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Hi all!

It's that time of year once again and it seems like some of our pals in the community have finally gotten hold of a BDSP data set. This will be updated as we get more information, please discuss findings here.

Most of this data will come from Kurt (@Kaphotics) / Twitter / or Matt https://mobile.twitter.com/mattyoukhana_?

Movesets: BDSP - Master Pokémon Info - Pastebin.com
chlo has been finding differences here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threa...-pearl-data-dumps.3693375/page-3#post-9026908
Teclis has been finding whats been lost here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threa...pearl-data-dumps.3693375/page-48#post-9032479
Text Data: https://t.co/9qYZYGkusd?amp=1
Item Images:
Trainer teams - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_uRpnFWroeCY3RaRi4lXeS9uZEDXiRIMBtTQVGrIZ3w/edit#gid=0 (Thanks to Hematite )
Battle Tower - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TryggpRDWMgIrZ6BPobamvJHiJjXhp0RRypD8uBXCRA/edit#gid=0
Wild encounters (all), Trainer Teams & Battle Tower, Decompiled scripts for all in-game events (!!!) - https://mega.nz/folder/XQNhnCgI#qxnHJntj0pyUoEUdDUitzw
Detailed Underground Encounter tables - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...7EAG-tfFGj8PXVH7rtSXXJy5is/edit#gid=900212099 & Explanation https://www.smogon.com/forums/threa...pearl-data-dumps.3693375/page-34#post-9029388 by Hematite
Pickup Table - https://pastebin.com/gbUUYqzQ

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Based off some text in a scenario file I think some rematches might be doubles?

