Name: Stratonite :dragonite:
:dragonite: Typing: Dragon / Normal :dragonite:
:dragonite: Stats: 50 / 100 / 90 / 119 / 120 / 121 :dragonite:
:dragonite: Ability: Fluffy / Friend Guard / Levitate :dragonite:
:dragonite: New Moves: Hyper Voice, Recover, Heal Bell :dragonite:

:dragonite: Removed Moves: Dragon Dance :dragonite:
:dragonite: Flavor Description: :dragonite:
Stratus is a type of cloud look here. It's a cloud Dragonite nothing much
Dex Entries:
Sword: This Pokémon likes to help others and teach small Pokémon how to fly. It's seen hugging and helping other Dragonair and Dratini.
Shield: Despite being very helpful and playful, this Pokémon is still very strong and will do anything to protect its family.
Competitive Description: Special Attacker w decent bulk that can use physical side well.

:hatterene: :swsh/hatterene::hatterene:
Typing: Fairy / Water
Stats: 70 / 90 / 90 / 100 / 80 / 80
Ability: Marvel Scale / Magic Bounce
New Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Dive, Hydro Pump, Liquidation
Removed Moves: None, Actually.

yeah im not doing that big now its midnight lol but this is nonbinary hatt. a heavily gendered mon (hatterene) + a heavily gendered concept (sirens) into nonbinary is p cool if i say so lol

:swsh/machamp: :bw/machamp: :dp/machamp: :rs/machamp: :gs/machamp: :rb/machamp:
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Short Circuit/Frisk/No Guard
Short Circuit: Use speed stat to calculate the damage for electric type moves
New Moves: Wild Charge, Volt Switch, Electroball, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web, Recover
Removed Moves: Pursuit, Razor Shell, Metal Burst, Iron Head, Drill Run, Steel Beam
Description: Pivot/Supportive mon that sets hazards. The lack of firepower can be replace by its ability. The other moves in the moveset can be use for supportive moves.
Lore: Karrablast getting electroshock instead of being trading with helmet.

:sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega: :sm/sableye-mega:


Typing: Dragon/Psychic
: Early Bird/Thick Fat(HA)
Stats: 110/110/110/90/110/70
New Moves: Psychic, Psychic Fang, Future Sight, Flip Turn,
Removed Moves: Roost, Dual Wingbeat, Fly, Extreme Speed, Hurricane
Description: A really thicc dragon. This pokemon is now the bulkiest early bird mon, allowing it to rest and wake up more easily. It has a good ability of thick fat, covering its ice weaknesses too. Slow Pivot with future sight support can be a set too.
Lore: Instead of learning how to fly, this thing drinks wine when they were Dragonair. They drank too much that, like flamingo, their skin turns into red. It doesn't have the ability to fly, since it's not wyrmwind.
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Name: Virago (Heroine in Latin)
Typing: Fairy/Fighting
Height: 2’06”
Weight: 9.9 kg
Abilities: Steelworker/Guts/Long Reach (HA)
Stats: 95/103/136/29/90/57
New Moves: Close Combat, Spirit Break, Sky Uppercut, Sacred Sword, No Retreat (?), Counter, Reversal, Gyro Ball, Smart Strike, Iron Head, Bulk Up, Zen Headbutt, Swords Dance, Medtate (14)
Removed Moves (from Hatterene’s movepool): all Psychic moves minus Psycho Cut and Rest (19)
Flavor/Design: Hero Princess/ Physically focused Hatterene

this Hattrem branch, evolved into by knowing Play Rough, took a different approach to fighting. instead of relying on psychic powers, it prefers to get down and dirty, having turned what would normally be a tentacle into a hard blade that it swings with reckless abandon.

Competitive Description: this is a bulky physical attacker that uses either Guts to boost attack while granting it a status immunity, Long Reach to avoid burns from Flame Body mons like Volcarona and Deserdra, and Steelworker to essentially gain a 3rd STAB. Low speed means it can also function in TR if you so desire. However, it lacks recovery, so getting worn down is an issue.

