Pending Buff or nerf and change type of Pokémon in battles in /tour rules

Well, in the rooms that I usually go, they do tournaments with custom rules, and in my opnion, that is really fun. But with the current rules, limit custom rules a little bit. I would like to know if its possible to add a rule to change the stats of a Pokémon and their types, would be basically like this:

/tour rules pokémon(stat+number or stat-number), pokémon(-type,+type)
Example: /tour rules Chansey(hp-50, def+50), Chansey(-Normal,+Steel,+Fire)

Without changes:

After changes:

And it's new type is Steel/Fire.

The rule could give some buffs and nerfs some Pokémon...
I've seen that there's other people with similar ideas for tournaments:

This rule could be really interesting and help in the development of projects in custom metas that some public rooms have, like the portuguese and spanish. I don't know if its possible but would be really awesome :)
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if you wanted to make a completely custom pokemon, you could use this to at least simulate the custom pokemon in battle, if you use enough modifiers. the idea of "making custom pokemon" has been rejected, so this could be a great way to incorporate another idea as best as can be done

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