Bummer joins the Smog Staff

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Hello everyone. We just wanted to let you know that we have a new member in the Smog Staff team! Bummer has joined the Staff as a specialist in the Arts department, and together with our Arts Leader, Birkal, he will be working to ensure that our art-submission process and every other aspect of the department run as smoothly as possible. We are really excited to have him on the team and we wanted to help everyone in the Smog ecosystem know about the promotion. With this new addition, here's the structure of our Staff at the moment: the Smog Team. Cheers.


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For those of you who do work with us on the creation of The Smog, you'll understand that this promotion is a no brainer. Bummer has consistently been one of our best artists for the last several issues. He's already been helping me organize our artists, so it's wonderful to have him working with us now in an official capacity. I really cannot say enough great things about Bummer; he's smart, talented, and easy to get along with. I am sure you will all get to know him as we continue to develop and grow as a community of contributors.

Congratulations friend. Well deserved =)
Great job Bummer, the amount of articles you draw for every issue is insane, and the masterpieces you whip up last minute are crazy. Super deserved n_n


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Thrilled about this, personally~ Bummer works extremely hard for The Smog -- even anyone who doesn't do behind the scenes stuff could tell you that. And he has a lot of insight in this area, so I'm sure he'll be of great help to Birkal. Plus he's fun to be around. :) Thanks for all your hard work, Bummer! And welcome to the team! :D

Also, nice update to the announcement, 'tsuna!


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It's amazing how you started out a thread of your comic strips and then found additional ways to entertain us Pokemon fans. Bummer fan forever :D
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