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Teambuilder shows that Kyurem-Black and Kyurem-White can learn glaciate, even though only base Kyurem should get it. It's a visual bug only, it doesn't pass validation. Affects all gens





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This doesn't fit any of the "other bug fix threads" any better than this one, so it's going here. Currently in gen 8 ou shiny zeraora can use transfer moves like knock off and toxic. Shiny zeraora was not distributed until gen 8 so learning these gen 7 moves is currently impossible for shiny zeraora.

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Didn't save the replay but uh on showdown Room Service activates before Imposter when Imposter is supposed to activate first.

3:04 shows how it works in game

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I believe I found a legality bug for Gen 2. In Generation 2, Substitute is not a TM, so the only ways to get Substitute is by transferring from Generation 1 (any mon from Gen 1 and their evolutions), learning it naturally (only Mr. Mime), or getting it through an event (Sudowoodo and Pineco). The issue is with Flail on Gyarados. Currently, if you validate a team with a Gyarados with the moves Substitute and Flail, it will say it is a legal combination. However, I don't believe this is possible. The only way to get a Gyarados with Flail is to have a Magikarp in Gen 2 learn it, and then evolve into Gyarados. Then you cannot transfer the Gyarados back to gen 1 to learn Substitute since it has a non gen 1 move. The only way to have a Gyarados with Sub is to teach it in gen 1, but when you transfer it to gen 2, you won't be able to learn Flail since it only gets it as a Magikarp.

tl:dr: PS says Flail + Substitute is legal on Gyarados in Gen 2, while in reality it shouldn't be.

Screenshot (195).png

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - LEGALITY, great find! to be clear, Magikarp only learns Flail in Gen II, so Gyarados must have a Gen II origin to learn it, which rules out Gen 1 exclusive moves like Substitute, BubbleBeam, etc. (DaWoblefet)
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Ok so the buildformat function which is started with the /buildformat function seems to be experiencing some problems, after completing the steps and clicking create, it gives an error saying that the format requires you to use your own team, although throughout the process, you are never asked to add/make one.
Here is a picture of the error

BUG STATUS: NEEDS MORE INFO, the particular format you were trying to create and the specific steps you took; I cannot reproduce this (DaWoblefet)
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In gen 8 mayhem, unbusted Mimikyu with wonder guard is immune to fighting moves (this is inverse)


BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, pre-Disguise Mimikyu does not take super-effective damage; for example, a Babiri Berry wouldn't activate on Disguise busting, nor would Iron Head trigger a Mimikyu's Weakness Policy if hit pre-Disguise. There is no possible way on cart to have Wonder Guard and Disguise simultaneously, so if you want to make up new behavior, petition the Shared Power thread, not bug reports (DaWoblefet)
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When transforming into a pokemon with a suppressed ability (through Gastro Acid or Core Enforcer), Transform/Imposter mon copies the ability but keeps it active (see this replay, where Giratina has Pixilate and gets surpressed, but Imposter Ditto is able to attack with Fairy-type Boomburst). However, if the Transform/Imposter user's ability doesn't reveal itself (so not Intimidate, Mold Breaker, etc.), Showdown will still say that the said user's ability is suppressed when it isn't (even if you're the user of the mon). This differs from the cartridge interaction, where even if the enemy's ability is suppressed when you transform into them, you can still see the ability.

also what's odd here is that, for both giratinas, if you select a move and then back out, boomburst becomes normal-type in the UI. below are 2 pics of that:

the blue bit is just the trainer name, not doxxing myself lmao

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - MECHANICS (CLIENT) this is a known display bug (DaWoblefet)
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Imposter Ditto transforms into Stunfisk-Galar, triggers Mimicry and reverts into normal type. All of this in turn 1, while no terrain is active. I'm not entirely sure this is meant to happen.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, this is what happens on cartridge. There was even a hint shown right after it happened in the replay that explained this "Transform Mimicry changes you to your original un-transformed types." (Karthik)
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Dragging a team in the teambuilder can occasionally cause an open chatroom to disappear. Weirdly, it's still possible to click on usernames in the vanished chat window, even though none of its contents are visible. This effect resets whenever you select a different chatroom. I think I've also had this happen when dragging chatrooms around, although I couldn't replicate it just now and may be misremembering. I'm using Chrome on Windows.
e: this took about 3 attempts to replicate - it doesn't happen every time

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT (CLIENT) I have seen this happen recently too! (DaWoblefet)
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Having 2 Zamazentas (one hero, one crowned) creates some weird interactions with possible illusions.
See here and here, sending out Zama-C and then switching to Zama-H shows 3 possible illusions when hovering over the actual Zama-C. Only occurs if Zama-C is sent out first and then you swap to Zama-H. Notice in the first 2 replays that Zama-H's sprite/summary ends up being in slot 6, when it's the 4th slot in my team. Does not occur if Zama-C is ahead of Zama-H in the teambuilder.
This is presumably caused by PS showing Zamazenta-Crowned in team preview (because it's BH and you can use pre-crowned zama), but then upon seeing a Zama-C sent out it defaults to the Zama-H having been "upgraded" (possibly bc if it didn't break then it would leak that zama-h wasn't holding rusted shield). Zacian/Rusted Sword act the exact same way and so presumably will also have this bug.