1048 98 11-msg_c08gym0103_leader_07_01 You’re late. I’ve been waiting so long I’ve gone numb. I’ve had a few challengers since you were last here, but it’s no shock that none of them really got my heart racing. So, ! You defeated the Champion and got even stronger, right? Heheheh... Hahaha! The thrill of anticipation is tingling through my veins—don’t disappoint me!
1049 99 11-msg_c08gym0103_leader_08_01 You’re late, ! Whenever I see you, I feel a jolt of anticipation. Don’t disappoint me!
1050 100 11-msg_c08gym0103_leader_07_02 Now that’s what I expect of a Trainer who’s made it into the Hall of Fame! My battles with you are always full of shocking new discoveries!
1051 101 11-msg_c08gym0103_leader_08_02 My battles with you are always full of shocking new discoveries!
1052 102 11-msg_c08gym0103_leader_07_03 This Sticker is charged up with my crackling-hot energy. Give it a try, if you like.
1053 103 11-msg_c08gym0103_leader_07_04 I’m always eager for a battle with you. Next time you feel like it, come on back for more!
1054 605 45-msg_tower_mw_c01gym0101_leader_01 I’m confident in the rock-solid rapport between my dad and me!
1055 606 45-msg_tower_mw_c02gym0101_leader_01 Gwahaha! Don’t get so cocky that you let your guard down, son!
1056 607 45-msg_tower_mw_c01gym0101_leader_02 You smashed through our father-son teamwork...
1057 608 45-msg_tower_mw_c02gym0101_leader_02 Well done! I see I still have some training to do!
1058 609 45-msg_tower_mw_seven2_01a Oh! Hi, ! I almost got lost again, but then I met Cheryl!
1059 610 45-msg_tower_mw_seven2_01b Let’s get out of here together, Cheryl!
1060 611 45-msg_tower_mw_seven1_01 It’s been a while, . It’s always nice to have a traveling companion— and right now, mine is Mira!
1061 612 45-msg_tower_mw_seven2_02 Me and Cheryl have no one else left...
1062 613 45-msg_tower_mw_seven1_02 We’ll just wait here.
1063 614 45-msg_tower_mw_c05gym0113_leader_01 Please enjoy the spectacle of our duet!
1064 615 45-msg_tower_mw_c03gym0101_leader_01 Let me lay it on the line—if we work together, Fantina and I are sure to beat you!
1065 616 45-msg_tower_mw_c05gym0113_leader_02 What a spectacular show! Your timing together was idéal!
1066 617 45-msg_tower_mw_c03gym0101_leader_02 And here I thought we were doing so well!
1067 618 45-msg_tower_mw_gkanbu3_01 Oh, it’s you... I suppose I’ll set aside our history. For now, I am simply your opponent.
1068 619 45-msg_tower_mw_gkanbu2_01 Did you want something? How silly of me to even ask.
1069 620 45-msg_tower_mw_gkanbu3_02 I suppose I should have expected this from the Trainer who defeated our boss.
1070 621 45-msg_tower_mw_gkanbu2_02 Next time I’ll send you running away crying!
1071 622 45-msg_tower_mw_c09gym0101_leader_01 When you combine my focus with Maylene’s... Well, it’s pretty impressive!
1072 623 45-msg_tower_mw_c07gym0101_leader_01 Gee, I’m hungry... Oh, sorry, it’s nothing.
1073 624 45-msg_tower_mw_c09gym0101_leader_02 I’m so sorry, Maylene! I just couldn’t stay focused!
1074 625 45-msg_tower_mw_c07gym0101_leader_02 If I hadn’t been so hungry... Oops, never mind! I didn’t say anything!
1075 626 45-msg_tower_mw_seven3_01 Are you ready for us to test out your teamwork with your Pokémon?
1076 627 45-msg_tower_mw_seven4_01 I hope you and your team are healthy...
1077 628 45-msg_tower_mw_seven3_02 Whatever you did to prepare for this, you must have been doing it right!
1078 629 45-msg_tower_mw_seven4_02 You’re the best, just the way you are...
1079 630 45-msg_tower_mw_seven5_01a Yo! If it isn’t ! Let’s see which of us can make it to the top first!
1080 631 45-msg_tower_mw_seven5_01b Heheh! Check it out—you’re facing the greatest Trainer there is!
1081 632 45-msg_tower_mw_bigfour2_01 Ahaha! Dear child, keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds!
1082 633 45-msg_tower_mw_seven5_02a Heheh! You really are pretty good! Of course, it won’t take me long to surpass you.
1083 634 45-msg_tower_mw_seven5_02b Wow, you’re actually pretty good! Oh well. It won’t take long for me to surpass you!
1084 635 45-msg_tower_mw_bigfour2_02 I believe you can go as far as you want.
1085 636 45-msg_tower_mw_bigfour3_01 Hiya, ! Still got those flames burning inside you?
1086 637 45-msg_tower_mw_c08gym0103_leader_01 I thought you’d show up, . Good thing, too—I was just starting to get bored!
1087 638 45-msg_tower_mw_bigfour3_02 ... ... ... ...Whew. Burnt right down to cinders...
1088 639 45-msg_tower_mw_c08gym0103_leader_02 Hahaha! That was a blast! Right, Flint? Uhhh... Flint?
1089 640 45-msg_tower_mw_gkanbu1_01 , it’s payback time! We’ve got quite the backlog of scores to settle— and I’m not about to let you off the hook!
1090 641 45-msg_tower_mw_gingaboss_01 So, we meet again, . It seems that our fates have become intertwined. But here and now, I will finally break that bond!
1091 642 45-msg_tower_mw_gkanbu1_02 Calm down, Mars... This is all a dream... Just a bad dream!
1092 643 45-msg_tower_mw_gingaboss_02 Just how long will your legend continue?!
1093 644 45-msg_tower_mw_rival_01 You made it, ! I managed to meet my dad here and achieve one of the biggest goals my life! But my other goal is to become the greatest Pokémon Trainer in the world. And I’m about to achieve it by beating you— right here, right now!
1094 645 45-msg_tower_mw_boss_01 Hi, ! Well done getting this far! My son grew up so much since meeting you that I could hardly recognize him. So please, accept my most sincere thanks! And now, as the Tower Tycoon, I will face you in battle with all my might—and my son by my side!
1095 646 45-msg_tower_mw_rival_02 Darn it! I seriously still can’t win?! I always seem to lose right when it counts! It’s bad enough letting down my dad, let alone the Tower Tycoon... Darn it!!!

