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Anytime I finish a battle and leave out everything is fine, but if I go back in I can't leave without choosing the forfeit option. This is very minor for what the requirements are and it not impacting anything after I click forfeit but it's still a bug I assume.
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So I just got this message after trying to use a team I uploaded from a different device: " Your team was rejected for the following reasons: - This format requires you to use your own team. - If you're not using a custom client, please report this as a bug."
By using the save team feature on pc and opening up the team on a different cookies, it doesn't make my IVs lower for hidden Power and still counts as valid and let's me join a game. This bypasses mainly stuff like hp fire speed iv drop.
I know its about zoroark, but I had a match where the UI for my opponent showed that he had a zoroark, but it was the hisuian version, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I feel like if the game is going to tell me that my opponent has a dark-type when it's actually its ghost-type version, it is a little unfair.


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Not sure what exactly went wrong here, but on Turn 8 right after Destiny Bond Eternamax faints from Calyrex's Astral Barrage, the Eternamax using Whirlwind afterwards changes position. My best guess for what happened next was the sim thought I switched instead of sending in a replacement, resulting in really weird stuff happening the following turn (Eternamax faints from an attack dealing 23% when none of my mons were at 23% health, then lived, then took 99 from an attack that really shouldn't be doing that much (I did have an Innards Out Eternamax with 1 raw SpD, not sure if that matters) and lived at 0%, then I was prompted to send in a replacement at the end of the turn when visually it appeared as though I switched instead). I was unable to move on turn 10, as I got error messages when both trying to use a move and switching (image 2). Hopefully someone can make sense of this because I certainly can't.


Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 6.37.58 PM.png

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I have noticed an issue on Showdown involving abilities such as: Dazzling, Queenly Majesty and Armor Tail in regards to Double Battles.

I will attempt to describe this as clear as possible.
On Turn One, you lead Grafaiai who's ability is Prankster and Urshifu- Single Strike.
Your opponent leads Ampharos and Farigiraf with the ability Armor Tail.
On turn one, everyone besides Urshifu clicks Protect, and Urshifu clicks Wicked Blow on Ampharos.

On Turn Two, Grafaiai uses Encore on your own Urshifu, and your Urshifu clicked Sucker Punch, targeting the Farigiraf. Since Priority is determined at the time of move selection, Urshifu and Grafaiai will both have +1 Priority on their moves. Grafaiai is faster than Urshifu, causing Encore to go first and then force Urshifu to use Wicked Blow instead. Here is where the difference occurs:

On Cartridge, Farigiraf's Armor Tail ability will block the Wicked Blow due to it now being a Priority Move.
On Showdown, the Wicked Blow will still go off and hit the targeted Farigiraf.

I don't know if this is an actual bug or just a niche interaction that was never tested, but none-the-less I would like to spread this information around.

Here is a link to a game a friend and I set up to show off the described: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/...-2000647732-gez7yl68j88quh3f4okzcwcmw9b5l0vpw

On mobile my name won't appear, this effectively only makes it harder to click my name but I digress. I asked the help room about this and they said It could be from a new server update or from my phone being small but this has been like this for a few months now and my phone is pretty big so idk.
https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen9nationaldexag-2001580601 Battled a friend with 5 hisuin zoroark and 1 gengar, 4 roark faint & i switch to gengar. gengar faints i switch back to a roark and then it shows i have 2 mon left, then that roark faints and it still displays a gengar alive. ends the battle normally. wrote it better the first time but it reset when i went to get the ss


The /nms and /ms commands display priority moves even when the parameter is meant to be excluded.

:furret: If you ask me "!priority" shouldn't be allowed at all because it's too unclear. It should give an error and ask if the user meant "priority=0", "priority<0" or similar


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In Natdex AG (but not Natdex Ubers) playing with both Terastal Clause and Mega Rayquaza clause will allow Rayquaza to terastalize.
Rayquaza bug.png
Strangely enough it'll still work even if the Rayquaza does not have Dragon Ascent.
Rayquaza bug 2.png

Edit: After doing more investigation I can confirm this also works in SV Ubers and SV AG
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(Gen 1) In the Gen 1 teambuilder, the move Bide is displayed as a ??? type move. The ??? type did not exist in Gen 1, the move is coded as a Normal type move(See attached screenshot of the disassembly), and even though it's typeless damage the same typing convention does not apply to other typeless damage moves, such as Night Shade/Seismic Toss, Dragon Rage or Counter.

Appearance in the teambuilder:

Move description in the disassembly:
Defog doesn't show up on the "lowers evasion" filter


BUG STATUS: UNSURE - Non standard bug status code but this one is weird. Defog's evasion drop is not programmed into the move in the same way as something like Sweet Scent, which is why /ms and /nms aren't able to pick it up. So not a bug in that regard. But still not correct in the sense that those commands didn't detect the evasion drop. Potentially this should be BUG STATUS: WONT FIX as I'm unsure if the changes required to make this work are worth it.
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Berry juice shows to be illegal in the natdex builder despite being actually legal
Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 06.36.43.png

To be clear you can bring it in a natdex game, the problem here is just visual

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