Name: Dragnis (Dragon + ignis, one way to translate lightning in latin)
Typing: Dragon/Electric
Height: same as Dragonite
Weight: 190 kg
Abilities: Cloud Nine/Levitate/Static(HA)
Stats: 100/100/80/134/95/91
New Moves: Volt Switch, Rising Voltage, Wild Charge, Nuzzle, Electric Terrain (4)
Removed Moves (From Dragonite’s Movepool): all fire-type attacks -Sunny Day (7)
Flavor/Design: Cloud Dragon, based on M4A’s Mega Dragonite,
Special Focused Dragonite

this branch of Dragonair, evolved using a Thunderstone, has become one with the clouds, gaining a mass of them on its arms and around its neck, which it uses to call forth electricity. you will often see it when storms occur.

Competitive Description: Levitate Dragon/Electric. Cloud Nine allows for weather disruption, which messes with Deserdra's recovery. Levitate gives you a pseudo-Flying typing, allowing you to switch into non-Mold Breaker Ground attacks. Static is there mostly for flavor but can be a great way to punish U-turn/Contact.
flavor will be fleshed out in a bit
totally didn't forget
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Yay my first submission ever:D if any of this is too broken lmk i am kinda dumb sometimes, but i tried to make them as balanced as possible, anyways, here they are<3


Name: Dragonyrm

Typing: Steel/Dragon

Height: 6.5 m (21’3”)

Weight: 273 kg (601.8 lbs)

Abilities: Drizzle, Shell Armor (HA)

Stats: 95/80/120/135/120/50 (600 BST)

New Moves: Coil, Steel Beam, Dragon Hammer, Calm Mind, Flash Cannon, Anchor Shot, Heavy Slam, Gyro Ball, Drill Run, Life Dew, Flip Turn, Liquidation. (+12)

Removed Moves: Hurricane, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Power-Up Punch, Roost, Thunder Punch, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Air Cutter, Aerial Ace, Dynamic Punch, Fire Spin, Incinerate. (-17)

Flavor/Design: Some Dragonair grew in deep, dark, and mineral-filled waters, and with their crystals becoming denser and denser due to the pressure and the absorbed minerals, they started adapting to the depth of the ocean, keeping the serpent-like form, and perfecting it for their ecosystem, by becoming bulkier and heavier, so the storming currents and big predators wouldn’t play with them like Feebas on a Pelipper’s mouth.

It has a bulky, serpent-like body, covered in dark blue scales and argentine, blade-like fins, which it can use to cut or to grab and hold, it moves very agile in the water, but not so much on firm earth.

It evolves from Dragonair when leveled up in open sea, or underwater (using dive).

Competitive Description: Offensive Pivot, Wall/Wallbreaker, as the real dragonite, you can pretty much do whatever you want with this guy!


Name: Enchramaddon (Enchantress, Rama, branch in Spanish, Armageddon)

Typing: Dark/Fairy

Height: 2.1 m (6′11″)

Weight: 507 kg (1117.7 lbs)

Abilities: Tough Claws, Tangling Hair, Contrary (HA)

Stats: 79/103/93/126/99/10 (510 BST)

New Moves: Pain Split, Energy Ball, Forest’s Curse, Synthesis, Wood Hammer, Spiky Shield, Knock Off, Obstruct, Darkest Lariat, Sucker Punch, Torment, Taunt, Assurance, Beat Up, Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Spirit Break. (+18)

Removed Moves: All Psychic type moves, except Calm Mind, Magic Powder and Magic Room.(-18)

Flavor/Design: Even though Hatterene is the one called “Forest Witch”, Enchramaddon would be a lot more deserving of the nickname, because even though they live in Swamps rather than in forest, they play the “witch” part a lot better. Having made itself a throne and cage out of all the corrupted plants that it has learned to control, Enchramaddon has gained an enormous defensive capability, made of vines and its own dark influence.

This mon would be very similar to The Hag, from Dead By Daylight, except a little bulkier, and, like hatterene, with 2 wrinkly but muscular arms sprouting from this Pokemon's "hat", like branches from a tree, and it would be trapped in a cage made of vines and roots which Enchramaddon controls, and uses for attack and defense.

It evolves from hattrem when leveled up with a dark type pokemon in your party.