The first two sound like just Candice and then Volkner individually, but after that I wanna say....Byron/Roark, Mina/Cheryl, Fantina/some gym leader [I suppose Crasher Wake by elimination? {edit: or gardenia}], Saturn/Jupiter, Candice/Maylene, Cyrus/Mars, Buck/Bertha, Volkner/Flint, and Palmer/Barry.

If you're going through the text files from Kaphotics, this and postgame stuff seems to be in english_dp_scenario3.

EDIT: Now that I'm paying more attention I realize all these strings are prefixed with "tower" so they might be doubles pairs you fight in the Battle Tower.
OK, I skimmed through the moves, and I have some comments. Not all of them may be especially relevant to you, or you, or especially you, but regardless, here we go.

  • So, Hidden Power appears to have been brought back pretty much solely for the purpose of Unown having a move, because nothing else gets it. The most egregious example, at least in my opinion, is Burmy now getting String Shot at level 20.
  • Most of the axed moves don't appear to have returned. Beedrill gets Fury Cutter instead of Twineedle. I feel nauseous.
  • Speaking of Beedrill, it has the honor of getting to learn Poison Sting at level 17. I... what inexplicable forces of evil would conspire to compel you to want to reteach Poison Sting, just in general?
  • Kricketot not having Bide makes me want to throw something.
  • Clamperl did not get a move to replace Clamp. It just has three moves until Shell Smash, which is still at level 50.
  • Shroomish still gets Spore at level 40, far beyond the point where you would want to evolve it, and Breloom still cannot get the move itself.
  • Fun fact- BDSP will be the first games to give Qwilfish access to Swords Dance via TM specifically- in the past, it was the Gen 3 move tutor and the TR in SwSh. That's it.
  • Ampharos still doesn't get Tail Glow. The age-old injustice still stands. And yes, Tail Glow is back. Volbeat and Manaphy get it.
  • Weezing still has no physical STAB. It has been in this state since the originals that these games are remakes of. I am suitably disgruntled.
  • THEY TOOK. DREAM EATER. BACK OUT. OF DROWZEE. AND HYPNO'S. LEVEL-UP. MOVEPOOLS. Oh, but don't worry, they filled that space well enough. Hypnosis at level 1. Hypnosis at level 21. Hypnosis at level 37. What crack from the depths of hell were they smoking when they worked on this one?
  • Muk no longer has Moonblast. I know it's not useful for it, so it's no big loss in terms of practicality, but this still makes me sad.
  • Ekans and Arbok no longer get Poison Jab by leveling up. This one stings. I still remember using an Arbok ingame in Ultra Moon. No physical STAB leveling up between Poison Sting and Gunk Shot, and the TM for Poison Jab was on Mt. Friggin' Lanakila. Then Let's Go came around and gave it Poison Jab by leveling up, and I was happy.
  • Dodrio was not given High Jump Kick to compensate for Jump Kick's continued failure of existence. It was, however, given Lunge. And... Wing Attack. Like, OK, Steel Wing being a remnant of early-installment weirdness, I get that much. But they made the conscious decision in this day and age to give Wing Attack to a flightless, wingless bird. Are they quite OK over there?
  • Spearow also gets Wing Attack. And it gets Wing Attack three levels after it learns the slightly superior Aerial Ace. I'm not sure what I think of that.
Something worth of note is that for example, I only see one Vulpix entry.

That pretty much kills the presence of regional forms in the game, it really is just the base gen 4 dex, but with fairy type in the mix.

