BSSC Live Tour | Series 8 | Tour #2 [won by: monsareeasy]

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Here is something to believe in!
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Welcome to the first ever BSS live tournament! As a way of revamping the 2021 BSSC circuit and adding additional ways to earn CP beyond the major tournaments and cartridge play, we will be adding a weekend of live tournaments + associated playoffs for each new series ruleset. This event will be a great opportunity to get some Best of 3 practice in before BSLT playoffs and a chance to earn up to 3 CP!

Live Tournament
  • Best of 3 Series 8 BSS Tournaments held on the weekend of March 19-20
    • Tour 1: Friday, March 19 @ 8 PM EDT (GMT-4)
    • Tour 2: Saturday, March 20 @ 12 PM EDT (GMT-4)
  • Top 2 players in each tournament will advance to playoffs the following week
  • Held on
  • Official signups will be posted in the Live Tournaments sub-forum at the scheduled time. Signups will be live for 30 minutes before the tour begins.

  • Playoffs will begin with semi-finals the week of March 22nd and conclude with finals the following week.
  • The #1 player from Friday's tour will play #2 from Saturday and #1 from Saturday will play #2 from Friday.
  • Playoffs will still be Best of 3 Series 8 BSS
  • CP Payout:
    • 1st: 3 CP
    • 2nd: 2 CP
    • 3rd-4th: 1 CP

  • All games must be played on
  • Send a PM to me, chemcoop, if you win a match
  • Refer to this post for all matchups for all rounds
  • Replays are not necessary, do not post in this thread other than for your initial signup
Sign-up below by posting "in." Good luck and have fun!

Round 1
Maple  vs  Monsareeasy
1_TrickPhony  vs  Mishimono
GroudonEmpire  vs BYE 1
papiloco vs BYE 2

Round 2
Monsareeasy  vs  papiloco
1_TrickPhony  vs  GroudonEmpire

Monsareeasy vs GroudonEmpire
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