Competitive Description: Mixed Setup Sweeper<3


Name: Vasrabiás (Vasiliás, Greek for king, and Scarab)

Typing: Bug/Ground

Height: 1.4 m (4’59”)

Weight: 57.5 kg (126.7 lbs)

Abilities: Poison Heal, No Guard, Adaptability (HA)

Stats: 67/100/67/80/67/114 (495 BST)

New Moves: Gunk Shot, Sludge, Sludge Bomb, Acid Armor, Sludge Wave, Earth Power, Earthquake, Seed Bomb, Scorching Sands, Gastro Acid, Coil, Venom Drench, Venoshock, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Smack Down. (+16)

Removed Moves: Focus Blast, Steel Beam, Fury Attack, Metal Burst, Iron Head, Smart Strike, Aerial Ace, Iron Defense, Knock Off, Drill Run, Agility. (-11)

Flavor/Design: When forcefully separated from their favorite prey, Shelmet, and brought to the warm and arid lands of the Desert Resort, Karrablast adapted to its new conditions, and preys, and ended up evolving into Vasrabatá, acquiring a strange, but still endearing, attraction to fertile mud, which they roll up into hollow spheres that they inhabit, and sometimes even consume for sustenance.

Giant Dung Beetle! that what Vasrabatà looks like, a giant, purple dung beetle, with a "hamster ball" made of mud, ornated with seed and other stuff, and several holes which Vasrabatà uses to peep through. Vasrabatà's body is very similar to that of heracross, except the horns and antennae are replaced with several venomous spikes, its "crown", and shorter legs, like long stubs.

It evolves from Karrablast when leveled up twice in an arid area, like a desert.

Competitive Description: Wallbreaker, which can choose to run a precise and powerful choiced No Guard set, or trade precision for immense power with an Adaptability Choiced set. (cough or you could always just coil and sweep cough cough). It has some other things you can try out, like No Guard Toxic Venoshock, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Edit: kind of just explained how they look and corrected the flavor texts. Please correct me if my grammar is wrong, english isnt my first language<3
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Escavalier's evolution: Escaroust :escavalier:
Types: Bug/Steel
Abilities: Swarm, Shell Armor, Stamina
Stats: 90/135/105/65/115/20 (530)
Moves learned after evolving: Leech Life, Body Press, Metal Sound


Escavalier's evolution: Escavight :escavalier:
Types: Bug/Fighting
Abilities: Swarm, Shell Armor, Unburden
Stats: 90/135/105/60/65/75 (530)
Moves learned after evolving: Superpower, Acrobatics, U-turn, First Impression, Fling, Natural Gift, Body Press, Triple Axel

It loses pieces of armor and regains some carapace from when it was a Karrablast. It resembles knights who are more lightly armored, and has a more humanoid shape. Its less defensive, but nimbler and hits harder with possibly more versatility. Its arms and legs have a format that resemble Escavalier's arms. Evolves when Escavalier is in a trade with an Accelgor.


Dragonair's evolution: Dragestiem :dragonair:
Types: Dragon/Rock
Abilities: Shed Skin, Marvel Scale
Stats: 101/100/85/124/110/80 (600)
Moves learned after evolving: Power Gem, Coil, Meteor Beam, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Ancient Power

It has a serpentine, blue body, with round and polished gems along it, resembling Dragonair a lot, but more adorned. It keeps that majestic, mystical look that Dragonair has, and tones it up some


Hattrem's evolution: Hasttral :hattrem:
Abilities: Magician, Anticipation, Magic Bounce
107/130/105/46/73/49 (510)
Moves learned after evolving: Power Whip, Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Drain Punch, Phantom Force, Magic Powder, Trick or Treat, Zen Headbutt, Psycho Cut
Height: 0.7 m / 1.4 m (When standing on the hands that come out of its "hat")
Weight: 4.9 kg
Color: Pink
Shape: Humanoid

This one is based mostly on an image i've seen online of this one character called Ystra, where hands come out of her hat. Just like Hatterene, the "hat" is actually hair. A ponytail, with a hat-like structure on its tip, comes out of the back of its head. From this "hat", comes out a pair of arms, that do not actually belong to anyone else but Hasttral herself. These spectral arms can retreat back into the portal-looking "hat" or come out as one single big arm. Hasttral uses this to fight or just for utility.
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Branched Evolution Name: Dragonele [Dragon + Elegance]

Abilities: Shed Skin / Marvel Scale
Height: 5.2 m | 17'01"
Weight: 120.0 kg | 264.4 lbs.
Stats: 81 HP / 105 Atk / 114 Def / 120 SpA / 100 SpD / 80 Spe [BST: 600]

New Moves: Glare, Moonblast, Play Rough, Calm Mind, Draining Kiss (+5)
Removed Moves: Dragon Dance, Earthquake (-2)
Competitive: Dragonele has access to Marvel Scale which is exclusive to Milotic, Dragonair, and Dratini. With the use of Flame Orb, Dragonace would essentially have a physical Assault Vest without sacrificing status moves. It’d also be able to function as a status absorber, which would really make it a great bulky setup sweeper with Calm Mind.

