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In Gen 9 random battles:

Opponent used court change to swap my2x spikes and stealth rocks back to my side, I used rapid spin soon after (Turn 28) to get rid of entry hazards. But the stealth rock animation remained on the screen. No damage was taken after rapid spin was used, only the appearance of stealth rock on screen remained .

game play:

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - Mechanics (Client)
To see the bug, skip to turn 26 and don't skip any further turns. It appears an extra layer of Rocks appears, that's why it has a more opaque sprite until Rapid Spin is used. :furret:
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I'd like to report a bug in how Hyper Drill is implemented on PS.

Currently, Hyper Drill is implemented to break Protect and moves like Wide Guard, such that their effects are removed entirely.

Battle Showcasing Bug: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9vgc2023series1-1746445672

However, the on-cart mechanics have Hyper Drill bypass protect and protection moves, but not break like Feint or Phantom Force.

Battle Showcasing On-Cart Mechanics:

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(Things get interesting from turns 13 to 19)

I spored a Heracross and it didn't show the sleep status on mouse over thereafter. I didn't notice until I tried to spore another mon and the sleep clause activated. Afaik the game worked correctly, the sleep status just didn't display. It only displayed after the Heracross switched back in.

Interestingly, the replay shows it differently, originally showing the sleep status before Zoroark switches in disguised as Heracross, at which point the icon changes to a series of question marks (???) which were not visible in the actual game. The Zoroark is KO'd, a Haxorus is brought in, sleep clause is activated, Haxorus is KO'd, and the real Heracross returns, restoring the sleep status on the display.

Aqua Jet

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C&P'd from my_man's thread here
When this Pokemon has more than 1/2 its maximum HP and takes damage from an attack bringing it to 1/2 or less of its maximum HP, its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed are raised by 1 stage, and its Defense and Speed Special Defense are lowered by 1 stage.

The description accidentally uses Spe instead of SpD, which would make the move +Atk +SpA -Def instead of +Atk +Spa +Spe -Def -SpD.
I had a teambuilder bug happen twice now where all tera types of all mons of all teams unintentionally reset to the default one. I use the latest version of Opera.


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linking Paradox Pokemon with /analysis [pokemon], gen9, uber automatically goes to their OU page. This doesn't happen with one-word names such as Glimmora or Masquerain, where it links properly.


:furret: Can't find a commit for it but looks like this was fixed
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Gigaton Hammer x Encore
At turn 18 Tinkaton used Gigaton Hammer, then at turn 19 it was supposed to use Struggle since this move can't be used twice in a roll. I think this is a mechanical problem because at turn 20 Tinkaton is obligated to use Struggle, so it doesn't match with Encore's data. It's not a sequence of 3 gigaton hammers if gigaton hammer > encore. Or if encore > gigaton hammer this should work as gigaton hammer - struggle - gigaton hammer, not gigaton hammer - gigaton hammer - struggle.

s/o by JoaoCookie☾ and Namagderaz by founding this bug and Repu by helping me with translating

BUG STATUS: NOT A BUG, Gigaton Hammer is only disabled from being selected, not from being used twice in a row. The Encore forced Tinkaton to use Gigaton Hammer on the turn it was used, then Tinkaton struggled the turn after because Gigaton Hammer was disabled but that is the only move it was allowed to use (Karthik)
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