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Espeon is unable to run Growth and Substitute in gen 2, despite this being a valid combination by trading back an Eevee event.


BUG STATUS: FIXED by yourself, thank you Mathy :)
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Turn 21, Rest gets blocked by Insomnia, but it displays Clear Body instead.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Rest failing due to Insomnia / Vital Spirit just prints the user's current Ability - in this case, it was Clear Body, but it could have been any ability because of Shared Power interactions. There's no objective behavior here, since you can't have multiple Abilities like this on cart (DaWoblefet)
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For gen 9 natdex monotype, sometimes all your tera types display as being the same, but you still get an error message when trying to verify the team. https://pokepast.es/af93709e314423cc.
Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 4.48.13 PM.png. If you add a Tera Type: Type line to the import it works.

When selecting Gen 9 natdex as the format, you cannot change happiness from the details section. You can still manually add Happiness: [value] from the import/export and it will change the happiness value.

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Gholdengo terastallized into steel type in this game despite me having had it set to ghost since my first gen 9 game and it always went to ghost on previous occasions. Not sure what changed this time.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Gholdengo's type order was corrected, so the default Tera Type changed too (DaWoblefet)
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Pretty sure that both my post and KFox's issue have the same cause: Gholdengo is shown in the teambuilder as being Ghost/Steel, but it is actually Steel/Ghost. Its Tera Type shows as being ghost in the teambuild, since that's its primary type, but it's actually steel Tera Type unless you manually change it to Ghost.
Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 8.15.22 PM.png It validates fine for a steel monotype team, despite its tera type displaying as being ghost.

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According to this post, Gigaton Hammer is supposed to leave the user struggling if it's Encored - this is currently not the case and Encore actually allows you to use Gigaton Hammer multiple times in a row [Gen 9] OU replay: beeoi vs. Ropalme1914 - Pokémon Showdown (pokemonshowdown.com) (Turns 13/14)

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Gigaton Hammer is only disabled from being clicked, not from being used. Tinkaton was forced to use Gigaton Hammer on the turn it got Encored, which is why it got used 2 times in a row. Had the user of Tinkaton stayed in the turn after it would have struggled (Karthik)
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Is Rage Fist supposed to work with Taunt? How come the move increased in power here without me hitting ape with another move?

Edit: Seems this bug has been brought up in previous pages. I'll keep this up for now for extra evidence of the glitch in play.

Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 22.03.10.png

BUG STATUS: FIXED by cooshaug
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On turns 18-20 there is an inconsistency. Gogoat here tera'd into fire earlier and the first EQ did 52% but the second time around on turn 20 it just one shots. Checking the calcs right after, it said EQ does 103~ to 123~. Instead the first EQ did the calcs as if it was neutral effective regardless of it being super effective.


BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, this was Grassy Terrain weakening Earthquake (DaWoblefet)
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I have this bug, i can't cancel.
And,i can't challenge or chat someone...

I got this bug on 2 computer, can you explain me why i have this ?

I use Chrome and i use an extension to get SD in french, but i think it doesn't matter because without the extension this bug still here.
But, this bug exist only when i am on Google Chrome indeed.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG - User's ad blocker was removing buttons
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PS Calc has a bug, Iron Hands isnt coded to be Fighting (I mean its fixable by clicking and swapping it every time its used, but its still weird....)

Thankie in advance :blobnom:

BUG STATUS: WRONG PLACE, but this was fixed at some point (DaWoblefet)
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In this replay, Grafaiai uses Prankster Switcheroo to switch a Sticky Barb onto Roaring Moon, which would normally not work because they are a dark type. It displays the message saying it did not effect it, but Roaring Moon still takes Sticky Barb damage.

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Roaring Moon got the Sticky Barb because it hit Grafaiai with Crunch, a contact move (Karthik)
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