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Hello I would like to report that when I tried to challenge another person to a battle (the chall was /challenge gen9godlygift @@@ +cap if that helps) my chall got absorbed into nothing, directly after I randomly lost all my teams? Are either of these confirmed bugs?
Hello I would like to report that when I tried to challenge another person to a battle (the chall was /challenge gen9godlygift @@@ +cap if that helps) my chall got absorbed into nothing, directly after I randomly lost all my teams? Are either of these confirmed bugs?
I'm not sure about what happened to your teams, but you need to remove the spaces from around the atsigns in your challenge request: /challenge gen9godlygift@@@+cap


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Mentioning here because understandably not everyone is aware, the teambuilder is bugged in that certain moves show up as illegal on caps that learn them, but you can bring those moves in battle, the main ones are surf on krilowatt and earth power on tomohawk.
This is related to Gen 5 CAP.
Someone looked at this more closely on cart, and noticed that this interaction is asymmetrical. If the player is facing an AI mon with Pressure and uses non-ghost Curse, it depletes only 1 PP. If the AI is facing a player mon with Pressure and uses non-ghost Curse, it depletes 2. There should be further investigation for link battles specifically to verify what happens in pvp for the purposes of Showdown.
The cause seems to be that changing the move's target from the opponent (as is the default for Curse) to the user when they're not a ghost type only happens when the player selects the move in the actual menu. Meanwhile, when the AI uses Curse, this check is neglected and the opponent is always considered to be the target. This doesn't affect the effect of the move itself, but is relevant for Pressure, and so the player loses 1 PP while the AI loses 2. I haven't looked at the multiplayer code yet, but I'd suspect that this bug isn't relevant there, since both players pick the move from the menu, so I assume the check should happen for both. Still, it'd be good for someone to test this in link battles just to be safe.

/edit: more details for those interested:

  • in battle_move.h, the move Curse by default has the target MOVE_TARGET_SELECTED (i.e. the opponent)
  • in battle_script_commands.c, if gBattlerAttacker != gBattlerTarget && gBattleMons[gBattlerTarget].ability == ABILITY_PRESSURE, the PP are reduced twice
  • meaning per default, Curse is affected by Pressure
  • in battle_controller_player.c, when the player chooses a move:
    if (moveInfo->moves[gMoveSelectionCursor[gActiveBattler]] == MOVE_CURSE)
    if (moveInfo->monType1 != TYPE_GHOST && moveInfo->monType2 != TYPE_GHOST)
    moveTarget = MOVE_TARGET_USER;
    moveTarget = MOVE_TARGET_SELECTED;

    meaning, if the pokemon isn't ghost, the target becomes the user, so unlike the default, Curse isn't affected by Pressure
  • meanwhile, in battle_controller_opponent.c, there is nothing like that at all, so it keeps the default and Curse is affected
  • in battle_scripts_1.s, this doesn't matter, since if the Pokémon isn't ghost, it immediately jumps to changing the user's stats, with no regard for the move target
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Hello! I'm looking for help with the /twitch watch [link]. It gives the following input whenever it is tried to link any stream (attached image).

Thanks in advance.
Hey heya! I found a bug between Showdown and actual game (SV)! It is such a shame it doesn't work the way I wanted, I actually was using this strategy in a tournament... It's the specific order of Mimikyu eating the Maranga berry. (Maranga boosts SpDef by +1after taking a special attack hit)

I was really hoping it would work in game the way I tested on Showdown: Mimikyu's disguise takes a special attack, and Mimikyu eats the berry. Have the SpDef boost at near full HP

In game (SV) my Mimikyu's disguise took a moonblast from a Flutter Mane, didn't eat the berry. It then lived the next moonblast on 4hp and consumed the berry... READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD WITH MORE SPDEF AT 4HP!!

Anyways, in game (SV), Disguise technically does not count as hitting mimikyu with a special attack and cannot trigger The maranga berry while in disguise like showdown currently has. Consider the dream strats shattered...
The bug is when I was playing random double, gen 9, My Luxray used moves and come back. when it was sent out again in turn 8, we can click it long to see the moveset used but the move data is not correct, it count as a brand new pkm moveset. At the column of my six pkm, it also changed position as the latest pkm I sent out.
This actually seems to be a bug where if a Pokémon faints before the other Pokémon switches and the Pokémon that switches switches back in, it'll be shuffled into the last slot and the tooltips won't remember its moves.

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9doublesou-1864132179 Dragapult used both Sleep Talk and Shed Tail, but neither are listed at the end of the replay.

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9doublesou-1864132766 If Dragapult switches before Chi-Yu faints, this bug won't occur.

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9doublesou-1864136507 It'll only work if the mon switching in is the same one that pivoted out.

https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9doublesou-1864133899 This can be done with regular switching if you have a way to KO the first Pokémon before the second switches out.
These seem to be the same bug.
The font displayed on the following screenshot has changed from yesterday. Is it a bug? It was more minimalistic before. Unfortunately, I have never thought about screenshotting this menu before.

I noticed a bug with the new feature, uploading teams to the server. Only on the teams that I save to the server, the Tera types for some reason end up being wrong. For example, I login on another computer and then log into my account. Then when it loads my teams up, the right tera type is shown but uncapitalized. Then instead, it has the fitting tera type "Bug" as my mons tera type. Then if making a pokepaste, the tera types end up being messed up as well. As a team rater, I look at pastes alot and need to paste them into my builder quickly, but it also messes up the paste too. (I guess the formatting is weird so it fails). In my experience, it only happens if you upload it to the server.

Hope this is resolved, Thanks Alot :blobthumbsup:.

P.S. I asked about the bug to my friend, they can confirm that it also is effecting them. Also, tested it more, and the second you upload it onto the servers, the tera types go all weird.

:zygarde: should be fixed, reupload the teams with problematic tera types
All my showdown teams are getting messed up after the upload to database option got introduced. My teams are getting duplicated, being reverted to older versions, and having their tera types messed up. All of them get reverted to one of their original typings, except my OU team: it keeps setting those tera types to bug. One day i woke up to 50+ identical teams in my teambuilder. I quoted the post above because this issue has not been fixed yet for me (even after reuploading), even though it says it has been fixed.

When I uncheck "Group by Folders", then the button for team I have currently selected becomes unstyled. When "Group by Folders" is checked (be it at the start or when I recheck it), this does not happen.


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Hiya, not sure if this is a Discord bug or a showdown bug but since the replay viewer update replays no longer embed on Discord.



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Challenging someone to a battle with custom rules makes the extra rules go out of the PM window and disappear behind the chat if they're too long, making them unreadable for both the sender (once it's sent) and the receiver. The little arrow button becomes greyed out and is unclickable as well.

I think that the gray rectangle that contains the format's name should also adapt to the required size depending on the amount of lines, so that it can encompass all the custom rules instead of letting the extra rules be out of this box.

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