Design & Flavor: Dragonele retains the sea serpent-like appearance of Dratini and Dragonair. Its small ear-wings(?) and gemstones become a more prominent element of its design which further alludes to the Fairy-type.

Branched Evolution Name: Karriminal [Karrablast + Criminal]

Abilities: Swarm / Shell Armor / Heatproof
Height: 1.5 m | 4'11"
Weight: 210.0 kg | 463.0 lbs.
Stats: 80 HP / 140 Atk / 100 Def / 95 SpA / 85 SpD / 30 Spe [BST: 530]

New Moves: Sucker Punch (+1)
Removed Moves: (0)
Competitive: Karriminal would be a great wall breaker. Although it's quite slow, it makes up for it with its sheer power. It's also slower the Magneboom and could wall it + it has access to fighting coverage.

Design & Flavor: Karriminal is based on the idea that Karrablast steals Shelmet's shell upon trade evolution. As it evolves into Karriminal, it embodies the evil energy that it began to explore through its trade evolution. Its metal armor has also become much tougher and is now impervious to heat damage.

Branched Evolution Name: Karrineel [Karrablast + Neel]

Abilities: Swarm / Weak Armor / Steel Worker
Height: 3.0 m | 9'10"
Weight: 100.0 kg | 220.5 lbs.
Stats: 70 HP / 110 Atk / 85 Def / 69 SpA / 90 SpD / 106 Spe [BST: 530]

New Moves: Dragon Claw, Outrage, Scale Shot, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor (+5)
Removed Moves: Razor Shell, Focus Blast (-2)
Competitive: Karrineel gains pseudo Steel STAB through Steel Worker. With this, its original Bug/Dragon offensive-typing doesn't struggle as much with fairies. While gaining Steel STAB, it also resists Fighting/Ground which are two of Steel's most prominent weaknesses. Gaining Steel STAB, however, doesn't help it against defensive Steel-type, which help check it.

Design & Flavor: When Escavalier evolves into Karrineel, it outgrows its metal shell and forms into a long drake-like creature (flightless dragon). While it no longer resides in its shell, it still uses steel weaponry to battle opponents.

Branched Evolution Name: Pyromene [Play on the words Pyromaniac, Meanie, and Hatterene]

Abilities: Flame Body / Anticipation / Magic Bounce
Height: Same as Hatterene
Weight: Same as Hatterene
Stats: 77 HP / 90 Atk / 85 Def / 93 SpA / 136 SpD / 29 Spe [BST: 510]

New Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, U-Turn, Haze, Knock Off, Will-O-Wisp (+6)
Removed Moves: Expanding Force, Psycho Cut, Psyshock, Stored Power, Giga Drain, Dark Pulse (-6)
Competitive: Pyromene would be a nice defensive mon to have in the meta. We have strong Fire-types like Deserdra and Exsunei to name a few, and this mon could definitely help against them. It has nice utility through Nuzzle, Haze, U-turn, Will-O-Wisp, Healing Wish, and Knock Off, and would definitely be able to support teams.

Design & Flavor: Hattrem in Branched Potential are known to inhabit areas of the region that have high chances of forest fires. After surviving one, they are known to enjoy the energy caused by them so much that they evolve into Pyromene. Pyromene are known to be Pyromaniacs and can summon a flame anywhere on command.
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Name: Lacerene (Lacerate + Serene)
Typing: Fairy/Fighting
Abilities: Iron Fist / Anticipation / Moxie
Stats: 57/127/65/70/73/118 (510 BST)

New Moves: Close Combat, Hammer Arm, Drain Punch, Spirit Break, Circle Throw, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Focus Blast, Mach Punch, Knock Off
Removed Moves: Aromatherapy, Life Dew

Flavour/Design: Lacerene typically evolve from Hattrem exposed to high concentrations of emotions, such as those raised in cities. To protect itself from the emotions of others, it channels them into energy for its boulder-shattering punches. It stores this emotional energy inside a special organ and, when its 'full', Lacerene will expel this energy in a violent outburst. Trainers with known mental health issues are advised to avoid Lacerene due to its emotional-stealing abilities

