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Hello all!

Im a bit new to this forum but have been playing for quite awhile. Ive been doing some breeding in my spare time lately and Ive ended up with a fair amount of mons whose IVs are good enough that I cant bring myself to release or wondertrade. I was hoping some of you here would be interested in swapping them for some of your own rejected specimens. All pokes are hatched by me and born in the US.

Pokemon which I am specifically looking for: Larvitar, HA Slowpoke, Dewpider, Mareanie, Gastly, Ferroseed, HA Heracross, HA Shellos, HA Magnemite, Vullaby, Dhelmise

I am preferably looking for pokemon from out of my region also.

Here is what Ive got:

Feebas x6 | all are Modest
5 IV x2
4 IV x4

Egg Moves: Mirror Coat / Dragon Pulse

Shroomish x12 | various natures
5IV x9
4IV x3 (two of these are missing the 5th IV by only one or two points)

Egg Moves: Drain Punch / Focus Punch / Charm / Seed Bomb

Carvanha x4 | all are Adamant | {Lure Ball}
5IV x1 (missing HP)
4IV x2 (one has 30HP & missing speed / other has HA)
3IV x1 (still very good overall)

Egg Moves: Psychic Fangs

Gible x3 | all are Jolly
5IV x1 ( missing SPatk :) )
3IV x2 ( both have 30 SPatk / missing speed)

Beldum x4 | all are Adamant | {Moon Ball}
5IV x3 x2(one has 30 Spd / missing Spd / Missing HP / 2 1 have HA)
4IV x1

Shuppet x10 | all are Adamant | {Moon Ball}
5IV x10

Egg Moves: Gunk Shot / Destiny Bond / Imprison / Confuse Ray

Kangaskhan x12 | all are Jolly
5IV x2
4IV x10 x9

Eevee x5 | various natures | {Level Ball}
4IV x5 x4 ( all missing SpDef by 1 or 2 pts, other stat varies)

Egg Moves: Yawn / Flail / Stored Power

Thank you for reading !
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Hi! Please take a sec to review our Wi-Fi rules to make sure everything in your thread is in accordance (for instance, I notice a Trainer OT/ID missing).

If you'd like to keep this thread as an on-going project, that's fine. Though if you're only looking for those few trades and don't see yourself operating a thread, you'd be better off posing in simple questions/requests instead. :) Good luck!
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