Project Break My Team 3.0 [On Hold for Voting Until 2/22/20]


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The third BMT cycle is over, with M24's Golurk post winning a spot in the hall of fame!

I'm going to be revisiting the Team Queue as Pokemon Home's recent release has shaken up the current metagame quite a bit. If anyone would like to submit a team, DM me on Discord (pqs#5378) and I'll make it the Cycle 4 team to break! First come first serve will be in place for this, as long as the team is viable enough.

Anyhow, what are y'alls thoughts on having 1v1 Old Gens teams or 1v1 OMs teams incorporated into this? React with the following reactions to support your choice:
Both -

None -

Only 1v1 Old Gens -

Only 1v1 OMs -

Edit: Okay I legit forgot that thread polls existed I'm not like farming :(( but I'll keep it like this just for now so I won't be an annoyance to everyone that already casted their vote. Also, this poll will end on 2/22/2020, so get your votes in by then!
Edit 2: Shortened voting because I like the number 2
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I'm also going to be testing out a reward system for team breakers! The user with the most likes at the end of the cycle of breaking teams will be rewarded with 30 Kyubits from the 1v1 Shopfront if they're registered with it. The Kyubit rewards, though, will not be retroactively added to any past winners of BMT.

If I see any malicious activity with people voting for their friends for the sole purpose of letting them get the Kyubits, the reward / incentive system will be ended effective immediately.


Edit: Though I do have the sufficient funds to keep this going on for a while if this new system does turn out to work, I will still be accepting donations :3.
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