Primary Roles: Set Up Sweeper (Swords Dance), Speed Control, Cleric (Healing Wish)
Competitive Description: Lacerene is an excellent revenge killer thanks to Moxie and its high Speed, letting it easily clean up late game when its checks are weakened. Its STAB combo of Fairy/Fighting is excellent, giving it great coverage against the majority of the tier (though is struggles against Poison-types), though its actual physical movepool leaves a lot to be desired. Moxie gives Lacerene a lot of snowballing power, but if one wishes to run Iron Fist then it still maintains access to Swords Dance

Name: Dragabyss (Dragon + Abyss)
Typing: Dragon / Ice
Abilities: Illuminate / No Guard
Stats: 91/115/85/125/80/104 (600 BST)

New Moves: Triple Axel, Icicle Crash, Flip Turn, Freeze Dry, Dazzling Gleam, Liquidation
Removed Moves: Roost, Air Slash, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Steel Wing, Dual Wingbeat, Heal Bell, Zap Cannon, Horn Drill

Flavour/Design: Dragabyss reside primarily in the abyssal zone, having evolved from Dragonair who live deep under the sea. Despite living in complete darkness they still manage to see perfectly fine; their eyes are incredibly sensitive to blue light, allowing them to catch the faintest flickers of movement. Once they detect any kind of movement or light, they chase it down and attack it recklessly. As such, they're considered a huge threat to deep sea divers, and some folklores tell of Dragabyss attacking fishing boats to protect their offspring

Primary Roles: Lategame Cleaner, Mixed Wallbreaker, Setup Sweeper (Dragon Dance)
Competitive Description: Though, on paper, it seems like a worse Kyurem, Dragabyss has multiple traits that differentiating it from the funny ice husk. The first is its access to No Guard, allowing it to viably run far better STAB options in Dragon Rush, Scale Shot, and Blizzard, and also turn Triple Axel into a no-drawback 120 BP move. This allows it to run a Dragon Dance set that doesn't blow complete ass. It also has far better coverage options, with perfect accuracy Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, and more. Its base Speed of 104 is very nice, allowing it to outspeed many top tier threats such as Storrow, Phankyr, Magneboom (obv), Abra, etc unboosted, and after one Dragon Dance it outspeeds the entire unboosted meta. Its main flaw lies in its weakness to Stealth Rock and lack of reliable recovery; it's prone to being chipped down and revenged killed by priority and speed control

Name: Cavilrate (Cavalier + Invertebrate)
Typing: Bug/Dark
Abilities: Swarm / Battle Armor / Overcoat
Stats: 95/145/95/70/95/55 (555 BST)

New Moves: Sucker Punch, Lunge, Skitter Smack, Fire Punch, Earthquake
Removed Moves: None

Flavour/Design: After being exposed to a Dusk Stone, Cavilrate has become far more sinister in its habits. It ruthlessly hunts other Bug-types, targeting both weak and strong opponents and, if it finds itself outmatched, isn't afraid to use backhanded tactics to win. Cavilrate uses shells of other Bug-types to build its armour, often taking trophies from them and affixing them to its armour to intimidate other challengers. Its considered a valuable partner for farmers due to its ability to swiftly exterminate pests, but environmentalists despise it for its trophy hunting ways

Primary Roles: Pursuit Trapper, Set Up Sweeper (Swords Dance), Offensive Pivot
Competitive Description: A monstrously powerful Pursuit trapper. Though it lacks Speed, its high Attack, in addition to Swords Dance and good bulk, lets it mow through the many Ghost-types of the tier. STAB Pursuit allows it to trap opponents and either set up on them or just murder them with Pursuit or one of its coverage options in Close Combat or Iron Head. Lunge and Skitter Smack synergise well with its Pursuit trapping too, letting it weaken foes to give it further set up opportunities or U-turn out into a teammate. Access to a nuclear Knock Off discourages would-be checks from switching in freely, and allows it to cripple opponents regardless of if they switch or not


Name: Escaliquis (Escargot + Marquis
Typing: Steel/Fairy
Abilities: Dancer
Stats: 80/110/82/123/85/75 (555 BST)

