Buff pokemon via buffed stat(s), new moves and/or abilities for them

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I have alot:
-Butterfree learns Hurricane
-Pidgeot learns Focus Blast (TM)
-Raichu learns Dazzling Gleam (TM + alola form only), Surf (TM) and Energy Ball (TM)
-Wigglytuff learns Boomburst, Moonblast (egg move), Tailwind (move tutor)
-Machamp learns Mach Punch
-Poliwrath learns Liquidation and Drain Punch
-Mr. Mime gets Psychic Surge ability
-Electivire gets Iron Fist ability, learns Volt Tackle, Power-Up Punch (egg move), Drain Punch (egg move and move tutor), Close Combat (egg move), Mach Punch (egg move), Stone Edge (TM), Sword Dance (TM), Knock Off (move tutor), Jolt Tackle (which is a new ideal priority electric stab) and Power-Up Charge (which is a ideal new move that's a electric-type dragon dance)
-Magmortar gets Sheer Force ability, learn Earth Power, Eruption, Sludge Bomb and Dark Pulse
-Flareon's stats are re-distributed to 95/130/65/65/65/110, also learns Wild Charge and Stomping Tantrum
-Glaceon gets Slush Rush ability (replaces Snow Cloak), gets Calm Mind (TM), Dazzling Gleam (TM), Freeze-Dry and Auroura Veil
-Aerodactyl gets Head Smash and Jurassic Maw (which is a rock-type biting move), Aerial Ace is buffed to 80 BP
-Meganium learns Ancient Power (which would now be buffed to 85 BP, same with its variants) and Dazzling Gleam
-Ledian gets Huge Power ability
-Togekiss gets Moonblast and Tailwind (level-up)
-Ampharos gets Tail Glow, Flamethrower (TM), Flash Cannon (TM) and Lightning Rod ability
-Yanmega learns Hurricane, Boomburst and Focus Blast (TM)
-Forretress learns Sticky Web and Recover
-Sceptile learns Earth Power and Ancient Power
-Gardevoir learns Aura Sphere
-Roserade learns Quiver Dance
-Claydol learns Shore Up
-Dusknoir learns Drain Punch and Recover
-Froslass learns Nasty Plot, Dazzling Gleam (TM) and Freeze-Dry
-The Regis gets Regenerator ability and Recover
-Latios and Latios learn Flamethrower (TM)
-Torterra gets Solid Rock ability (replaces Shell Armor), learns Shell Smash
-Infernape learns Drain Punch
-Empoleon gets Competitive ability (replaces Defiant)
-Luxray gets Volt Tackle, Jolt Tackle and Power-Up Charge, Elemental Fangs are now 80 BP (same with elemental punches)
-Rampardos' stats re-distributed to 97/165/65/40/50/81, learns Jurassic Maw and Ice Punch
-Vesiquen gets Queenly Majesty ability
-Abomasnow learns Ice Hammer
-Emboar's stats gets re-distributed to 110/123/100/65/65/65, learns Fire Punch (level-up), Drain Punch, Mach Punch and Close Combat
-Samurott learns Ice Fang (breeding), Earthquake (TM) and Sacred Sword (level-up)
-Unfezant learns Drill Peck and Brave Bird
-Lilligant learns Dazzling Gleam
-Krookodile learns Dragon Dance (breeding)
-Scrafty learns Sucker Punch and Gunk Shot
-Garbodor learns Poison Jab
-Reuniclus learns Thunderbolt
-Vanilluxe learns Dazzling Gleam (TM). Freeze-Dry and Aurora Veil
-Eelektross learns Leech Life, Thunder Fang, Surf (TM) and Sludge Bomb (TM)
-Haxorus learns Dragon Hammer, Fire Lash, Stomping Tantrum (breeding) and Superpower (breeding)
-Beartic learns Ice Hammer, Ice Shard, Earthquake (TM), Waterfall (TM) and Knock Off (move tutor)
-Zekrom gets Earthquake, Iron Head, Superpower
-Kyurem gets Ice Fang, Earthquake, Superpower, Ice Fang
-Delphox gets Energy Ball, Aura Sphere
-Florges gets Misty Surge ability
-Gogoat gets Grassy Surge ability
-Pangoro gets Mach Punch and Sucker Punch
-Heliolisk gets Electric Surge ability (replaces Sand Veil) learns Energy Ball
-Tyrantrum learns Jurassic Maw
-Aurorus learns Power Gem, Aurora Veil and Dazzling Gleam
-Goodra learns Recover
-Avalugg learns Icicle Crash
-Lycanroc learns Ice Fang (and Ice Punch in midnight's case
-Golisopod gets Tough Claws ability, learns Earthquake and Superpower
-Silvally learns Earthquake, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere
-Kommo-o gets Multiscale ability (replacing Overcoat)


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