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Got a bug report through a ticket about a HA Regirock with Counter (as well as body press, SE and EQ) (a gen 3 tutor exclusive move for it). While seemingly illegal in all formats, the combination of the move and the ability should be possible through an ability patch. The other three moves are freely available in SwSh.
Even if this combination were illegal, the reason it is not considered legal appears broken. See provided images.




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Currently Disable is able to disable a called 2-turn move when it should disable the move that called it.
I saw this when Phantom Force got disabled in a metronome battle.

I did a more consistent test ingame with Copycat and compared it on Showdown.
In this replay you can see that when I use Disable on Clefable copycatting Dig, it disables Dig.

When I tested the same interaction ingame, Disable disables Copycat instead.


This is minor but the clip also shows that when a move is queued to be used in the turn but gets Disabled, the failure message should read "[pokemon]'s [move] is disabled!" instead of "[pokemon] can't use [move]" as shown here.

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Pretty sure that synthesis, moonlight, and morning sun are not working correctly in Gen 2/GSC competitive. In gen 2, these moves restore 1/4 of total health normally, being doubled in sunny day and doubled again if used during their associated time of day. The time of day does not have any impact on PvP battles, however, so the default should always be 1/4, instead of 1/2 like it is in future gens.


I have confirmed this during a recent playthrough of crystal.

User edit: Just tested this and it turns out that the current mechanics used on showdown are fine. The mechanics do work as previously stated, but not in PvP battles. In PvP battles, it defaults to the "correct time of day" value of healing for all three of these moves at all times. Tried switching between day and night and it made no difference. The bulbapedia article leaves it somewhat ambiguous as to what it means when it say that the time of day has no impact in link battles.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG See user's edit above (HoeenHero)
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From the research I did you can lose a pokemon battle at 5 seconds if you cancel a move and at the same time another move from the opponent or from yourself gets clicked (seems to happen when their timer gets displayed in chat once). Lost a few high-stakes tournament games because of it and I know I'm not the only one as shown in this game.
This is something that will probably ruin some more games in the future and I don't really know if it can be fixed but if I had to make a suggestion maybe disable the cancel button at 5 seconds/below? Not really the most optimal solution but should be better than losing to the timer.
(The first battle got cut too fast)

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - CHAT (SERVER), this is a known bug; preventing players from canceling moves is not the right solution (DaWoblefet)
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When introducing a new format that has banned pokemon in a custom challenge (e.g. Pokebilities), unbanning then restricting a Pokemon or etc. in a format that would make it fully unbanned when it probably shouldn't be the case.
e.g. /challenge gen8crossevolution@@@gen8pokebilities,+solgaleo,*solgaleo would have set like this allowed, when it shouldn't be validated in the first place because the restriction should prevent a Pokemon cross evolving to Solgaleo.
Solgaleo (Drakloak) @ Life Orb
Ability: Full Metal Body
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Outrage
- Sunsteel Strike
- Close Combat

edit 2: So actually, when you unban something, then either restrict or reban it, it short circuits to being unbanned and unrestricted, ignoring anything else to do with that pokemon unless it's a complex ban. This doesn't seem ideal, as you should be able to unban certain Pokemon and restrict it as well for OMs such as Mix and Mega and Cross Evolution.
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So actually, when you unban something, then either restrict or reban it
Obviously if you unban a Pokémon then it's no longer banned or restricted, but what's less clear is that this also works for applying banned and restricted Pokémon, so you don't need to (and in fact shouldn't) unban it first; you can directly ban a previously restricted Pokémon, and if you restrict a Pokémon then it's neither banned nor unbanned any more.
So I was playing gen4 ou and this randomly happened
the ladder points of the game just didn't update even after 30 mins
i decided to ply another game and the ladder updated after that game but counted only 1 win and gave me only 10 points instead of 25
Screenshot 2022-11-07 153345.png

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - OTHER, the ladder is sometimes very slow to update, and the rank given at the end of a game is the estimated change, but may not line up with the actual change in the database. There's basically nothing we can do about it (DaWoblefet)


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In gen 3, blizzard does not bypass the accuracy check if it's hailing. However if you hover over the move blizzard while it's hailing, it says "can't miss (Hail)"



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I was playing gen 7 random battle, and I was using Zurxitree and the other guy another pokemon i forgor , anyway I used Gigavolt Havic (eletric type Z-move) but the guy read me and switched to Kyurem which had Pressure, after I used the move, it showed I had -1 PP for the Z-move (which normally would show 0 PP)

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, we do that just to make it very obvious an Electric-type Z-move used 2 PP. Technically, Xurkitree in this game doesn't know "Gigavolt Havoc" at all (DaWoblefet)
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