New Moves: Play Rough, Calm Mind, Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Bullet Punch, Morning Sun, Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Power Gem, Earth Power, Heal Pulse
Removed Moves: Pursuit

Flavour/Design: After being exposed to a Shiny Stone, Escaliquis has renounced its bug-hunting ways and devoted itself to chivalry. During battle it moves with the grace of a dancer, striking down those it deems to be evil. It often refuses to engage with opponents weaker than itself and delights in taking on those much stronger than it. After battles its often seen tending to the wounded on both sides. Escaliquis often refuses to battle using "dirty tactics" such as ambushes and flanking manoeuvres, making it surprisingly difficult to use in battle in spite of its power

Primary Roles: Mixed Setup Sweeper (Swords Dance + Calm Mind + Dancer), idk I'm tired thats all I've got
Competitive Description: A mixed attacker that can act as an anti-setup sweeper thanks to Dancer. Although its bulk is slightly lacking, Escaliquis's excellent Steel/Fairy typing grants it a multitude of resistances to take advantage of, giving it plenty of opportunities to switch in set up. Dancer lets it discourage certain setup sweepers such as Volcarona, Charodile, Garchomp, and probably our future Dragonite and Escavalier branches (lol) from setting up. It also copies Lunar Dance, which is funny. It still retains access to Swords Dance and also gains Calm Mind so Escaliquis can set up on its own as well, utilising its Fairy + Ground coverage on the special side and Close Combat + Knock Off on the physical side
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Name: Dragablaze
Typing: Dragon / Fire
Height: Same as Dragonite
Weight: Same as Dragonite
Abilities: Inner Focus / Multiscale
Stats: 91 / 135 / 90 / 100 / 94 / 90 (600)

New Moves: Flare Blotz
Removed Moves: Fly
Flavor/Design: Dragonair near the Orange Islands volcano evolved fiery skills to become Dragablaze

Competitive Description: Decent Speed and bulk, Dragon Dance attacker. Can also run a surprise Special set due to its good moves.
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Council Submission Feedback: Slate 9
Hello everyone! The council has looked over the current submissions to check for any that may be problematic.
If your submission isn't listed, consider it fine for voting!​
Regic Boat:
:escavalier: Escafected - we notice that you gave Escafected Download as an ability, and just make sure you include flavor connecting to it. So far, Download has only been distributed to Pokémon that were either engineered or modified by humans, so we ask that you include flavor about Escafected being engineered or modified by humans. Alternatively, you could choose a different ability. This is just to make sure we are consistent with the current official flavor connected to Download. Other than that, your subs look good.

:escavalier: Accelerize - minor note, but its base stat total is 5 points too high. Bring its base stat total to 495, and it'll be good!

Superior Serperior:
:hatterene: Virago - base stat total is 2 points too low.
:dragonite: Dragnis - base stat total is 10 points too low. Other than that, your subs look good.

:Dragonite: Dragonyrm - this is a bit over optimized with the addition of Filter. It has a good defensive typing, recovery, and great mixed bulk, so it'd probably be best to remove Filter. Considering the addition of Doom Desire, it should be removed since we currently have Magneboom who has access to it. Other than the fact that that'd cause a bit of overlap, we are planning to restrict additions of Legendary/Mythical signature moves/abilities to one Pokémon. (There will be an update about this with the announcement of Slate 10.) Other than that, it looks good.
:hatterene: Enchramaddon - for this, we ask for the removal of Dark Aura. As part of the Legendary/Mythical restrictions, we'd like to keep Dark Aura as an exclusive ability for a Mega Evolution considering that that is the current conviction with Fairy Aura. The same goes for Jungle Healing in terms of the Legendary/Mythical restrictions. Its base stat total is also 20 points too high. It should have 510 to match with Hatterene.
:Escavalier: Vasrabata - Skatá Sfaíra is vetoed since it is essentially Adaptability + Poison Steel Worker + Hustle draw back. It's a bit over complicated. We intend to not have too many custom abilities for Branch Potential, and the ones that do get accepted should not have combined effects of other abilities. You could alternatively just give it access to Adaptability. Again, with the aforementioned Legendary/Mythical restrictions, we ask that you no longer include Precipice Blades in your submission. Its base stat total is also 45 points too high. It should match Escavalier's 495 base stat total.

