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Protean used Copycat should changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the mimicked move instead of the type of Copycat


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I’m not too familiar with all the gen 9 stuff I’ll admit but I thought covert cloak blocked secondary effects of moves. Does this not apply to trapping moves (fire spin, etc)?
View attachment 477493I’m not too familiar with all the gen 9 stuff I’ll admit but I thought covert cloak blocked secondary effects of moves. Does this not apply to trapping moves (fire spin, etc)?
It doesn't, no, those aren't secondary effects. If you type /nms secondary, all that will list all of the moves. You can also type /dt [move] to check a specific move, and under the move it will say Boosted by Sheer Force


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Nitpick: Using /alt on yourself (for a regular user) shows secret rooms but not hidden rooms -- as you can see i am clearly in the Development room but it doesn't show:

STATUS: FIXED :furret:
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I report 2 graphic bugs. After my opponent's Zoroark, which was teracrystallized in battle, was defeated my opponent brought in the pokémon that Zoroark was mimicking and it showed itself as a fighting type and not with its original type; also my Palafin after re-entering on the field by activating his ability he always appears to me in his zero form despite having the stats of his hero form. I enclose the replay and the replay link.



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When introducing a new format that has banned pokemon in a custom challenge (e.g. Pokebilities), unbanning then restricting a Pokemon or etc. in a format that would make it fully unbanned when it probably shouldn't be the case.
e.g. /challenge gen8crossevolution@@@gen8pokebilities,+solgaleo,*solgaleo would have set like this allowed, when it shouldn't be validated in the first place because the restriction should prevent a Pokemon cross evolving to Solgaleo.
Solgaleo (Drakloak) @ Life Orb
Ability: Full Metal Body
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Outrage
- Sunsteel Strike
- Close Combat

edit 2: So actually, when you unban something, then either restrict or reban it, it short circuits to being unbanned and unrestricted, ignoring anything else to do with that pokemon unless it's a complex ban. This doesn't seem ideal, as you should be able to unban certain Pokemon and restrict it as well for OMs such as Mix and Mega and Cross Evolution.
bumping this because its been nearly two months and is starting to affect more and more combinations (i.e. even standardnatdex triggers this bug), along with the creation of the natdex other tiers room using said feature a lot more. usually it would be fine to get around but having to sometimes write even over 30kb of tour/challenge code per format just to get around said issue is getting rediculous and can be overwhelming for newer users.

edit: seems to only occur for mod-based formats, but still is a bit limiting since they cant be added on as regular formats without being likely to be wrong at least somewhere (no move share in pic, mnm and ce just dont work etc)
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I've been looking at some Tera interactions in the damage calculator with false STAB abilities, namely Steelworker, Rocky Payload, and Adaptability, I've noticed some weird things about Tera in general. These abilities ended up working how I expected, but the general Tera calcs didn't make any sense.
I gave a theoretical Bombirdier a base 100 Throat Chop and Stone Edge., and put a standard Blissey on the receiving end. No Rocky Payload.
The Min rolls line up with what you'd expect, the Throat Chop does 1.5x more than the Stone Edge. (28.1% for Throat Chop, 18.7% for Stone Edge)
When I pop Dark Tera, the 28.1 goes to 37.5, so the 1.5x multiplier properly changes to a 2x.
But when I switch to Rock Tera, the 18.7... goes to 37.5, as though it was originally a STAB move, and was given a 2x. But... shouldn't it only go to 1.5x?Teras that aren't the same as original STABs should only get a 1.5x, yeah?
But further, when the Rock Tera is popped, the Throat Chop damage actually goes DOWN to 18.7%, as though Bombirdier LOST its original Dark STAB, which I'm fairly certain that isn't how it works in game, you retain your original STAB.
Is this a known bug? Does the simulator work properly, and it's just the calc that's busted? Is this intentional, and I'm just wrong? Looking for some clarification here. Thanks for whatever answers anyone can provide.
Rage Powder failed to redirect Brave Bird from Flamigo in this S/V Doubles OU match. Both of us were confused as to why it failed to redirect.

Amoongus used Rage Powder!
Amoongus became the center of attention!

The opposing Flamigo used Brave Bird!
Its super effective!
(Flamigo lost 100% of its health!)

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Flamigo was holding safety goggles which allowed it to ignore Rage Powder (Karthik)
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It is possible to trick the client into thinking a Pokemon has Terastallized when it was merely an identical-looking Pokemon. It should always be unambiguous which Pokemon has Terastallized, so the server should be sending that information.
https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9anythinggoes-1753514558 - I sent one of my non-Tera'd Bundles and it appeared as Tera Ground; Ice Beam however was not very effective

STATUS: FIXED :furret:
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