Tournament BSS World Cup - Signups ($150 USD Winner's Prize!)

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Welcome to the first edition of BSS World Cup!
The tournament will have 6/8 starters + 2/4 subs, the number of teams is undetermined as of right now and the number of players and substitutes per team too, everything will be determined depending on the signups (everything will be announced very soon.)

Please use the following format to sign up:
Player name: luisin
Country / State of Residence: Mexico/Latin America
Interested in Captaincy: Yes/No
If you are from the US, please specify (West, South, Etc.) Depending on the signups US teams will be announced. The same applies to the other teams.
For example:
If Mexico has enough players, Mexico could create an independent team and not play with Latin America. If Chile, Argentina or other Latin American countries do not have enough signups, they will be included in Latin America team.

NOTE: Please do not lie about your eligibility, TL and Mods will check the IP in some cases.

This year's prize is 150 USD for the winning team courtesy of me!

Signups will be open until March 12th at 17:00 GMT-7.
Managers and Teams TBD.


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