Completely out of nowhere I see they took Take Down off Beldum and gave it Tackle instead. At least it'll stop suiciding when you want to catch it.
I've glissed around most of the pokemon and I don't really see any gamebreaking moveset change really. Just the occasional move up/down in levels, or a gone move replaced with a new one...

And since it's that time of the day where we rant for moveset, Heatran **still** not getting Eruption
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Seems Deoxys now gets Switcheroo (It had Trick) and Toxic Spikes. Oh lovely. It also has Nasty Plot outside of an event which is nice. Speaking of that. Bug Buzz and Nasty Plot are on some new mons:

Bug Buzz:

Nasty Plot:
Deoxys (Was Event Move)

Gonna look into this more but for the most part, Level Up moves are the same as Let's Go or USUM. With those moves not usable in SwSh getting replaced with a move it had before or something new though nothing too special.
Losing way too much sleep over something this irrelevant but are the Kurt Balls something you can purchase in the game or is it exclusively a pre-order thing?
- Electivire now learns Wild Charge at level 1 (previously it was a TM move)
- Lickylicky learns Belly Drum at level 60 (previously an egg move in SS)
- Couldn't find a single noteworthy addition to any mons egg moves Seems like they are copied from SwSh / SM.
- Gliscor gets Earthquake at level 45 (previously a TM move). Doesn't seem to learn Sky Uppercut by level up anymore
- Probopass gets Body Press at level 50
- IDK if its just me, but Toxic seems to have been removed from a lot of Pokemon's TM sets. Notably, Heatran no longer learns it.
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- IDK if its just me, but Toxic seems to have been removed from a lot of Pokemon's TM sets. Notably, Heatran no longer learns it.
I have a suspect that it's consistent with the fact the TM was also not available in gen 8 for the first time in the series.

I think GameFreaks decided that there was no real reason for that move to be learnable by almost the entire Pokedex and it kinda made more sense on... you know... actually toxic pokemon.

Which to be fair I agree with.
I have a suspect that it's consistent with the fact the TM was also not available in gen 8 for the first time in the series.

I think GameFreaks decided that there was no real reason for that move to be learnable by almost the entire Pokedex and it kinda made more sense on... you know... actually toxic pokemon.

Which to be fair I agree with.
Speaking of which, Grimer and Muk, the Pokémon who kill all plant life with their toxic fluid and learn Toxic by level in LGPE...
...they can't learn Toxic in BDSP.
Donphan kept Endeavor as an egg move. Provided egg moves work the same as they do in swsh, and provided we can move Pokémon GO Pokémon into the games eventually, we can have level 1 Endeavor Sturdy Donphans with Ice Shard.

Aron’s out of the job.
Seems like it is the perfect Cynthia's chomp counter. Why even bother training a team? xd

I was looking through the english_dp_trainers.json file, I saw names for Buck, Cheryl, Riley, Marley and Mira. Do these guys also get rematches like the gym leaders?
I wonder if the rematches feature is on the café like it was in Platinum...
Seems like it is the perfect Cynthia's chomp counter. Why even bother training a team? xd

I was looking through the english_dp_trainers.json file, I saw names for Buck, Cheryl, Riley, Marley and Mira. Do these guys also get rematches like the gym leaders?
I wonder if the rematches feature is on the café like it was in Platinum...
I remember trading myself a Phanpy egg that knew Ice Shard to counter Garchomp in Platinum lmao. Donphan was always that bitch!
Speaking of which, Grimer and Muk, the Pokémon who kill all plant life with their toxic fluid and learn Toxic by level in LGPE...
...they can't learn Toxic in BDSP.
That's actually pretty interesting considering Koffing did receive it... maybe a oversight?