(Just a reminder for Escavalier, you could also branch its evolution in a different way to boost its base stat total. Each alternative branch evolutionary line would require more than one Pokémon to be added. For example, you could create two evolutions for Escavalier and have their base stat total match 540. You could also evolve Karrablast into a different Pokémon that matches Escavalier's base stat total and then give that an evolution that has a base stat total of 540 - in a similar format to Mr. Rime's evolutionary line.)
In terms of flavor, we'd like to avoid having lore relating to feces. It can be quite a bit uncomfortable :psynervous:, we'd like to ask that you change its flavor relating to feces to instead reference mud.

:Dragonite: Dragaqua -This sub is good! The only problem is that we already have a Dragon/Water-type Dragon Dance user with a similar stat line - Dragocaulus. For reference:
Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1.53.14 PM.png

If you could make your sub differ more from Dragocaulus, that would be great!

This concludes the sub review! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them on the Branched Potential Discord.

Submissions will be open until Monday, November 15th 12:00 AM GMT +3!
Please try and have your subs finished by then! If you feel like your submissions will take more time than that, yell at us on Discord and we could potentially extend the deadline. In the meantime, if any new submissions need revision, someone from the council will message you on Discord or Smogon. Have a great day everyone, great submissions!​
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Name:Dragoterra(Dragon+Terra,Latin for earth)
Height:1.2 m
Weight:210 kg
Abilities:Shed Skin(Inner Focus)

New Moves:Earthquake,High Horsepower,Earth Power,Rock Slide,Meteor Beam
Removed Moves:Thunderbolt,Thunder
(Based on Dragonair's movepool)

Flavor/Design:Instead of flying,it's on the ground.
Competitive Description:Tank.Not passive due to 133 SpAtk but is a bit slow to really ever sweep with it.I guess you could try an Agility+Meteor Beam set?Idk.

Also all three Dragonites at the top are from different games.Not that there's any difference lol
:escavalier: :karrablast: Karrablast Branched Evolution:

Name: Carieblast (Caries + Karrablast)
Types: Bug/Fairy
Stats: HP: 85/ATK: 95/ DEF: 95/ SPATK: 60/ SPDEF: 130/ SPE: 30/ Total: 495
Ability: Sweet Veil/Shed Skin (Pastel Vei/HA)
Height: 1m / Weight: 20 kg / Egg Group: Bug
Evolves by: Trading Karrablast with a Swirlix
Added Moves(Based off Karrablast's movepol): Spirit Break, Moonblast, Sweet Scent, Aromatherapy, U-turn, Block, Wish. (+7)
Removed Moves: Poison Jab, Acid Spray. (-2)

Description/Flavor: Upon interacting with the Pokémon Swirlix, Karrablast gains a sweet power which evolves it into Carieblast. It has a long body covered with pink cotton candy. These candies have unnatural healing powers capable of curing even the deadliest of diseases. It often supports Karrablast in tough battles, allowing them to prosperate quickly.

Competitive Description: Specially defensive wall with access to entry hazards (Sticky Web) and also a cleric (Wish and Aromatherapy).

:hatterene: :hattrem: Hattrem Branched Evolution:

Name: Hattroar (Hattrem + Roar)
Types: Psychic/Dragon
Stats: HP: 67/ ATK: 110/ DEF: DEF: 95/ SPATK: 76/ SPDEF: 93/ SPE: 69/ Total: 510
Ability: Intimidate/Anticipation (Tough Claws/HA)
Height: 1.8m/ Weight: 40kg / Egg Group: Fairy
Evolves by: Reach level 42 while holding a Dragon Fang.
Added Moves(Based off Hatterene's movepol): Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Scale Shot, Draco Meteor, Breaking Swipe, Zen Headbutt, Knock Off, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang (+10)
Removed Moves: Aromatic Mist, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss (-4)

Description/Flavor: When receiving the powers of a Dragon Fang, Hattrem evolves into Hattroar. It's hair takes a shape resembling a dragon's head, and it grows two tentacles with huge claws on the end (similar to Hatterene's). It grows a long tail and small wings, allowing it to fly. It usually lives alone and likes to play pranks on other Pokémon.

Competitive Description: Slow physical attacker with access to Trick Room and Intimidate.

