Rejected BW Metagame

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Remember the gameplay of Pokémon Black and White, before the post game? You know, no out of region Pokemon, no excessively powerful legendaries? Why not cling to that aesthetic in the metagame?

I am proposing a new game based on Gen 5 OU where only Pokemon introduced in Generation 5 are allowed.

-All teams must include a fully evolved starter. One; no more, no less.

-Only one Pokemon from this list is permitted per team: Ferrothorn, Volcarona, Hydreigon, Conkeldurr, Terrakion

-Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Keldeo, Genesect, Meloetta, Tornadus, Thunderus, Landorus, and Victini are banned

-All Pokemon introduced outside of Generation 5 are banned

-to be nice, the use of items only available in the post-game are permitted.

-all eligible Egg Moves are allowed, even if only obtainable from breeding with a banned Pokemon. I.E. Bisharp can have Psycho Cut, even though it can only be obtained by breeding with Kadabra or Alakazam.

-All TMs are allowed, even those only available in the post game. I.E. Chandelure can use Psychic

This will require new tiers, but it will be worth it
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