From what I've noticing, the only pokemon that had Toxic added back to their TM learnset are:
- Bulbasaur line
- Nidoran line (both)
- Oddish line
- Gastly line
- Koffing line
- Mew (duh)
- Crobat (interestingly, not Zubat/Golbat)
- Wooper line
- Qwilfish
- Shuckle
- Dustox
- Shroomish (not Breelom)
- Roselia line
- Gulpin line
- Vespiquen
- Stunky line
- Skorupi line
- Croagunk line

Almost all of them also just learn the move naturally while leveling up, I think the only exceptions are Bulbasaur's line and Mew

There are a few poison type lines that are not included in this. Notably, Arceus also doesn't learn it anymore either. So for some reason, Muk not learning it must have been intentional (..or a oversight)
There are a few poison type lines that are not included in this. Notably, Arceus also doesn't learn it anymore either. So for some reason, Muk not learning it must have been intentional (..or a oversight)
I'm pretty sure they had a big reunion, asked the employees what they thought about Grimer and Muk learning Toxic, because after polishing all the great details of the game it was the last question remaining, and after extensive thought and testing, ultimately concluded that for reasons that will be later revealed in a public document of dozens of lines and calcs, Grimer and Muk shouldn't learn Toxic.
Will TM locations be data mined or will we have to wait for release?

edit: item locations lol

Really want to use Mismagius but don’t want to wait until Snowpoint to evolve it.
I took a little time analysing all the content from what we know from the leaks so far, and I took the liberty to point out some things. This is just in my opinion, but here it goes:

Good points:
  • The game boss teams (like Gym leaders, Cyrus and E4) have been revamped with new and more complete movesets and items (like Bulk Up + Drain Punch Maylene's Lucario, Blizzard Candice's Abomasnow, Technician Volkner's Ambipom...etc). At least it's not a complete copypasta from the original DP;
  • The Gym Leaders have rematches (and hopefully E4 as well). I'm really looking forward to see what teams and movesets they're gonna use;
  • The character customisation is in the game;
  • The grand underground seems to be a cool feature to add some variety to your team. I hope that variety comes before the national dex;
  • The overworld routes and towns don't look that bad visually;
  • Getting mythicals from other gens is dope: Jirachi, Mew etc... I still think they could deserve in-game events though, instead of being given.
  • Idk anything about the contests yet, but they seem a fun rework.
  • The Battle Tower seems to be back as OG formula, rather than the abomination it was in SwSh.
Bad points:
  • The chibi artstyle works good at distance, but is undeniably awkward on closer cutscenes, and the characters' mouth doesn't even move in those cutscenes (hopefully this is just a placeholder and it is fixed by day-1 patch);
  • If they revamped the boss teams movesets and items, why didn't they worked on the teams compositions? I know it's meant to be a "faithful" remake, but reaching 7th gym and fight a Sneasel and Snover just doesn't make sense. If they included the grand underground and access to a large variety of mons, why does the electric gym leader have an Ambipom and Octillery if it can have like Rotom, Air balloon Magnezone or Electivire? And there's ofc Flint. Platinum teams had fixed this issue, I guess the "faithful" part wouldn't be less "faithful" in general if they used Plat teams or new compositions.
  • The new moveset/items for battles don't seem to pose a challenge to the broken full party expShare combined with the affection bullshit. Yes, the boss battles teams have smarter builds, but the advantages you have seem to be too much for the game to be not just smash A with whatever mon you want. Maybe I'm biased after playing a lot of hackroms that have "modes" to play;
  • It seems that there is no Distortion World in the post-game. The "Distortion Room" present on the BDSP locations file indicates it just being a "room" with Giratina, like the other legendaries.
  • I was expecting a post-game episode for Arceus, like ORAS had for Rayquaza. Maybe I was just hoping for too much (?). I mean, Hall of Origin is in the locations file, I really hope they make Arceus catchable, since the god of pokémon was always being "given". Arceus continues to be the God Pokémon, and doesn't have its proper story in-game, even in the originals.
  • Character customization costumes seems to be all-or-nothing, including hairstyles. This, being better than nothing, limits the options a bit;
  • The following pokémon feature is bound to 500 advantages in battle, which sucks, making already easy battles with non-disable full party expShare full of complete bullshit like the one we saw in the leaker battle vs Byron. Following pokémon is a very appreciated feature by everyone, why does it need to be tied to those advantages?
  • Still in the following pokémon topic, that Dialga is almost as tall as the character...I know it is meant to be chibi, but maybe this wasn't the way to go in the first place...
  • No Battle Frontier, but Battle Tower. Whyyyy?
  • TMs are single use, but you get multiple. What's even the use-case of this? Why not keeping them infinite, instead of regressing 11 years? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I think that more pokémon are harmed from these learnset changes than the ones that benefit from it.
  • Nothing was done with the legendaries. No new forms, no megas...