:dragonite: :dragonair: Dragonair Branched Evolution:

Name: Dragoquias (Dragon + Reliquias/Leftovers in Latin/Relics in Porutuguese)
Types: Dragon/Normal
Stats: HP: 115/ ATK: 135/ DEF: 85/ SPATK: 100/ SPDEF: 85/ SPE: 80/ Total: 600
Ability: Pickup (Technician/HA)
Height: 2.2m / Weight: 210 kg / Egg Group: Water 1, Dragon
Evolves by: After giving it an Enigma Berry to eat.
Added Moves(Based off Dragonite's movepol): Recycle, Hyper Voice, Swords Dance, Quick Attack, Sacred Sword, Slash, Leaf Blade. (+7)
Removed Moves: Extreme Speed. (-1)

Description/Flavor: When a Dragonair eats an Enigma Berry, it is influenced by it and evolves into Dragoquias. Dragoquias resembles a Dragonite, but thinner and has a pale greenish coloration instead of orange. On the end of it's tail it has a blade made of leftovers, the more leftovers it eats, the sharpier the blade, it is also edible. Dragoquias usually steals from Pokémon that have too many food and gives them to weaker Pokémon to help them. It's biggest enemy are Greedent.

Competitive Description: Bulky physical sweeper with defensive capability and (maybe?) an wallbreaker.
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local penguin escapes zoo to branch out into new pet mods

Hatterance (Hatter + Entrance)
Abilities: Anticipation, Frisk, Levitate (HA)
HP: 57
Atk: 50
Def: 65
SpA: 126
SpD: 109
Spe: 103
(BST: 510)
New Moves: Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Nasty Plot, Hex, Ominous Wind, Will-o-Wisp, Icy Wind, Moonblast (+8)
Removed Moves: Stored Power, Psyshock, Psychic, Expanding Force (-4)
The Hatterene line honestly sounds kinda violent and messed up emotionally, although not straight up malevolent. So, this branched evo is if Hattrem actually did have malevolent intent and used its awareness of others' emotions for evil, resulting in a more witch-esque evo. Rather than giving its targets a physical beat down as its Pokedex descriptions mention, it instead learns to beat them down mentally with its new "toxic" mentality. :P
Competitively, it has 103 speed to outpace Garchomp and Phankyr and threaten either a Wisp or an OHKO with some coverage, and a lower base SpAtk than Hatterene to make up for stronger immediate boosting in Nasty Plot. It may not have the best defensive stats, but it has a pretty solid defensive typing, only being weak to Psychic and Steel with its access to Levitate. It also suffers heavily against opposing Poison-types, having lost its Psychic coverage, but it can hit plenty of other things super-effectively between Poison, Fairy, and Fire coverage (Mystical Fire). Alternatively, it can run a more status-depending breaking set, with Wisp/Nuzzle + Hex.

Dragofnir (Dragon + Fafnir)
Marvel Scale/Steely Spirit
HP: 84
Atk: 100
Def: 115
SpA: 126
SpD: 102
Spe: 73
(BST: 600)
Weight: 321 kg (708 lbs)
New Moves: Sludge Bomb, Taunt, Bullet Punch, Flash Cannon, Heavy Slam, Acid Armor, Belch, Gunk Shot, Toxic Spikes (+8)
Removed Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Tailwind, Fly, Extreme Speed, Air Slash, Heal Bell, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave (-9)
Based on the idea that Dragonair receives offerings, what if it went the traditional Dragon route of becoming a greedy horder? It takes inspiration from Fafnir, which doesn't breathe fire but instead has a poisonous breath (but isn't necessarily a poisonous dragon, ya feel?). Steely Spirit is both for the treasure hording and reference to Fafnir's Nordic dwarf roots.
Competitively, it can be a bulky wallbreaker with double STAB (but without the defensive benefits of Dragon/Steel), or it can be an extremely tanky mon, esp on the Physical side, with access to good utility like Roost, Defog, and new Toxic Spikes. You can either run Marvel Scale for that extra defensive buff or to punish opponents using status, or keep Steely Spirit to be able to hit some switchins harder. Loss of Fire moves makes it harder to answer Steel Types, unless you want to run EQ on the physical side. While a Steel Dragon typing would give it really strong Steel STAB and would be neat against opposing Dragons, it keeps it weaker against opposing Steels and Dragons but greatly improves its matchup against Ground and Fighting types. The speed allows it to outspeed Mega Lapidour after a DD, where it can still hit pretty hard despite a lower Atk stat with powerful moves in Heavy Slam, Outrage, and Gunk Shot/EQ.

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