Bunnelby [QC 0/3]

Huge Power allows Bunnelby to act as a good wallbreaker thanks to its high attack. It often needs offensive support due to its lack of bulk without Eviolite, and forgoing the item, it should be paired with Volt Switch or U-turn so it can come in safely to dish out its attack, and throughout its powerful attacks. Finally, while it has stunning power, it is walled by common defensive pivots such as Ferroseed and Foongus, so it appreciates spikes to break through.. These flaws make Bunnelby a somewhat niche option for teams, but can still perform well in certain scenarios, and the right support.

name: SET NAME
move 1: Strength
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Quick Attack
move 4: Stone Edge / Swords Dance
Item: Eviolite
ability: Huge Power
nature: Adamant
Evs: 52 HP / 228 Atk / 228 Spe

Strength is Bunnelby’s strongest STAB move and greatly powerful. Earthquake is great coverage for steel and Poison types such as Magnamite, and Mareanie . Quick Attack is good for picking off weakened teams, and being able to somewhat fix its speed. And either Stone Edge as coverage for stuff not threatened by its regular attacks such as Vullaby and Archen, or Swords Dance so it can rip through slower teams.

Set Details

228 Attack EV’s and a Adamant nature allows Bunnelby to hit as hard as powerful, and 228 speed allows it to outspeed as much as possible without sacrificing power. Rest of EV’s are dumped in attacks.

Usage Tips
Bunnelby fits best on Spikes Stacking / Sticky Web hyper-offense teams since its able to either soften its checks, or lower the opponents speed, allowing it to outspeed otherwise faster mons such as Pawniard, Mienfoo, and Abra.

Team Options

Digglet and Trapinch are great partners due to being able to trap Rock- and Steel-types such as Tyrunt, Pawniard, and in Trapinch’s case, Onix. Checks to fighting types such as Mareanie, Spritzee, and Foongus are good since the majority beat Bunnelby. Spikes users such as Ferroseed, and Omanyte allows it to not just chip its switch-ins in its KO range while wearing down its checks, while breaking sash and Sturdy users such as Dewpider and Onix.

Other Options
Brick Break is an option to hit Steel-types such as Feroseed, while also having a harder smack on Alolan-Sandshrew and Pawniard, but Earthquake usually is better. Bunnelby can try to act as a Offensive spiker, but it doesn’t have the bulk to get multiple layers up. Super Fang can be useful for defensive pivots such as the aforementioned Ferroseed and Foongus, but it won’t do much against offensive threats, and Foongus can just regenerate the damage off. And finally Life Orb is useful for great damage making sure that no offensive threat such as Grookey and Mienfoo would live an attack and otherwise revenge kill it, but now it has extra residual damage, and if the attack was resisted such as Grookey switching into Earthquake, it would be easily forced out.

Checks and Counters

**Fighting Types**: Mienfoo is able to outspeed and OHKO Bunnelby with a High Jump Kick. Timburr is also able to outspeed Bunnelby with Mach Punch, although it has to be chipped for Mach Punch to OHKO. Scraggy, while not being able to switch into Strength without Eviolite, with a Jolly Nature ties with Bunnelby and if it lives Strength, can Dragon Dance and knock the bunny out.

**Priority**: Strong priority such as the aforementioned Timburr Mach Punch, and a Pawniard Sucker Punch easily check it.

**Revenge Killers**: Faster pokemon such as the aforementioned Mienfoo, Grookey, and
Abra can easily revenge it, although the latter has to watch Quick Attack.

**Defensive Grass-types:
Grass-types such as Ferroseed and Foongus easily wall it and can neutralize it with status.
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