In sum, I was expecting a bit more from this, something "new" at least. The "faithful" argument is valid like for the region and the main story that are the exact same. Though, post-game content I think it's beyond that, and I think they could have ventured a bit more than just "Bananas Park Legendaries™" in that regard.
When comparing this to other remakes, like FRLG, HGSS and ORAS, they seem all to have added more content to their originals than BDSP does. None was declared "faithful" like these ones, but the underground expansion and the new contests just feel a bit too small for what they could have done with this. Unless the day-1 patch pulls out something hell out of crazy, Sinnoh deserved better tbh. I really expect Platinum to not stay as the "real Sinnoh experience" after this.
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From what I can piece together from the text files, the Battle Tower "Master Class" is indeed like the old Super facilities, and is unlocked after a 49 win streak. Once you unlock Master Class, a rank system like Sword and Shield is placed on top of the streak counter. It goes up every 7 consecutive wins and caps at rank 10. You do not actually lose your rank if you lose once (but presumably your streak will - I will emphasize that your rank and streak are different values on the scoreboard); you actually have to lose 7 times in a row for that to happen. So you can start streaks from the maximum rank. Kind of a hodgepodge of every Battle Tower or its clones, but the important part is that streaks seem to be back.

In the Master Class, I believe you fight the gym leaders and Cynthia on the way to Palmer:
1098 584 45-msg_tower_ms_c01gym0101_leader_01 If you’re into battling, this is the place to be. You can train here as much as you like!
1099 585 45-msg_tower_ms_c01gym0101_leader_02 You might be able to conquer this whole place.
1100 586 45-msg_tower_ms_c03gym0101_leader_01 Would you like to see how much my Pokémon’s skills have grown?
1101 587 45-msg_tower_ms_c03gym0101_leader_02 Wow. You and your Pokémon have really done a lot of growing, too!
1102 588 45-msg_tower_ms_c07gym0101_leader_01 I’m here learning what it means to be strong!
1103 589 45-msg_tower_ms_c07gym0101_leader_02 Feeling a Pokémon’s trust in you... I think that’s one meaning of strength.
1104 590 45-msg_tower_ms_c02gym0101_leader_01 I think Roark’s here, too, somewhere... Oh, I see! You’ve already defeated my son!
1105 591 45-msg_tower_ms_c02gym0101_leader_02 Gwahahahaha! Like son, like father—well done beating us both!
1106 592 45-msg_tower_ms_c09gym0101_leader_01 I figured if I trained here, I might get more— Oh, what’s the word I’m looking for...dignity? Whatever it is that makes a Gym Leader cool!
1107 593 45-msg_tower_ms_c09gym0101_leader_02 Just wait—I’ll become a Gym Leader so dignified and cool that everyone will want to be like me!
1108 594 45-msg_tower_ms_c05gym0113_leader_01 The stage is set for our battle! Shall we dance?
1109 595 45-msg_tower_ms_c05gym0113_leader_02 Your groove is truly magnifique!
1110 596 45-msg_tower_ms_c08gym0103_leader_01 For some strange reason, my pulse is pounding... Aha. It must be because you’re here!
1111 597 45-msg_tower_ms_c08gym0103_leader_02 Go on, then. Somewhere out there, the battle of your dreams awaits!
1112 598 45-msg_tower_ms_c06gym0101_leader_01 Crash! Crash! Watch out, Battle Tower! Crasher Wake...is...heeere!
1113 599 45-msg_tower_ms_c06gym0101_leader_02 He rises and he falls like the rolling of the tide... That’s Crasher Wake!
1114 600 45-msg_tower_ms_champion_01 I knew you’d make it here. After all, you’d never give up on a challenge. And now I shall battle you with all my might!
1115 601 45-msg_tower_ms_champion_02 I knew it. Ever since I saw you looking so worried for those Psyduck holding their heads in pain, I knew that someday you’d become a Trainer who would take the world by storm! Now get going—you’re nearly at the top! Show them how strong you truly are!
1116 602 45-msg_tower_ms_boss_01 ! You finally made it to the top! Here in the Master Class, only the strongest come to test their mettle against one another. There’s no room here for the slightest mistake, nor a moment’s hesitation! And now, you are here to challenge me at the very pinnacle of this revered battleground. As the Tower Tycoon of this treasured place— and as a Trainer with a true love for Pokémon— I shall accept your challenge with all that I have!
1117 603 45-msg_tower_ms_boss_02 What else is there to say? You came prepared to make it to the top, and that’s just what you did! You know, the thing I love most about being the Tower Tycoon is taking in the view from up here. As I look over all of Sinnoh, I think about how each day starts with a brand new Trainer taking the first step on their Pokémon journey. That thought alone fills me with hope, and today that hope became reality when you defeated me! If we continue this way, passing the baton down through the generations, then tomorrow will be as limitless as time and space itself! , you were brilliant! Now you can truly declare yourself the winner, and carry Sinnoh into a shining future!

The order seems to be fixed, Byron specifically mentions that Roark is around here but realizes you've already beaten him, and Cynthia mentions that you're nearly at the top, which is where Palmer says you are when you fight him. There's also lines I mentioned in my previous post talking about various pairs of trainers that are prefixed with "tower", though truthfully I am confused as to how what would ostensibly be multi battles would work here, since there's no indication they exist in the Battle Tower. I suppose you could fight them in Doubles, but they're not exactly the same thing.

As far as the banlist goes, variables like Pokemon names are large blank spaces in these text files, so the specifics are unknown, however the number of blank spaces in some explanatory text about what's not allowed indicates that there's 8 banned mons under some condition, and 19 under some other. Honestly, neither of these make sense to me; by my count there's 18 mythicals+ubers in mons 1-493. And I have no idea about the 8 banned mons - maybe a less restrictive list for the non-Master Class?
417 482 44-msg_tower_06_3 Eggs, , , , , , , , and are not allowed to enter.
418 483 44-msg_tower_06_4 Please come back once you’ve made your preparations.
419 484 44-msg_tower_07_1 Just a moment! You don’t have four eligible Pokémon.
420 485 44-msg_tower_07_2 Make sure the four participating Pokémon are different, and that none of them have the same held item.
421 486 44-msg_tower_07_3 Eggs, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and are not allowed to enter.

Since this is just text analysis, please take it with a grain of salt, but I'm fairly confident that the Battle Tower has been restored after its baffling ruination in Sword and Shield.

EDIT: It's just dawned on me that there's 10 ranks, and 8 gym leaders+Cynthia+Palmer is also 10. So presumably one is fought at each rank. Though this may mean you repeatedly fight Palmer if you stay at max rank? I suppose it could also loop around but idk
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Since this is just text analysis, please take it with a grain of salt, but I'm fairly confident that the Battle Tower has been restored after its baffling ruination in Sword and Shield.
Actually, this is the only thing at this point that would sell me the games. Since the games are just Platinum but worse, I had planned to do classical battle tower again, and if i remember correctly, there was a way to play online in the original diamond and pearls in 2v2 battles with streak, and I hope for that to be present too.

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